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Did a few updates

I had some time on my hands cause of the hail outside so I updated on a few stories lovelies. Of course, some of them are password protected for the supporters (please dont be surprised)!

Enjoy and until next time!



Hey. Which novel do you want to see updated more frequently?


My Life

Why I haven’t been updating much lately

Dear bookworms,

You might be wondering why I haven’t been posting much these days. We~ll, it’s cause I’ve began a new school semester and my beautiful, loving and thoughtful teachers decided to give me a whole lottery of homework (how nice of them).

So in short, school has completely crushed the original schedule I had originally made in summer. I’m sorry for not being consistent with the wonderful stories of “I Am My Wife” and “Fortunate Wife” (please blame my teachers), I’ll get back to updating them gems as soon as possible.

But first, I thought that I needed to get better at managing my time. So I brought out this big monthly monthly planner whiteboard that’s been gathering dust in the corner of my room since…uh~ years? Anyways, now I’ll be scheduling the updates according to my free time (heh, I got a magnifying glass for that).

Once I’ve scheduled myself, I feel that I need to think a little farther about this blog and where I want to go with it…

Then I’ll update.

But school comes first for now lovelies!

How has your back-to-school been?


Second Light Novel


Mini Girl Doctor -by 苹果儿


This LN has a strong male and even stronger female lead. The background is heavy, but the plot is humorous and the description, lighthearted and amusing. It was a special gift for an upcoming Spring Festival. May this book send laughter and blessings to all dear readers and friends!

The violet star has appeared, and with it, chaos in the world! In this troubled world, who is above and who is below?

He who is cold and mysterious, vowed to win the world’s Western Chu Jun – Ximen Qingtian?

He who’s heart is full of pride and enthusiasm. The Prince of North Maple Hall?

He with evil charm, the Wind Demon of the South Pearl monarch – Nangong Gu Yue?

He who is gentle and humble, the world’s Prince Dongqi – Oriental Mingxu ?

He with a simple heart, the handsome first son – Shangguan Yuchen?

When they met her calm lawlessness. It seemed that everything had changed!
She asked them to understand the objective reality that has been ignored by the world:

Who says women are inferior to men ?
Who says women must rely on men ?
Who says women can’t afford their day?

Jun Bingling, an ugly duckling who has been reborn and recovered her previous memories. Before she turned ten years old, she veiled herself and her fate was uncanny. After she turned ten years old, her veil had covered the United States. Her life became beautiful and legendary!

How can she become a butterfly, travel to the rivers and lakes, go to the battlefield, and turn the tide?
See how she does not rely on appearance only to control the handsome male overlord with his particular character?

***There probably won’t be anymore updates for this LN on my part since someone beat me to it haha. Here’s the link to the LN. If the person gives up or updates too slowly than I’ll be willing to pick it up.***