Chapter 1 – It doesn’t matter if the person is ugly

YeLiuli seemed to have a dream, in which she was wearing a red wedding dress and marrying someone.

Because of the bridal veil, she could not see the surroundings clearly, and was finally sent to the bridal chamber.

With a chill, Ye Liuli woke up, and found herself really sitting on the marital bed.

What happened? The dream was too real!

Just as YeLiuli was going to pluck off the red silk veil, a rumble sound of wooden wheels came from the noises of crowds. The chaperon was going to say some auspicious words for rewards. She was just shouting the word “congratulations”. Then, with a loud noise, she was not talking any more .

” Get out.”

A frosty man’s voice came out, and the voice seemed to be frozen, with a kindhint of chill and rigorousness.

Then, messy footsteps began, and suddenly the room was silent, only had a suffocating aura.

Eh? What’s happening here?

Although YeLiuli was smart, she couldn’treact for a while. Her hands which was going to pluck off the veil was stopped in mid-air.

Suddenly she felt her scalp tight for a while. Without her effort, the red veil had been lifted aside, and her phoenix coronet was also pulled off.

The phoenix coronet was stuck on her chignon, so when the neat chignon was pulled down, her scalp hurt as well.

“The seventh daughter of prime minister? Ah, I’d like to see what she looks like.”

When she was too dizzy to get her mind around this, she felt that her chin was tightened by a big iron-like hand and was forced to movingforward.

The man’s eyes were beautiful. His dashing eyebrows slanted up, and his eyes were profound. Between thick eyelashes, his black eyes were like a pool of ice water, whose cold temperature could almost frostbite someone else.

This was Ye Liuli’s first impression of him. But then, the burnt scar on his face shocked her.

My dear, how did he get burned like this? Even skin grafting couldn’t help it.

Dongfang Lie squinted, “You’re more beautiful than I thought. Then I’ll make a war drum of your skin and give it to the front-line soldiers.

Ye Liuli was shocked. “What? You are going to make a drum out of my skin? Did I provoke you? Let go of me!”

After that, she knocked off the hand holding her chin and turned over to run.

The fiery -red nine-tier wedding dress made her petite frame like a ball. How could this be so easy to escape?

Before she jumped out of bed, her arm was pinched. “How bold you are. Dare you run away from me?”

YeLiuli glowered at him. “Crap. If I do not escape facing amadman, I’ll be a fool. Madmen can even kill people and don’t need to pay for it. I’ll tell you, what does matter is not people’s ugly appearances, but their deformed hearts.” Then, she aimed at the man’s wrist bowing and biting it.

Dongfang Lie didn’t expect that the woman in front of him bit him like a dog, so he subconsciously let go ofher.

If you thought that Ye Liuli would escape in such case, then you were wrong. In order to deal with medical dispute profiteers, YeLiuli was specialized in self-defense and various life-protecting skills. After all, she needed her life to contribute to her country’s medical cause, didn’t she?

If she ran away the first time after shegot rid of him, it would be very easy to be caught up. The most sensible way was… attacking him severely while he was not prepared.

When Ye Liuli saw this disfigured man sitting in a wooden wheelchair, she smiled. “It turned out to be a cripple. You deserve it for your heart was so bad! If you weren’t a cripple, there would be no justice in the course of nature.”

Saying that, she turned over the wooden wheelchair sideways, and naturally the man in the wheelchair fell to the ground.

“How dare you!” Dongfang Lie shouted subconsciously, but his body rushed out uncontrollably.

“Bang!” the back of his head hit the wall.

The man who was arrogant just now suddenly lost his voice.

YeLiuli looked down at her flaming wedding dress and looked at the antique buildings and ornaments around her. For the first time of her life, she had the urge to commit suicide. “Did I travel through time? Damn it! I am a materialism and socialist successor. So many people want to travel through time, thus do not be me!”

She pushed open the door and suddenly found many peoplekneeling outside.

The leader of the guards saw her and yelled, ” Your Highness, why are you coming out? Where is His Royal Highness?”

Ye Liuli was dumbfounded for a while, and calmed down immediately. ” His Royal Highness let me tell you that today is his red-letter day, so don’t kneel here. Just perform your duty elsewhere, or you’ll make the day unlucky.” She said, and with a fierce snort, she slammed the door.

The people kneeling outside looked at each other: was this… possible?

Inside the room, Ye Liuli was weakly leaning against the closed door plank, with her wide-open eyes and pale face.

Good gracious! Was God going to kill her? If the memory was right, shehad already dead in her previous existence, for she saved an incurable patient who wanted to die. By rights, one good turn deserves another. Even if traveling through time, she deserved a wealthy and carefree life.

But what the hell was this?

To escape? There were countless loyal servants outside, preparing to catch her at any time.

Not to escape? The disabled bastard in the wheelchair was going to peel her skin to make a drum.

What could she do? She was so desperate!

Ye Liuli’s mind was blank, limbs being weak, and her body slipped down softly. But there was a faint smell of blood rushed into her nose.

Because of her professional habits, as soon as she smelled it, she looked for its source around the room.

When she looked up and saw a large piece of blood on the wall, she suddenly remembered the scene that there was a chaperon who was going to congratulate the man when she was blindfolded by the veil, and then came a loud noise.

If she was right, the chaperon should be beaten away by someone’s palm, so it had this kind of splattered bloodstain.

When she thought of this, her back was sweating again. Would there be… Kungfu in this world?

Ye Liuli once again had a desire to suicide. When she saw the disabled prince, she decided that she would cut her own throat as long as she found a weapon.

The man in black brocade robe was lying on the floor. Although his movements were awkward, it had to admit that he had an excellent shape.

Not to mention his broad shoulders and narrow hips, because of the lifted robe, she could just see his legs. They were an extremely straight and slender pair of legs.

Wait a minute.

He’s bleeding!

No wonder the smell of blood was getting stronger.

Without thinking, YeLiuli rushed over and pulled the man’s hair aside to check his wound, and tore off her clothes to bandage him.

This was an old wound that had already healed, but because the wound was too deep and the skin covered it was too thin, after a collision today, it cracked again and started bleeding.

Ye Liuli did not dare to waste time. Without other medical equipment, it was necessary to use hemostasis by compression to deal with this large head hemorrhea.

She tore off her wedding gown quickly, wrapping his wound, and then kneeled on the ground, letting him lie on her knees and press the carotid arteries on both sides of the cervical tracheal. The arteries of both sides cannot be pressed at the same time, generally only pressed one side.

Ye Liuli was not only covered by blood but also by sweat. She did not know whether she should be glad or sad.

What made her sad was the risk of being skinned just after her time-traveling. The glad part was, although the man’s head was injured, it looked like just a capillary injury.

If it had been broken veins, the situation would be very difficult. However, if it had been the artery that was ruptured, Ye Liuli believed it would be better to give the man a release. She wouldkill him first and then commit suicide.

Soon, the bleeding stopped. YeLiuli felt relieved, and carefully put the man away. Then she got up and looked for medical kit.

This was a luxurious Chinese-style room. Whether the carved bed or tables and chairs, all of them were carved of good sandalwood, which was full of vivid flowers and beasts. If the furniture in this house had been moved to modern world, they would be exquisite crafts.

Next to the bed, there was a table, while behind the table was a shelf of curiosities, and on the other side of the shelf was a cabinet.

Ye Liuli opened the cabinet and saw many female items inside. She thought these might be for the bride.

At the bottom of the cabinet, she found the medical kit.

Holding the medical kit, Ye Liuli almost cried. Whether to the Virgin Mary or to the Goddess of Mercy, at this moment, she only wanted to express her gratitude.

Ye Liuli majored in western clinical medicine at medical university. However, because she came from a traditional Chinese medical family, and her grandmother was a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, so she had experience in it.

It was not possible for her to use traditional Chinese medicine to treat incurable diseases, but it was still very easy to find the vulnerary medicine from the kit.

The vulnerary medicine was generally made by Male Woodlice, Bile Arisaema, Dragon’s Blood, Nux Vomica, Dragon’ s Bones, South Saffron, Notopterygium Franchetii, Crab Shell, Chinese Angelica, Pure Frankincense, Radix Angelicae Dahuricae, Largetrifoliolious Bugbane Rhizome, Drug Sweetflag Rhizome, and Szechuan Lovage Rhizome. She could distinguish them approximately by smelling. Anyway, it didn’t matter if she guessed wrong. It wasn’t her to die.

Just as Ye Liuli was going to apply medicine to the disabled man, she heard a voice coming from outside.

” His Excellency military counselor, the prince and princess have rested.”

This voice, which was familiar to Ye Liuli, came from the leader of the guards.

Then, there came a clear and pleasant man’s voice.

“The prince and the princess have rested? Do you believe it? Get out of the way! ”

“I’m sorry, His Excellency military counselor, although you have a good relationship with His Royal Highness, the night hours today are extremely precious. No matter how important the matter is, you have to wait for the prince to spend his wedding night.” The guard leader’s voice had a hint of mischievous faintly.

“Spending his wedding night? Sun Dazhu, are you really silly or not? ” His Excellency Gu lowered his voice. “You do know His Royal Highness’s physical condition. How can he consummate his marriage?”

“Even if His Royal Highness cannot spend his wedding night, you can’t bother him.” The servant leader named Sun Dazhu was really an honest man.

” Get out of my way, now. Otherwise the princess will die.” Gu Lanxi finallylost his patience.

” The princess will die? Why would the princess die?” SunDazhu was puzzled, and was pushed away. Then, the door of the wedding room was opened.

While fresh air was pouring into the room, there was also a strong smell of blood pouring out of the door.

The military counselor Gu Lanxi shouted, ” Damn it , we are late. The woman Ye Liu-liLiuli couldn’t die. The Crown Prince is managing to aim at our prince, if Ye Liuli is dead…”

His words had not been finished. They were stuck in his throat.

He saw that in the depths of the bedroom, on the large bed with sandalwood carving, the red bed-curtain with golden silk embroidery of aix galericulata was pulled down, and a white and delicate arm was exposed.

Against this jubilant red, the white arm was faint scarlet, whichinspired imagination.

Sun Dazhu swallowed, and then Gu Lanxi felt it was inappropriate at that situation. He pushed Sun Dazhou and others out, leaning sideways and looking away.

“Sorry to bother you, my name is Gu Lanxi, the military counselor for the prince, may I ask whether His Royal Highness is all right?” If listened carefully to his clear and pleasant voice, you would find threats and vigilance hidden within it.

“Of course he is fine. He is just tired.” The lady’s voice was very light, but was clear and melodious like an oriole flying out of the valley. It was sweet and soft. ” His Royal Highness has already slept. If anything happens, you shall wait until tomorrow.”