Chapter 10 – Seventh Miss

The liquor in the pot boiled constantly, and the rising steam upwelled onto the iron plate, which was ice -cold because of the continuously poured ice water. With such a hot and cold, there formed a layer of droplets on the iron plate.

The upper layer had not yet evaporated, and another heat wave came, followed by the next layer of droplets covering on the upper one.

More and more droplets came, and then eventually became streams, along the iron plate flowing down, and gathered in the bottom of the sink.

There were two sinks. When The first one was full, it replaced by a new one immediately. The process repeated and finally they dried the whole pot of liquor.

The liquor ofNanzhao Kingdom was turbid, or say all the liquors of ancient China were turbid, so there was an ancient verse said, “turbid liquor reminds me of my hometown thousands of miles away”, but the distilled liquor was much clearer.

Ye Liuli took a drop of distilled liquor with a small spoon and tasted it with the tip of her tongue.

It was about forty-five degrees.

She was not talking nonsense. In modern times, her mother was a Mongolian, and she grew up in her grandmother’s family in prairie, so her drinking capacity was very good. It was almost impossible to meet her match after leaving prairie.

Seeing Ye Liuli tasted the liquor, Gu Lanxi also found a clean spoon, taking a drop and tasted it bywith the tip of his tongue.

That feeling was like a flame burning on the tip of his tongue, and the flame quickly rushed through his body, being slightly spicy with a hint of sweetness. “Good wine!” He said sincerely.

Ye Liuli tittered. “Since you like it, I can spare some to you for drinking. When we process it again, you can not drink it anymore.”

Then, she called a maidservant to take a wine cup and poured a cup for him.

” Process it again?” Gu Lanxi once thought that the woman in front of him would take the opportunity to ridicule him, but to his surprise, she remained a good cup for him.

“Yeah, listen, the ingredients of the liquor are alcohol and water. I don’t know if you can understand it. It is like the composition of muddy water is soil and water. Alcohol in high concentration has a bactericidal effect. For example, if someone is physically injured, it will be possible to cause fever, and it is more likely to cause ulceration. All of these are caused by virus and pathogens. As long as these viruses and pathogens are eliminated, the possibility of fever, inflammation and ulceration can be greatly reduced. Do you understand?”

Although his attitudes had a slight change to Ye Liuli, Gu Lanxi was still bewaring of her.

He squinted, and between his overlapping eyelashes, his eyes flashed with doubts. “Even if you are telling the truth, but where did you hear that?”

Ye Liulilooked down, and her eyeballs turned quickly. “Before I married in Zhenzhou City, I was not having a good time in the mansion of the prime minister. Although I pretended to be insane, the conspiracy was still going on. Those vicious women just wanted to kill me or destroy my face. When I was nine years old, there was a strange man who appeared every night. He said that he was my uncle. If I wanted to live, I must learn some skills from him. It was these skills that made me survive again and again.”

As for the real Ye Liuli, she didn’t have an uncle.

The suspicion in Gu Lanxi’s eyes faded. “Then, where is your uncle now?”

“I don’t know. He taught me some skills, and let me swear that I won’t show them. Then he left, and never appeared again.” Ye Liuli found that she was a lie expert, and she even believed in the lies made by her own.

Gu Lanxi sneered, “Since you have already sworn, why do you show them now? It is self-contradictory, isn’t it?”

Ye Liuli rolled her eyes.” Mr. Gu, are you really a military counselor? How can you ask such a ridiculous question? If I didn’t use them now, I would become a widow. I don’t want to come back to the mansion of the prime minister!”