Chapter 11 – Strange Use of Fiction

Gu Lanxi was satirized again, and his beautiful cheeks changed color more than once.

The maidservants surrounding them were amazed. Military counselor Gu, who had always been calm and sedate, was speechless because of the princess today so often, which only showed that the princess was up on him.

They were very fond of this princess. Needless to say, she was willing to marry the prince even though he had been persecuted like this, which indicated the princess was not afraid of the worldly gossip. Not to mention that the princess had such a beautiful appearance.

Although the kitchen was clean, it was still a humble place. However, because of the existence of Gu Lanxi and Ye Liuli, the spirited young man and pretty woman, the kitchen also had some artistic conception.

Themaidservants were discussing secretly.

One whispered, “If only the princess could marry with Mr. Gu. They were both so beautiful.”

Another immediately retorted, “Shut up, our prince is more beautiful than him, if it wasn’t for the fire…” The speaking maidservant’s eyes turned red. She was an senior maid in here. She had been in here since the establishment of this palace, and had seen the prince of virtue when he was healthy, powerful in Kongfu and more beautiful than everyone. The prince of virtue had always been her idol and dream lover. But you never knew what would happen next.

The servant girl’s wordsbrought back many painful memoriesand a group of servant woman could not help feeling sad.

On the other side, the two in the kitchen said a few words, but their hands did not stop.

During the conversation, Ye Liuli had poured the first distilled alcohol into the iron pot to prepare the second distillation.

If the alcohol content of the original liquor was predicted to be 30%, and 45% after the first distillation, it was reasonable that the first distilled liquor should have at least half of the pot, but there was only a quarter here, which could only mean that the loss was too large.

Liuli shook her head helplessly, and planned that if she really needed to purify alcohol in large quantities, special distillers had to be made, otherwise the work efficiency would be too low.

Seeing Ye Liuli’s sullen face, shaking her head and frowning for a while, Gu Lanxi was curious about what the woman in front of him was thinking about, and what kinds of strange things were in her palm-sized little head.

Distillation was continuing,. Gu Lanxi did not dare to neglect it, and continued pouring with ice water.

Soon, the second distillation was over.

Ye Liuli asked the servant girl to bring a ceramiccannikin which was in the size of a child’s palm and poured the collected alcohol into it.

“Is there any differencefrom the last time’s?” Gu Lanxi asked.

Ye Liuli thought about it and poured it out a little, “Would you like to taste it?”

Gu Lanxi really scooped a little with a spoon into his mouth, and frowned tightly at once.

Ye Liuli ladled some to the tip of her tongue, and then nodded, “The Purity is about 70%. Although it does not meet the strict disinfection standards, it can still be used. Let’s refine it later.” Saying that, she sealed the cannikin and told the maidservants not to open it. Otherwise, the alcohol that had been purified through countless hardships would evaporate, which would be terrible.

Because of the two distillations, the narrow kitchen was as hot as a steamer.

Ye Liuli was sweating. She rushed out of the kitchen, and breathed heavily. The red cheeks and the smell of alcohol all around her almost made her a drunken beauty.

Gu Lanxi followed her out. ” Is just alcohol enough?”

“No, two more things are needed.” Said Ye Liuli, “Penicillin and salicylic acid.”

Before traveling through time, Ye Liuli was busy in studying at medical university, and even regretted for her choice of major and planned to drop out and have an entrance exam again for a period of time. In order to alleviate her stress, her friend recommended her to read a time-traveling novel. It was about a female doctor who crossed to the ancient times to treat patients with Western medicine. She remembered clearly that it were salicylic acid and penicillin that were used.