Chapter 12 – The Hazards of Refining

Ye Liuli still remembered that when she read that fantastic time-traveling novel, she sniffed at it, and believed that the author must be crazy to write such an absurd scene. How could time-traveling even exist in the world.

But the facts proved that one couldn’t talk with absoluteness, and the retribution in current life was terrible.

She never thought that in the past she had laughed at the heroine’s nonsense of extracting salicylic acid without filtration and chemical decomposition with her roommate who was also a medical student, but now, she was even not better than the heroine, who at least had some simple experimental instruments such as distillation flasks and retorts. What about her? She just had the big iron pot which could still be used.

What could Ye Liuli do? She was also desperate.

But at this critical moment, the iron pot must be used. She couldn’t let that disabled man die!

Gu Lanxi stood not far from Ye Liuli with a complicated look.

Now he dared not despise Ye Liuli. Although she was still mad and talking incomprehensible words from time to time, he had a presentiment that this woman would change here, not only changing the prince of virtue, but also everything here, whether because of the stitching of the prince’s head or the distillation of alcohol.

Notwithstanding Gu Lanxi himself thought his idea was ridiculous.

After woolgathering, Ye Liuli turned around and asked with a spiritless face. “Do you know where has willows?”

“What do Your Highness want to do with willows?” Gu Lanxi asked gravely.

“The substance extracted from willow bark can bring down a fever and lower body temperature.” Ye Liuli answered seriously.

Gu Lanxi nodded. “Please follow me, Your Highness.” After saying that, he turned and went to the backyard of the palace.

There was a quite large lake in the backyard of the palace. Although repaired artificially, it formed naturally. There were many willows by the lake. Although it was slightly cold in spring, the branches of willows were sprouting quietly, which were tender green and very lovely.

Ye Liuli went to one of the willows, touched it, looked it up and down, and then said to the guard who followed her, “Would you help me peel some barks?”

Although the guard did not understand what the beautiful new princess wanted the willow barks to do, he had to obey the orders from his mistress. Without saying a word, he cut down several barks.

This group of people went back to the kitchen. Ye Liuli looked at the iron pot which was still emitting light smell of alcohol, and sighed.

She swore in her heart that she would never laugh furtively at others again. Then she brushed the iron pot clean, cut up the willow barks, threw them into the pot, added water and boiled them.

Gu Lanxi finally couldn’t resist asking, ” Your Highness, willow barks can cure fever? Is that what your uncle taught you?

Ye Liuli nodded. “There’s something called salicylic acid in willow barks. Salicylic acid is a fat-soluble organic acid, and one of the main ingredients in aspirin and many other painkillers. It’s used in clinical trials to reduce the risk of long-term heart disease for diabetic patients. But that’s not the most important thing. The main thing is that salicylic acid is a good medicine for treating high fever and lowering body temperature.”

Gu Lanxi frowned. “I can’t understand Your Highness’s words.”

Ye Liuli raised her eyebrows. “I said that just to answer your questions. I am not expecting you to understand them.” She paused for a short while. “Salicylic acid is a good thing, but it’s dangerous to extract it.”

“What’s the danger?” Gu Lanxi was on the alert.

“Salicylic acid can stimulate people’s skin and mucosa. Because it can react with the proteins in body tissues, so it has a corrosive effect. It has certain toxicity. If taken in large quantities, it can cause emesis, diarrhea, headache, sweatiness, rash, polypnea, acidosis and excitement.”