Chapter 13 – Men as Brothers and Women as Clothes

Gu Lanxi was shocked. Although many words still could not be understood, he understood the word ” toxicity”.

“What, toxic? Please let me do it.”

Ye Liuli shook her head. “It’s not that I take death calmly, but I just heard about how to extract salicylic acid from my uncle, and have never tried it before. I still need to explore the process by myself, how can I guide you? Since there is a risk of being poisoned, I must do it myself. All of you shall retreat.”

“No! Your Highness can not be poisoned!” Gu Lanxi sounded steadfast.

Ye Liuli tittered. “I can’t be poisoned. Can you? If your prince knows that I have poisoned you, won’t he kill me? As the saying goes, brothers are like hands and feet, while wives are like clothes, aren’t they?”

Gu Lanxi laughed, ” Your Highness has a generous attitude.”

Ye Liuli shrugged, “I must have it, mustn’t I? How many years have you been with your prince? And I have only known him for two days. If we both fall into the water, he must save you instead of saving me.”

“…” Although the reason was such a truth, Gu Lanxi did feel uncomfortable when hearing that. Why did the friendship between him and the prince coming out from the mouth of Ye Liuli was added some kind of ambiguity?

At last, the extraction of salicylic acid was operated by both Ye Liuli and Gu Lanxi together.

Hearing the word ” toxic “, maidservants already wanted to run away. As soon as hearing Ye Liuli asked them to leave, they fled away.

The time of burning an incense stick was over, and the water with willow barks had been boiling for a long time. With being heated, the liquid evaporated continuously, and became more concentrated and had less volume.

” Please recede a little bit, Mr. Gu. Try not to touch this water vapors,” Ye Liuli’s voice was calm. “Water vapors containing salicylic acid is corrosive and harmful to the respiratory tract and the retina.”

Gu Lanxi wanted to refute, but the tone of her words had a kind of irresistible stateliness, which was convincing.

“Please be more careful, Your Highness.” He simply took two steps back.

Gu Lanxi pulled out a handkerchief and covered his mouth with it. He retreated as far as he could, leaving only a hand wrapped in a towel and stirring the liquid in the pot with a spoon.

Time was ticking away.

Finally, the liquid in the pot was thoroughly dried. The interior pot had a thin layer of white crystals, which was exactly the salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid is not only the raw material of pharmaceutical industry, used to prepare aspirin, sodium salicylate, salicylamide, analgesic, phenyl salicylate, niclosamide and other drugs, but also used in dyestuff industry, for preparing chrome fast yellow rd, dianil brown 3gn and acid chrome yellow. It also used as Rhenogran CaO一80 and disinfection preservative, and widely used in cosmetics as preservative, even in food.

This salicylic acid could not be used directly, but must be further purified to become phenol, and then be heated through hydrochloric acid and iron powder to purify and reduce into aminophenol. The ultimate product was the modern daily medicine, the embryonic form of Panadol.

Ye Liuli swore that this was in the worst condition and the most dangerous experiment she had ever done since she tostarted doing chemical experiments in junior high school, but she had to do it.

A day passed almost in the blink of eyes, and evening came after such a troublesome business.

When Ye Liuli collected the final product in a bottle, she almost burst into tears with excitement. It was likeColumbus discovered America, or Robinson created a new world on a desert island.

Suddenly there was a noise from distance, and then someone came running, “Your Excellency military counselor, bad thing happened!”

Ye Liuli looked up following the voice. It was one of the two disciples of the military doctor. Did anything happento the prince of virtue?