Chapter 2 – Extreme Beauty

Gu Lanxi suddenly squinted, “Oh? The prince is fine? If His Royal Highness is really fine, could Your Highness let me check?”

Was the prince fine?

Of course not!

There was a hole on his head. Although the wound was stopped bleeding, now he was still unconscious.

Her back was sweating. “Check? Mr. Gu , are you serious? This is the wedding night. Are you going to tease the bride and the bridegroom on a wedding night?”

Gu Lanxi sneered, ” Well then, as Your Highness might think ”

Ye Liuli had already cursed the Military Counselor in front of her who was as beautiful as a peacock for thousands of times. ” How dare you! Get out!”

Gu Lanxi was leaning sideways at first. Hearing her words, he turned over immediately. “If Your Highness were not so angry, I might stop. But in that case, I insist to do so.”

Within the bed curtain, Ye Liuli looked at the disfigured man who had fainted. She sighed and whispered. “You bastard, you have really left me in a dreadful situation.”

Immediately, she opened the fiery red bed curtain.

It was faintly visible that a tall man in black slept inside, and a naked young lady was half lying on the outside of the carved bed.

Although it was said naked, actually she was covered with red chiffon, her slender legs and white arms were exposed, which made peoplefantasizing.

Seeing this scene, Gu Lanxi hastily turned his eyes and placed it on the woman’s face.

But when he saw the woman’s appearance, even as an imperturbable person as he was, his pupils contracted a bit.

As he had seen, her skin was exquisite, and so white as best cold jades. Her shoulders were thin and her back was curvaceous. The red chiffon covered on her body made her even more charming. Her legs were slender, and as white as ivory. But her coveted figure could not obscured her brilliant face.

If a word could be used to describe her face, then it would be… ultimate.

A pair of exquisite eyebrows which were neither too thick nor too light were slightly lifted. They were not like the arched eyebrows which were popular among the girls at present. This kind of eyebrows were slightly stiff, but gave people a sense of heroic spirit.

Her eye sockets were very deep. Generally speaking, woman’s eye sockets would not be so deep, which brought her a sense of exoticism, mystery, and charm. Her thick eyelashes were half-hanging like cattail leaf fans, and a pair of glazed pupils seemed to be transparent, and as deep as brown starry sky.

Her pink lips were as delicateas flowers, and the corners of her lips slightly raised up but was not smiling.

Her ultimate beauty could no longer be described by the specific words like gentleness, dignity, liveliness, cunning. Such a face, and such a figure, except the word beautiful, nothing else could be used to describe.

Gu Lanxi, who was always imperturbable, staring at her for about five seconds, then found his rudeness and quickly turned around. “But His Royal Highness…”

During his speech, the red bed curtain had been fallen, and he could no longer peer at the beauty inside. ” His Royal Highness just feel tired. He will wake up after rest, right? Why would you bother him now?”

Although Gu Lanxi was amazed a bit, he calmed down immediately, “Well, I shall wait for His Royal Highness at the door. May you have a good rest, Your Highness.” Then, he turned and walked away.

When the door was closed, Ye Liuli almost cried.

” Mommy dear! What should I do? It was not easy to escape at first. The military counselor now is still outside the door, which leaves no way to go.” While thinking so, YeLiuli lifted the bed curtain and looked out, and, she could see the figure outside the door clearly. That was notanyone else, but the military counselor.

Ye Liuli sighed. What could she do? The only way at this moment was to save the man. If this bad-luck disabled prince could not live, she would also find a rope to hang herself.