Chapter 3 – Medical Sutures

Ye Liuli thought about her life and death in a minute. If she wanted to die, she didn’t need to struggle. With scissors on the table, and the knowledge about the position of the human arteries, she could just scissor him. Not to mention in ancient times, in modern times, it would be hard to save him in an emergency room.

But if she wanted to live, she must work hard to find a way to save the disabled man who wanted to peel off her skin, and then figured out how to survive.

Life is dear, love is dearer, both of them can be given up for freedom.

That’s right. Ye Liuli had always been a person who was mortally afraid of death.

Taking a deep breath, she calmed down her emotions, and then began to check the patient’s condition.

When she discovered that the man’s temperature was gradually increased, Ye Liuli had yelled “doom” in her heart.

This kind of fever was mostly caused by wound infection. Although the most obvious wound wason his head, she couldn’t tell whether other parts of his body was injured. Even though the man could kill the chaperon easily, from the situation that he was knocked down and stunned, the man’s body was very weak.

Thinking about that, she took off the man’s clothes altogether.

The manwas in good shape, with his thick arms, strong muscles, and faintly visible eight packs.

Why was it faintly visible? Because of the inactivity after paralyzing, the muscles would gradually disappear.

Generally speaking, the order would be, strength, dimensionality, and then amyotrophy occurred with changes in body fat rate and basal metabolism.

YeLiuli pinched the man’s leg muscles and judged that the legs had been unconscious for about ten months, for their muscles were still elastic.

How pity it was. With such a good figure, he became paralytic. No wonder his temper was so bad.

After confirming that there was no obvious wound on the man, Ye Liuli preliminary estimated that the high fever was caused by the head wound.

The blood that had just been barely stopped began to seep out again, and she yelled “ bad luck” in her heart.

She used the compression hemostasis again, and then peeled off several pieces of cloth from her already ruined wedding dress to wrap the man’s arteries. After that, she carefully opened the bandage wrapped around the man’s head.

One’s body, hair and skin are obtained from his parents, and one dare not slightly damage them. This is the beginning of obeying filial piety.

For this ridiculous reason, in ancient times, men also had long hair.

The man’s hair was very beautiful, being black and silky, and had elegant luster under the light. Although such beautiful hair delighted her, it made it harder to accurately observe the wound.

Ye Liuli did not dare to shave all of the man’s hair because she did not want to be skinned yet.

There was a dressing table in the wedding room, and a makeup knife on the dressing table, which was extremely sharp.

First of all she sterilized the makeup knife with liquor, and then carefully shaved the hair near the man’s wound.

The concentration of medical alcohol was 75%, which was 75 degrees, and even the most popular distilled liquors in the contemporary age only could reach around 60 degrees. Moreover, in the ancient times when the brewing industry was underdeveloped, fermented liquors were generally around 30 degrees, which was far from the standards and functions of disinfection.

However, except for using this low-degree fermented liquors and firing it on the candle, she had no option. Something was better than nothing.

When seeing the wound on the man’s head, Ye Liuli was shocked. ” Grannie dear! If such a big wound could bestanched by compression hemostasis, then I would not be Ye Liuli but Hua Tuo. This wound must be sutured!”

While muttering, she had jumped out of bed and came to the dresser again.

There were several drawers next to the dresser, and sneedles and threads were found in the penultimate drawer.

The needle used in modern medical suture was specially made, being curved, and very smooth after grinding and electrolysis. It was the standard that ancient embroidery needles couldn’t reach. However, she had no choice now. She had to force herself to use embroidery needles to sew the man’s scalp.