Chapter 4 – Doesn’t Have Any Basic Feelings

The night was over.

Gu Lanxi really stayed outside the door for a whole night, as well as the guards.

Ye Liuli was so tired and almost collapsed, andthis night was as thrilling as in an emergency room.

At first She sutured the scalp for the man, applying some medicine. Then she picked a few herbs and dissolved them in hot water, after that she opened his mouth and let him drink it. But the high fever did not bring down. Then she wiped the man’s body by using cold water for the whole night, combining with massage to relieve his pain. So to speak, she had not rested for a minute.

Fortunately, at dawn his temperature gradually dropped.

If he had not, Ye Liuli really wanted to find a rope to hang herself.

However, this was not enough, because the man still didn’t wake up.

There came a hoarse voice from Gu Lanxi outside the door. “Is His Royal Highness getting up?”

“No, your prince wants to sleep a little longer.” Ye Liulishouted without thinking, and then wanted to cry but had no tears. ” Hey, my bro… no, Your Royal Highness. Since the high fever hasgone, could you just wake up for my hard work last night?” While saying that, she pinched the man’s philtrum.

However, after two minutes, the man still showed no signs of revival.

Ye Liuli’s forehead was full of cold sweat, not to mention her body, which had already been soaked in sweat long ago. “Since pinching the philtrum did not work, then I’ll try the Yongquan acupoint!” Saying that, she picked up the embroidery needle with which she sutured his scalp last night, scrubbing it with liquor, and stabbed it into the Yongquan acupoint of the man’s foot.

Yongquan acupoint was very sensitive.It was even extremely painful to pinch it by hand, let alone stabbing it.

The man slowly opened his eyes, which were profound and insidious, “You. I have been tossed by you for the whole night and just fell asleep. What are you doing now?”

Ye Liuli was shocked at first, and then became ecstatic, “Are you awake? My God! Virgin Mary! He finally wake up!” Then she put the embroidery needle down and rushed over. “How do you feel now? Do you feel any pain?”

The man only glared at her drily and turned away to sleep.

“Do not sleep now!” Ye Liuli screamed. Although the man woke up, he was still feverish. In other words, the dangerous period had not passed. Whatcould she do if he did not open his eyes again?

The man ignored her, and closed his eyes, saying “ Headache.”

Ye Liuli was relieved. “The headache should be caused by fever. Don’t be afraid, for there is no danger. I will call that Gu Lanxi in, and could you please tell him that you are still alive, and then give me some freedom?”

Even if his eyelids were heavy, Dongfang Lie opened his eyes and glared at her. “Ye Liuli, you’d better mind your words and behaviors. Do not gibber. Even if I am not gonna kill you, there will still be many people who want you to die. “”

YeLiuli nodded quickly like pounding garlic. “Yes, I know, I am wrong. I should not say that Your Highness are dying. I should use the words ‘pass away’.” The death of an emperor named demise.

He automatically ignored the gibberish of Ye Liuli, otherwise he would be provoked to die.

He was not afraid of death, but he couldn’t die. If he died, there would be thousands of people poisoned by the crown prince.

“Let Lanxi come in.” Dongfang Lie frowned and closed his eyes, rubbing his painful temple.

“Mr. Gu, you can come in.” Ye Liuli shouted without hesitation, but couldn’t help wondering in her heart: since he called him in such an intimate way, would there be any bromance between them? After all, icy prince and beautiful military counselor were really one of the hottest subjects among boys-love stories.

Gu Lanxi had long waited. He opened the door and rushed in. ” Your Highness, I…”

His voice stopped abruptly before he finished his words.

Because Gu Lanxi saw that the prince’s upper body was naked, and Ye Liuli, wearing a pure red traditional underwear, was lying on him .