Chapter 5 – Marry and Live Well

Dongfang Lie frowned, and his black eyes were full of anger. ” Ye Liuli, are you mad?”

Ye Liuli was checking his heart sounds without stethoscope. Hearing his words, she immediately rolled her eyes. “Of course I am mad. Have Your Highness forgotten that I, Ye Liuli, am an amentia?”

That’s Right, Ye Liuli was an amentia. In other words, this body was an amentia.

Because of the thrilling night, Ye Liuli didn’t even feel the shock of time-traveling. As time passed, she accepted the memory of the body, but because the body was an amentia, her memory was intermittent. If she wanted to order all of the information clearly, it would take some time.

Gu Lanxi was shocked. He had ignored Ye Liuli’s reaction before, because he was worried about the prince.

From yesterday to today, although this woman was very weird, she had nothing to do with the word ” amentia”. Her bright eyes even flashed a sly look from time to time.

“You are not Ye Liuli.” Gu Lanxi said in his low voice.

Ye Liuli rolled her eyes. “If I am not Ye Liuli, then you are her? Don’t you know that the ninth prince are in danger now ? If I were you, even if the person in front of you was a counterfeit, I would treat her devoutly as the real McCoy .”

Lying in bed, Dongfang Lie squinted, and his eyes between thick eyelashes looked extremely dangerous.

Gu Lanxi sneered. “You are right. Even if knowing you are fake, we will treat you like a real one, but not in a devout way. There are many ways to keep a person alive but no better than be dead.”

Ye Liuli was shocked and retreated. “Hey, I am real Ye Liuli!”

“If you are real, why does the people said the seventh daughter of the prime minister was an natural?” Gu Lanxi asked.

Rolling her eyes, Ye Liuli explained immediately, “Isn’t the military counselor the smartest one? You can’t even understand such a simple thing. In good words, my status is the seventh daughter of the prime minister, but in a bad one, I am an illegitimate child bornfor the prime minister’s affair. My mother is just an exotic dancer, and she died when I was born. With such a beautiful appearance, if I also showed off my wisdom, I would steal my sisters’ limelight. Could I survive? Nowadays since I married afar to Zhenzhou city, I am not in the mood to pretend to be an amentia.”

If you let another person say that she herself had a beautiful appearance, it would only bring you a sense of being shameless. But from the mouth of Ye Liuli, these words were convincing.

After all, she was ultimately beautiful.

After listening to this, Gu Lanxi was shocked. Since she described the whole thing in vivid details, it was difficult to judge whether it was true or not for a time.

Lying in bed ,Dongfang Lie suddenly said. “Even if you have pretended to be an amentia in the prime minister’s mansion, and now you fled from the capital, do you have any plans for your future?”

Ye Liuli blinked her eyes and said. ” Plans? How can I have any other plans after marring you? I can do nothing but live in here and enjoy the rest of my life. Are you going to dump me?”


What she had said was not a nonsense. There was a household registration system in this era. If she escaped, she would become an unregistered citizen. Moreover, in the ancient times when public security was poor, a single woman was extremely unsafe outside .

Anyhow she was confused after time-traveling. Why would she give up the extravagant life in here to experience the hardships of an ordinary person outside? She was not an innocentrich second generation.

“Well then, you can just go and have a rest.” said Dongfang Lie, and closed his eyes. ” Lanxi, get the military doctor here.”

Gu Lanxi was shocked, ” Your Highness, just let her go?”

“Yeah.” Dongfang Lie replied, but his voice was weak.

Ye Liuli shrugged.” Mr. Gu, I don’t care whether you will find a military doctor. But you’d better prepare everything I need, otherwise I can not guarantee your prince’s life.”