Chapter 6 – Seventh Miss

Ye Liuli’s words made Gu Lanxi puzzled, and even more surprising, Dongfang Lie, with his eyes closed and lying in the bed, said, “Do as she said.”

Gu Lanxi rolled his bright eyes and lowered his voice. ” Your Highness, do you mean that Ye Liuli has medical skills?”

“Yeah.” The painful sutured wound on his head made Dongfang Lie didn’t want to talk, so he only weakly replied.

Ye Liuli smiled slightly. “So, does Mr. Gu have any questions?”

“No.” GuLanxi changed his attitudes and saluted, “With the prince’s approval, I believe Your Highness must have excellent medical skills. I shall wait for the result.” He even changed the way of addressing her.

Ye Liuli raised her eyebrows. If she used to regard Gu Lanxi as a peacock, then he was as a fox now. Since his attitudes changed so fast, was there any principle and bottom line in his mind?

However, his heart soundsstill needed to be checked. Without say anything, she opened the thin quilt covered Dongfang Lie, exposing his strong chest, and then put her ear on it.

The two of them stunned.

“Be quiet.” She was serious.

Both Dongfang Lie and GuLanxi held their breath at the same time.

After a short while, she looked up and smoothly put the quilt back.

” The heart sounds were quite normal. If there was a pneumonia caused by fever, it would be difficultto deal with.” She murmured.

Generally speaking, a young girl put her head on a man’s body, not to mention she was bare, even if she wore clothes, she should be red-faced. But the woman was very calm, and her face was white without any embarrassment.

“Firstly, tell the military doctor to prescribe some medicine for him. I am not requesting to cure him, but do no let it be more serious. I will start to deploy medicines immediately.” Before going out of the room, she turned around and asked, “Could you give me two maidservants? I need assistants.”

“No problem, but…” GuLanxi’s voice showed a kind of bewilderment. ” Are you sure you want to go out like this, Your Highness?”

She was stunned. “If I won’t go out like this, do I have to climb out?”

“I mean the clothes.”

Ye Liuli looked down, seeing the red clothes and trousers she had worn, and frowned. “I really don’t like the color, but it is said that the bride should wear red clothes in the first three days of her wedding, isn’t it?”

” Your Highness, you are wearing a suit of underwear, which is not convenient to go out, but if Your Highness don’t care about this, then go out as you like.” Gu Lanxi’s voice had a hint of mischievousness.

Ye Liuli suddenly realized… There were two kinds of underwear in ancient timesone was inside, which was equivalent to the modern bras and underpants; and the other was a kind of dressing gown, which was equivalent to the modern long johns.

Although wearing this kind of dressing gowns wouldn’t be offended, imagining that in a modern street, it was not good to wear a suit of long johns rushing on it.

“Thanks for yourreminding” said Ye Liuli, and went to another room, which could be regarded as a storage room or a cloakroom.

When Ye Liuli had gone, Gu Lanxi muttered, ” What a thick-skinned woman” and when he saw Dongfang Lie was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, he rushed up. “How are you, my lord?”

Dongfang Lie did not open his eyes, and his eyebrows frowned. “I’m fine, just headache.”

“Headache?” Gu Lanxi was shocked. “Was the wound dehiscent?”

A few months ago, in a fire disaster, a pillar fell down and smashed the head of Dongfang Lie. His skin was cut open and bones were visible. Everyoneconcluded that he must die with no doubt, but Dongfang Lie survived, and just lost his legs.

“Um.” Because of the pain, Dongfang Lie clenched his teeth. “She sewed it up again.”