Chapter 7 – Impenetrable Clothes

Gu Lanxi was shocked. “What? Sewed? How did she sew it?

Because of the pain, Dongfang Lie gritted his teeth tightly and squeezed the words out with hatred. “How? of course with needles.”

Gu Lanxi looked around withastonishment. At last, he found a needle bag on the table beside the bed. An inch away from the needle bag, an embroidery needle was lying quietly on it.

He went over, pinching the needle with his slender fingers, and his voice trembled slightly. “My lord, this… this is the embroidery needle.”

“Right.” Dongfang Lie’s voice had a sort of decadence.

Gu Lanxi was stunned for a while and then threw the needle on the table hastily. “My lord, please allow me to see your wound.”

Dongfang Lie gritted his teeth hard again. It almost took all his strength to turn over.

Gu Lanxuntied the cloth binding his wound and pulled the bloody hair aside.Then he found that around the fatal wound, his hair had been cleanly shaved to expose the skin under it. On the white skin, the ferocious wound was neatly sewn by cotton thread. This kind of suture was not as complicated as embroidery, but was simple and clear.

“How about it?” Dongfang Lie asked.

Gu Lanxi restrained the surprise in his eyes and the contempt for Ye Liuli. He answered seriously,” My lord, although sewing up human skin sounds ridiculous, it works! It took two days for your head wound to stop bleeding and a month for it to have signs of healing, but now it has a tendency to heal.”

Dongfang Lie was stunned, and his closed eyes slightly opened, a pair of black icy eyes as deep as a pool of water, which was unfathomable.

“Although this Ye Liuli seems to be mad and insane and her words are unreliable, in dealing with wounds, she seems to have some skills.” Gu Lanxi said in a low voice.

“Well.” Dongfang Lie closed his eyes again. ” She said she was going to prepare medicine for me, didn’t she? You follow her.”

Gu Lanxi’s eyebrow twitched and he said, “Yes, my lord.”

Gu Lanxi answered quickly, but in fact he was reluctant to do it. After all, he was a military counselor whose duty was leading armies to fight. Why would he follow a mad woman?

However, the prince’s order must be obeyed. The only thing he could do was accepting it. And, he would like to find out Ye Liuli’s intention .

“I’ve changed my clothes. Just bring me two servant girls.”

Following the woman’s slightly arrogant voice, Gu Lanxi looked up and saw a young woman appeared at the door with a languid look.

Her fair cheekshad no make up but as fresh as morning petals with dew. Her silky black hair was uncoiling, only hanging down loosely on her shoulders, and down to her waist.

She wore a long light pink dress, which made by silk fabric and was slightly thin. Because she was wearing red long johns, through the pink dress one could see a rosy inside, which had a kind of temptation that made people’s mouth parched and tongue scorched .

The woman obviously had innocent eyes and pure face, but her figure emitted lethal seduction.

Dongfang Lie dimly heard a gasp from Gu Lanxi. He barely opened his eyes and frowned at what he saw.

“Ye Liuli, what are you wearing?”

Ye Liuli looked down and said, “Am I wearing the wrong clothes? I have considered for a long time before I put them on, and then I checked with the bronze mirror for a long time to ensure that it is correct before Icome out.”

Gu Lanxi swallowed embarrassingly. “No, His Royal Highness means that this dress is too sheer.”

” Sheer?” Ye Liuli looked over very carefully. “I have worn so many layers inside and outside. What do you mean by sheer?” Then, her delicate face became slightly obscene. ” The drinker’s mind is not in the cup- he has ulterior motives. My clothes is not sheer. What makes you think so is your eyes, isn’t it, my lord?”