Chapter 8 – Why The Palace Is Shabby

Dongfang Lie was so angry that he gritted his teeth. “Ye Liliu, do you know who you are talking to?”

It seemed like something important occurred to Ye Liuli. She clapped her hands fiercely. ” I would forget if you haven’t said that. There is no time to chat with you. I have to prepare alcohol and antipyretic. Otherwise, if you fever to die I will become a widow!”

Then she was about to run.

In his lifetime, Dongfang Lie had not been contradicted by anyone in this way. Even if he and the crown prince were tit for tat in the court, and the crown prince wanted to kill him with his own hands, the crown prince dared not to use the word “die” to him. “Stop her.”

Whether Ye Liuli was do silly or not, Dongfang Lie insisted that she must pay for that.

“Yes, my lord.” Gu Lanxi’s figure flashed by. Just like magic, he appeared suddenly in front of YeLiuli.

Ye Liuli was shocked. She already guessed that there were martial arts in this world. But when they really appeared in front of her eyes, she could not help being shocked. “Why do you stop me? Stop fussing. I have to prepare alcohol and antipyretic for you. Your wound is inflamed which makes you feverish, and your heart beats are slightly disordered. If your lungs have echoes and the fever causes pneumonia or tuberculosis, it will be bad. You’re really going to die… Oh no, I mean you’re really going to be demise!”

“You arecourting death!” The angry Dongfang Lie were eager and struggling to get up, but when his body just moved, head hurts let himfall back to the bed, and blood began to ooze from white bandage.

Watching all this , Gu Lanxi struggled.

“Come with me.” Saying that, Gu Lanxi no longer blocked YeLiuli, and turned out of the door.

Outside, a team of ferocious soldiers was guarding in front of the door, and because of their imposing manner, the degrees of temperature in early spring dropped.

“Where is the military doctor?” Gu Lanxi said aloud.

Soon, three people trotted over.

The first person was about sixty years old. His hair and beard were white, and his body was thin. He was wearing a dark green robe and his clothes were fragrant with herb. He looked like a doctor.

The old man was followed by two young men who looked seventeen or eighteen years old. They were wearing short blue cotton clothes, both carrying medicine boxes andlooking like disciples of the doctor.

Doctor Liu came forward and made a bow with hands folded in front. “Mr. Gu, I am here.”

“The wound on His Highness’s head burst open, but fortunately it has been stitched up. You should go and treat it for him immediately and inerrably.” Gu Lanxi said in a low voice.

“Yes, my sir.” Doctor Liu replied, and rushed in with two disciples.

What was Ye Liuli doing at this time?

She was looking around.

While looking around, she muttered, “Hey, is this the ancient age? Tut, the house is not good at all. This is less beautiful than the Forbidden City. Where are the encaustic tiles? Is the prince just living in such a shabby house? And these floor tiles, look like the stones in old-fashioned community anyway, don’t they? Where are the carved and painted buildings? And where are the pavilions?”

“Your Highness, you are going to prepare medicines for the prince, aren’t you?” Gu Lanxi said disdainfully.

“Yeah, but I have to ask, is here the prince’s palace?” asked Ye Liuli.

“Yes.” Answered Gu Lanxi.

Ye Liuli was greatly disappointed. “So, is this country very poor?”

“What do you mean?” Gu Lanxi was furious. “Although it isn’t a vast country, our kingdom, Nanzhao, is a land flowing withmilk and honey, and extremely abundant. What do you mean by poor ?”

Ye Liuli pointed the eaves. ” With such kind of poor ornaments in the prince’s palace, you toldtell me that the kingdom of Nanzhao is wealthy? You can’t fool me. I wasn’t born yesterday.”

Gu Lanxi always thought himself as a calm person, but had been provoked by the woman in front of him since last night constantly. “This is because of the perennial drought andreaped nothing at harvest time in Zhenzhou City. The prince hassent all the money from the court for repairing his palace to relieve the victims. And, you even dislike the palace.”