Chapter 9 – Distilled Wine

This was an answer YeLiuli never thought of.

She was surprised. “Really?”

GuLanxi snorted coldly, “Of course.”

Ye Liuli turned around, looking at the direction of the door, and smiled.” If that’s the case, Imust save the prince.”

Gu Lanxi said impatiently,” Saving people is not by talking about it. I beg Your Highness to show your real stuff.”

Ye Liuli turned back and lifted her eyebrows.” You think I am bragging? Fine, I will show you some advanced western medical technology today. Prepare me something.”

” You can order as much as you want.” Gu Lanxi said.

Ye Liuli thought for a moment, “Firstly, liquor, and has to be good liquor. Secondly, pot, and must be iron pot. The third is a flat iron plate. The fourth is cold water, preferably with ice.”

Gu Lanxi was puzzled, “What do you want to do with these things?”

Ye Liuli said, “I need to purify alcohol. Cut the crap, and prepare these things for me.”

Although Gu Lanxi had doubts, he still helped her to find all she needed as soon as he could.

Lanfang Garden was specially for Ye Liuli to live in.

The garden was big, clean and tidy, but not luxurious.

In other words, the whole palace was not luxurious.

Ye Liuli heard that the ninth prince,also known as the Prince of Virtue, was talented and extremely handsome, but because his mother died very young and her families were not prosperous and powerful, so they were excluded from the capital. And their fiefs were alsothe west-frontiers of the Kingdom of Nanzhao, which had high terrain, few water sources and even awful climate. The people there were struggled for living from drought almost every year.

But the prince was capable and fully devoted himself to the common people there. He managed the barren land and made it prosperous, and was deeply loved by his people.

Every drought year, the court would allocated a lot of money for disaster relief. If the prince or official had been others, they would have embezzled a lot.

However, not only did the prince not feather his nest, but also subsidized a lot of silver from his own pocket to the victims, including the money that the court had allocated for repairing his palace.

In this way, even stones could get warm, let alone the common people.

Not only did the feudal people love and esteem the prince, but his virtuous reputation had been spread all over the country.

The emperor did not attach importance to his ninth son originally, but because of the prince’s virtuous reputation, he began to pay attention to him. He began to reward him with silver and property continually, as well as reduce and exempt the feudal taxes of his people from time to time, and the emperor also found him a good marriagewith Ye Zhaoyan, the consanguineous daughter of the prime minister.

Ye Zhaoyan was not only the most talented girl in the capital, but also the most talented girl in the Kingdom of Nanzhao. She was not only had noble origin and beautiful appearance, but also of rare talent.

Although the crown prince had imperial concubines, the position of his princess had been vacant, and the one he took a fancy to was Ye Zhaoyan.

However, it didn’t know whether it was Ye Zhaoyan that was perceptive, or the wily prime minister Ye had another plan, marriage had long been delayed. Just when everyone was curious about whom the talented Miss Ye was going to marry with, the emperor unexpectedly made a match between her and the ninth prince.

Although it was beyond everyone’s expectation, the prince who was well-known, talented and good-looking, could be a good couple with Ye Zhaoyan.

However, the road to happiness full of hardships, and a fire ruined everything. The prince’s appearance had been destroyed, and his legs disabled. Although the prime minister Ye dared not disobey the imperial edict, he refused to marry his dearest daughter to a disabled person, so he managed to marry his idiotic daughter, Ye Liuli, who was not favored, to him.

On the wedding day, Ye Liuli died inexplicably, and then the modern Ye Liuli traveled here through time.

As a residence for the princess, Lanfang Garden had its own kitchen.

The female cook was expelled out and replaced by princess YeLiuli and the military counselor Gu Lanxi.

The maidservants circled curiously, not knowing what the noble princess and the military counselor who was the second-most powerful man here were doing on the ground.

“Right, that’s it.” Ye Liuli made a fire, putting the liquor in the pot and heated it continuously. The iron plate was suspended from the ceiling by rope, leaning over the pot, and the other end was standing on the hearth. Under the iron plate was a water tank. And ice water was poured continually on the back of the iron plate.

Of course, Ye Liuli was not willing to do the physical work of pouring ice water, thus it could only rely on the distinguished Mr. Gu.