Fortunate Wife



Shenmeigou is an old an infertile place where it’s hard to find a wife to marry.

The Li family is extremely poor. With only four bare walls for a home, they don’t even have a woman to manage the household.

The Heavens had mercy, Li Dalang saved a woman at the market and brought her back home.

Li Man was killed by her mother-in-law and transmigrated. She was almost hanged on her first day, but fortunately, she was rescued by the Li brothers.

This doesn’t mean that her life will be an easy-going one.

The language didn’t make any sense to her. She soon discovered that, here, standard Mandarin sucks.



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This light novel has been picked up by another translator.

13 thoughts on “Fortunate Wife”

    1. There are translators who charge 15 or 30 for a chapter!! I usually like to do a monthly donation of 1$ on Patreon. Just imagine if half the reader donate 1$ a month, that could add up to quiet something.

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  1. thanks for pickup and translate this novel..thanks for your hard work too

    sorry for asking this as got some confusing..i saw fuchsia translate this novel few month ago, so are you continue from their site or this novel being translate by 2 translator?

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      1. thanks for clarification..really thanks for translate this novel..😊😊😊😊cant wait to read next chapters too

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  2. I was wondering, is this a pay-per-view page? Or was there a previous announcement of a password? Because I can’t access any chapter since chapter 5. (btw, I got here from the NU page)

    Sorry if you had already cleared that doubt, I’m new here.

    I tried searching other comments to no avail.

    Also, thankyou very much for your work in translating (^^)

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    1. Fortunate Wife currently has early access chapters given to those who’ve donated the required amount to obtain the password 🔑. Early access chapters have been discussed in the blog under ‘New Donation Buttons’, for more information concerning early access chapters, please visit :

      Don’t worry, this chapter will be made public according to schedule.


  3. Hello! Thank you for picking up this project , I am already hooked on to it and I the translation quality is exceyllent . I donated 4 dollars to support from my paypal but I have no idea how to access early chapter releases ..What now ? ._.

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