Chapter 10 – The Same


The man looked to be in his early twenties, tall and strong and was wearing a coarse gray cloth with his sleeves and trousers rolled up revealing his bronzed skin.

Attractive eyebrows, defined facial features, silent eyes, his tight lips seemed to be watching them disapprovingly.

Li Man recognized that this was the man who brought her here last night, her savior.

Slightly opening his tightened lips, Li Man nodded to him and smiled, greeting him. Suddenly a big dog broke into the kitchen with a broken-necked wild pheasant in it’s mouth.

Scared, Li Man screamed and hid behind the pot.

Li Mo quickly entered the kitchen and angrily grabbed the big dog’s ear to teach it a lesson, “big Hei, get out.”

Big Hei is his hunting partner. Fierce when fighting prey, but docile with the family and obedient. This time, he’ll probably know that there is now a woman present in the family.

[I wanted to bring a pheasant to surprise her, but now I’ve scared Li Man. What a mistake to make.]

“Sister, are you okay?” Li Xiao Wu squatted next to Li Man asking her with concern.

Li Man patted her chest and nodded her head to show that she was fine. However, the man suddenly came back and she just had to occupy herself.

She grabbed two more cucumbers from a bag and put them in the basin. She found that the man was tall and burly. So the amount of the meal she was currently making was too small.

She poured out some more flour.

She added a little bit more water, then another sound came from the entrance, and someone else entered the household.

“Big brother, are you home?” Li Shu, the third child, slid two fish from his hand and rushed over to him.

Li Mo was teaching big Hei in the yard so that he won’t be rash in the future. Li Shu thought that he wouldn’t see his brother back yet, so his face had been sly. Usually hunting was all day, but today he didn’t know what was going on, never mind. He simply came back first.

“You’re already back too?” He got up and asked his younger brother, “Is the fish in the village today not in the ancestral hall?”

His voice fell, the second brother Li Yan entered the yard. Upon seeing Li Mo, he wasn’t as surprised as the third, he casually greeted him, “Big brother? You’re home.”

Is him being at home so strange? Li Mo saw the playfulness in his second brother’s eyes and asked, “How come you are back too?”

“Oh, I just finished up, the meal in the hall wasn’t so good so third brother and I came back to see if there was any ready-made over here. Li Yan simply replied, “Big brother also came back for lunch?”

“Ah.” Li Mo replied, “I was in a hurry this morning and forgot to bring dry food with me.”

Li Yan raised his right eyebrow, “I understand.” He said as they went to the kitchen.

Li Mo’s honey colored cheeks showed some red, the second brother felt annoyed. He knew that he wouldn’t come all the way back if not for that woman.

In the kitchen, Li Xiao Wu circled around Li Shu, wanting to see the fish he held up high in his hand. But how could Li Shu give him the two fish he’d already caught, washed and burned for the woman.

“I’ll eat this at noon.” He put the fish on the chopping board, and then smiled at the woman. When he came back later on, he saw the clothes and sheets that had been washed and dried in the yard. She was also, still in the kitchen, Li Shu’s heart warmed up.

[I’ll forget about letting her escape and abandon the family.]





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