Chapter 11 – Wife is Cooking


Two tall men suddenly squeezed into the kitchen, which originally wasn’t big, and it suddenly became overcrowded. With Li Xiao Wu’s troubling himself next to his third brother, Li Man was forced to squeeze herself a spot behind the pot. There was no other way for her to face the problem.

When Li Yan saw this, he grabbed his two younger brothers and then pointed to the fish on the chopping board. He smiled and said to Li Man, “It’s too hard on you.”

Eat fish at noon? But she was going to cook noodles.

“Xiao Wu, you are responsible for keeping the fire burning.” Li Yan told the younger brother, and then dragged the three brothers out the door.

My brothers are all back with us, and I’m so grateful. “Sister, I will help you keep the fire.”

Li Man glanced at him. In the end, did she reverse the place of this little guy, or was he in the military? For her lunch for two people, there were three more people coming from nowhere. It seems that it was now impossible to cook noodles, but the noodles were already there. If they do not eat at noon, they will be wasted.

After thinking about it, Li Man decided to steam half a pot of rice. This was a good way to make some steamed buns.

Once she decided on it, she began right away.

She smashed the rice in two shallow bowls and put them in a large pot. She put some scorpions in a pot and then quickly gathered the good noodles, squeezed them and put them on the scorpions. She covered the pot with the lid and let Li Xiao Wu keep the fire.

After the rice was properly filled, Li Man looked at the two fat squid on the cutting board, they were already cleaned up, but she washed it again anyways.

Then she took out another pot, brushed it clean and called Xiao Wu who was keeping the fire below, “I will need to use this pot too to cook the fish.”

Li Xiao Wu looked at her finger pointing at the pot and immediately understood her meaning. He removed a very hot firewood from the current pot hole in use and threw it into the other pot’s hole. Then he added some more firewood, and the pot holes on both sides were burning.

When the pot’s bottom turned red, Li Man poured some oil, when the oil began to pop, she neatly added the two fish and the scent of the fish instantly diffused.

Braised squid, Li Man still had a good hand for it, although her ingredients were lacking, she still wanted to do as much as possible.

Here, she and Li Xiao Wu were busy, outside, the three men were also very busy.

Li Mo was under the peach tree, picking up the wild pheasants that big Hei brought back.

Li Yan was chopping wood in the yard.

Li Shu…? Had disappeared…

But in a short while, Li Shu ran to the front yard coming from the backyard, and made a good firewood pile for Li Yan. “Second brother, there is not much firewood left in the house. We’ll send it there.”

“Put one down here.” Li Yan took up the axe and looked at him. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Aren’t you going to pick it up? Are you ready?”

Li Shu’s face was overcast, “Smelly to death. Why don’t you do it?”

“Isn’t it you who wanted to do things to please her? Ok, women love to be clean. Go clean up the pits, she will definitely look at you differently.” Li Yan said.

Li Shu didn’t believe him. The woman will have a good lunch hehe, the fat and fragrant fish was stinky to eat, the woman will be to blame, the second brother will swear, that this time, she is absolutely no good .

“Second brother, such a good fragrance, my stomach is growling! I want to see if the meal is good.”





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