Chapter 12 – Good Food


The smell of fish spread throughout the yard, Li Yan suddenly felt very hungry. He dropped his axe, and followed the scent that had already brought his younger brother towards the kitchen.

Li Mo quickly put down the logs, got up and walked to the kitchen, the dog that had been sleeping on the ground, opened its eyes in an instant, and busily ran around in front of the kitchen.

“You stay.” Thinking of Li Man’s frightened look, Li Mo did not hesitate to leave Dahei in the yard.

In the kitchen, Li Man tried to ignore the three people squeezing in closer to the cooked fish in a well-filled large bowl. She kept her calm as Li Yan moved even closer, he smiled and took the bowl from her hand. “What a nice fragrance, let me see. You didn’t burn it.”

Li Shu also came over. “Is that so? Let me see.”

Li Yan kicked the third brother. “Go get the East House table. Go on.”

“Come on~”

Li Shu’s complaint, caused the fifth to lean closer to the pot allowing him to see Li Man’s smirk.

“Go on, bring some stools too.”

Li Man got some more space, she washed the two cucumbers, cut them into small pieces and placed them in a small dish.

Li Mo also wanted to help her like his second brother, the small plate for the cucumber was obviously not big enough, so he took out a bowl for her from the cupboard.

Li Shu brought the big table and placed it in the middle of the kitchen. He held a stool with the other hand and casually put it down. Then he ran over to get two more stools and placed them at the table.

The food was set up and everyone sat down. Li Xiaowu originally had a stool with Li Mo, but he was too big for the big brother. He squeezed him to the corner of the table. When he flashed, he sat on the stool of Li Man. The other three brothers of Li’s family blinked at him for a while.

Seeing everyone blinking, Li Man had to pick up the chopsticks and clip the meat on the belly of the fish to Li Xiaowu. “Come, try.”

Li Xiaowu’s eyes are smashed into a crescent moon before he eats it. He called, “It’s delicious, it’s delicious, it’s a hundred times better than the fish cooked by the second brother.”

Li Yan heard this, and silently fumed towards the kid. Whenever he had asked him to cook, he always told him that the meals he made were the best.

“Oh, it’s so delicious.” Li Shu also exaggerated.

Li Yan busily put a piece of fish in his mouth. The meat was smooth and tender, delicious, so delicious, and much better than the fish he could prepare.

Li Mo bowed his head and tasted a piece. His face showed a gratifying smile. The woman was willing to make such delicious fish for them. It must be her way of saying that she would stay.

Li Man saw that they enjoyed the taste of her food, and that they were very pleased. Her lingering uneasy feelings in the air were all swept away. They even ate two bowls of each of the rice.

Their was not enough rice, so the Li brothers also ate a few steamed buns.

It could be said that Li Man’s meal was too successful. The two fish and even a big pot of soup. They ate it all. Even the soup was eaten by Li Shu the fool.

Li Yan dismissed his third brother, and finally made eye-contact with Xiao Wu. His eyes silently told him to take Li Man to rest.

Li Man was about to clean up the tableware, but Li Yan stopped her saying that she was overworking herself. He would not allow her to clean up the tableware anyways so she left with Xiaowu.




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