Chapter 14 – Teenagers


“Fourth brother!” Li Xiaowu shouted, he opened his arms flying towards the fourth Li brother like a bird.

Li Man curiously turned around and saw a 16-year-old boy, his hand gently ruffled Xiaowu’s hair as he sported a slight smile. “Little Wu is getting taller.”

He was a tall man with a handsome face. His old clothes were half white and half dark blue, but they were kept clean and tidy. A gray book bag was weighing on his shoulders.

Li Xiaowu excitedly took the book bag back from him and stood on the tip of his toes to whisper something into his brother’s ear.

Li Hua shot a twisted smiled towards Li Man. Then he took his younger brother’s hand and walked towards her.

Li Man’s nerves shot up. Who was this teenager?

“Little fifth has told me about you, thank you for your hard work.” His pure juvenile tone, seems to have not changed.

Li Man couldn’t understand so Li Xiaowu simply smiled at her.

When Li Man still felt shy and uncomfortable, he took his brother’s hand and pulled him into the East House.

Li Man eyed the East House door that was left open. The two people were doing something inside, but she could not see.

However, that boy was also from this family?

Thinking of their similar facial features, Li Man confirmed her answer, but the five brothers are indeed similar.

The sun was falling, the sheets in the yard were dried by the early sun, and the quilts were also nice and warm. Li Man collected them and laid them in the West house. After that, she began to sew the quilt.

Sewing the quilt was far more difficult than Li Man had imagined. She thought that she would only need a needle, a thread and the rest would be like sewing clothes. It took a long time for the first needle to get into the quilt. She had to borrow the strength of her ancestors to get it through. Pulling it out too hard would also ruin the good sheets.

In this way, three or four needles down, Li Man’s sweat dripping on one end, and her fingers sore on the other, the quilt was thickened as two more sheets were added. The big needle had to be forced in. She had to make her fingers work hard. A few times down, her thumb and forefinger’s fingertips turned completely red.

Including her own, there were three other beds of quilt left to sew. Li Man was depressed, at her speed, the work could not be completed in the dark. Her non-existant sewing skills were also somewhat discouraging.

She dismantled her work since she hadn’t sewn it up as she wanted.

Biting her teeth, Li Man sewed the cloth once more as fast and efficiently as she could.

“Ah.” In a moment of inattention, the needle’s tip punctured her finger, causing red blood to flow out.

“What’s wrong?” The teen’s voice rang, Li Man had not even responded yet and her injured finger had already been put into the tall boy’s mouth.

Li Man was blinded by her blushing face and rapid heartbeat.

“It’s okay.” The fourth pointed his finger down at the corner sewn by Li Man, and smiled softly. “I’ll help.”

He took a thimble from the basket and placed it on his right middle finger, then he picked up the needle and began sewing the quilt skillfully.

Li Man was almost dumbfounded. Isn’t the difference too big?

However, the boy was clean-cut, the silver needle clung to his slender fingers, travelling between the quilts, leaving a fine stitch.

He looked focused. His eyes skillfully riveted on the quilt, his long eyelashes and thin handsome face, slightly revealed tightly pursed liitle red lips…

When he finished sewing, he slightly bent over and bit the thread.