Chapter 4 – Leaves


“I will send her out of the mountain tomorrow morning.” Li Mo dropped those words as he watched the water in the pot and stirred it using a ladle, intending to draw some water.

Li Shu became anxious, and grabbed the ladle from his hand. “Big brother, I want a wife.”

Li Mo turned his head and looked at the third brother who was a little taller than him. If he wanted to put the blame on him, he would bear it. “Brothers, don’t be anxious, your eldest brother is making money. After a few days, I will go through the mountains, return and everything will be alright.”

“No, I will go instead.” Li Shu said.

Li Mo’s face turned sour, “No.”

“Why can’t I?” Li Shu thought that his brother was too soft. They just got a wife using up all the money they had saved for so many years.

“Brothers please.” Li Yan was afraid that the younger brother would lose his temper again and make things get worse, he brought Li Shu aside and then thoughtfully said to Li Mo, “Big brother, I have an idea. Let’s discuss this at a later time. You see, the fourth brother has to come back in a few days. We can wait until he comes back. Our fourth brother is a scholar, and he has a bright future. The woman will not look at us, but maybe she will see eye-to-eye with the fourth?”

Li Mo hesitated when he thought of the fourth.

When Li Yan saw his reaction, he discreetly gave the youngest, the fifth son who was boiling water on the stove, a look he understood. Xiao Wu immediately got up and ran over to hug Li Mo’s arm. He pleaded. “Big brother, let’s keep that sister, I like her. She- she looks really good. She looks even better than the village’s beauty!”

Li Mo ruffled through Xiao Wu’s hair. His heart wavered, but ….

“Big brother, one more thing. Although you want to let her go, have you ever thought of what she should do afterwards? Will she be pulled into the market to be sold and fare well?  If she goes back, she will surely be sold. So, what should we do? What should we do?” Li Yan repeated.

Li Mo’s heart immediately tightened, he made a decision. “Well, let’s wait and see then, but without her own consent, not one of you can touch her. Especially third brother…”

“I know.” Li Shu’s face showed a childish smile. Honestly, the eldest brother could leave the woman alone, and he wouldn’t care about her one bit.

Li Yan slightly smiled, while his eyes looked toward the West House.

Li Man panicked, she hid behind the door, her heart pounding in her chest. Did that person just see her? She didn’t deliberately eavesdrop, she didn’t understand anything anyways.

“Xiao Wu is the water boiling yet?” In thought of the little figure who was just peeking behind the door, Li Yan asked.

“It’s boiling.” Xiao Wu replied.

“Take the bucket and send it to the West house.” Li Yan said, he also asked for a small oil lamp and he brought it to the West house himself.

An orange glimmer of light slowly came in, illuminating the whole room. Li Man nervously shrunk to a corner, her eyes vigilantly observed the strange man.

He was very tall. When he came in, he had to lower his head so that it won’t hit the door frame.

As soon as he entered the room, he placed the oil lamp on a big cabinet. Then he turned his head and smiled at her.

His smile was very nice, from the corner of his lips to the bottom of his eyes, he was very clean and pure. He has a certain charm that made people want to easily trust him.

But who is he? He’s not the one who carried her here.




Ancient Heartloss’ Item corner :

A Silent Voice is a short manga series about a deaf girl and her childhood bully becoming friends later in life. It’s bittersweet, goes into darker contexts and is a heavy yet fun read for anyone. It really is a sweet manga.

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