Chapter 6 – Poor Ones


Li Man finished bathing and picked up the clothes they gave to her. She checked them out and was dumbfounded, they gave her man’s clothes to wear? And aren’t they too big? Doesn’t she have her own clothes? Or is she not really a part of this family?


“Have you finished bathing? Dinner is almost ready.” Li Yan gently knocked at the door,

Li Man began to panic, with no time left to think, she quickly picked up her clothes and rushed to the door to hold her hand against the door in fear that the person outside will open it.

Since he couldn’t hear any movement inside, Li Yan gently tried to push the door open but it wouldn’t budge. She was obviously using the door bolt to keep the door closed. “If you are finished bathing, then open the door. The youngest, the fifth son will give you dinner.” After that, he laughingly turned around and left. In fact, he wanted to be the one to care for her, she was so thin…

As the sound of his footsteps distanced, Li Man busily put on the clothes, disregarding what it looked like. But she looked really funny wearing it.

The top of the coat was almost able to cover her twice over, and there was no waist belt. She pinched her waist, it looked awkward… her collarbone was exposed. The pants were even more outrageous, mopping along the floor. After rolling them up a few times, she finally rolled them over her ankle, but the pants were still way too big. She felt wind rushing through.

This can’t be fixed.

She was depressed. Then someone knocked on the door again. This time it was the voice of a child. “Sister, I have some food for you.”

Because it was a child, Li Man didn’t hesitate much. She opened the door and began to  carefully examine her surroundings. Half a head shorter than her, she saw a handsome, thin boy standing at the door holding something in his hands. Seeing her open the door he grinned, and presented a bowl to her, “This is for you sister.”

Is it something to eat? Li Man took it and said, “Thank you.” The child turned around and ran, he seemed to be very shy.

Li Man smiled softly. Apart from those who were at the village entrance, the family gave her a very simple feeling and seemed to care for her.

A bowl of corn paste and two hot cobs, exuding the mellowness of corn. Li Man suddenly felt pangs of hunger and went to sit on her bed to eat.

First time she ate such a whole grain, it was refreshing so she ate it up in one breath. Her stomach was satisfied.

[Just how will my empty bowl be sent to the kitchen?] She didn’t dare to go out looking like how she did.

Fortunately, Li Yan had guessed her dilemma, after calculating the time she should take to finish eating, he let Xiao Wu go get the bowl.

When her bowl was taken away, Li Man finally felt relieved, but she turned around, and saw the basin of bath water. [That will fall to tomorrow.]

Li Man locked the door and immediately went to bed. It was very hard. The quilt is thin, and it had a strange smell.

[I don’t know if it’s been used for too long, or it was whitened by a single wash. Gray, the kind that can’t be washed over and over, and the big patches on it makes it hard to see the original color.]

But there is no way, with the faint light she had, Li Man looked around the room surrounded by mottled earthen walls, the inside of the room was very empty, only the bed under her body, and a large painting against the wall. In addition to the cabinet, there was nothing else.

This family is poor.


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