Chapter 7 – Writing


The hard bed and the smell of the bedding was distracting, but Li Man finally lied down and slept very deeply, almost without any dreams. When she woke up the next day, it was already three in the afternoon, there was warm sunshine beaming through the small wooden window.

She sat up and looked around herself and was a little embarrassed.

Her late memories fell to the hospital entrance where she bumped into her mother-in-law who was with a young pregnant woman to do a checkup. She learned that her husband was having other women carry his children. She did not have the time to ask questions, her mother-in-law yelled at her and threw her out saying she was obstructing her husband’s happiness, that she was a chicken that could not lay any eggs. At an intersection, she pushed Li Man into the speedy traffic by a slap.

The memory of dying was so cruel. She didn’t want to think about it again. She knew that she had passed away and gained a new life… so she should start anew.

Li Man got out of bed, opened the big cabinet, and rummaged through it, clearly finding women’s clothes.

Probably the man was too careless yesterday and got it wrong.

Li Man busily took out a set of women’s rags and quickly changed into them. No need to mention that they fit her very well.

She put the men’s clothing that she wore last night on the big cabinet, and went out.

On a small stool at the door, Xiao Wu heard the door opening and immediately turned his head. Seeing Li Man standing at the door, he stood up and looked at her. “Sister.” The yard was quiet. Li Man asked, “Are you alone?”

Xiao Wu couldn’t understand what she was talking about, so he just kept on grinning and grinning.

Li Man also smiled helplessly, looked at the sky, it should be noon by now. Around this time, the adults should be at work, right?

This was good, she could spend more time to think of ways to get along with them.

She turned around and went back to the house and struggled to pick up the tub to pour the water she used the night before.

Xiao Wu saw her predicament and rushed in to help.

“Thank you.” Li Man said with a polite voice and carried it with the help of the little guy. They poured the water in the corner of the front yard.

Li Man put down the bath and took the opportunity to get acquainted with the environment.

Three earthy thatched cottages surrounded by mud and a wall, the front yard wasn’t big, there’s a peach tree next to the courtyard wall, full of green leaves. The backyard was much bigger. A few leeks were planted behind the house, and a small gravel road stretched from the edge of the vegetable patch to the small huts in the northwest corner.

Li Man went to the vegetable garden and looked at the leeks, mainly composed of small green vegetables, the growth wasn’t so good. It was dry, and insects were all over them. There were also a few beans on the vines. A few cucumbers hanging on a shelf with thick branches were probably lacking in nutrition, so they will never grow up.

Although it was a small vegetable garden, it was definitely not well taken care of. Usually, the seeds were directly seeded*.

Xiao Wu didn’t understand what this beautiful sister was looking at. He stood quietly behind her, and wherever she went, he followed.

When Li Man got up, she finally found this little follower. In fact, she wasn’t much taller than Xiao Wu, but she bent down and gently asked, “What’s your name? You, can you write?”

Ancient Heartloss’ Note :
*Direct seeding refers to farming systems that fertilize and plant directly into undisturbed soil in one field operation, or two separate operations of fertilizing and planting. Only narrow strips of soil are disturbed by the equipment openers used to place fertilizer and seed in the soil without full width tillage.





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