Chapter 8 – Laundry


Li Man asked while she picked up a branch and wrote a few lines on the sand. “My name is Li Man, what’s your name?” Li Xiao Wu’s big dark eyes were full of worship. “Sister can write?”

“Do you know how?” Li Man passed the branch to him, then pointed to the word on the ground, meaning that he should also write.

Li Xiao Wu understood her meaning, but he didn’t recognize the word, and he couldn’t write it. Only the fourth brother in their family had mastered that strength, and read the most books. His other brothers were not much better than himself. The older brother and the third brother could write their own name, the second brother was better, he could copy a book.

“No?” Seeing his bitter face, Li Man had a long sigh.

Li Xiao Wu was a little depressed, does the sister dislike him because he is illiterate? Sister must have abandoned all hope on him, will she escape again? He carefully took Li Man’s hand and smiled at her pleasingly. He was confident in his smile. Every time, as soon as he showed this smile, even if he did something bad, his family would forgive him. .

Sure enough, Li Man touched his little head and encouraged him. “Nothing, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the word. I will teach you later.”

Li Xiao Wu couldn’t understand, but the beautiful sister was laughing. He knew that he had succeeded. [However, it’s best to get sister to like me. Second brother said that if I want sister to stay, I should make her like me.]

“Sister, come eat.” He took Li Man’s hand and brought her to the front yard.

Li Man didn’t know what he was going to do, so she followed him and was pulled all the way to the stove. There, the little guy squatted and took a bowl of porridge and two steamed sweet potatoes from the pot.

“Sister, for you.” He seemed to give Li Man all his treasure.

The porridge was warm, but the sweet potato was cold. It was obviously there for a while, “Thank you.” Li Man thanked. Li Xiao Wu sat next to her and watched her eat. He realized that this sister was not only beautiful, but speaks nice and even as she eats, exudes beauty.

Li Man saw that he had been looking at her and offered him a sweet potato. The little guy waved his hand. “I already ate.”

Seeing that he was so thin, Li Man felt pity, and forced the sweet potato into his hand and ate one.

After breakfast, she rinsed the pot and bowl.

Li Xiao Wu wanted to do it, but she refused. No way would she have dinner and make a child wash her dishes.

After washing the pot and bowl, Li Man thought of the broken clothes of the west house. Although it was broken, it could be worn after washing and cleaning. When she rummaged through the big cabinet, the clothes inside were not much better. It seemed that there wasn’t one without a patch.

Li Man took out the clothes she had worn in the house, and then thought about what she had seen last night. This family seems to be composed of men and no women. No one is washing the clothes? [Let’s do this.]

“Do you have dirty clothes? Take them all out.” Li Man didn’t dare to enter the house without permission, she would let Li Xiao Wu go.

But Li Xiao Wu couldn’t understand her words, so she had no choice but to take him into the East House.

The East House was bigger, obviously it was also used as a house. There was a stool in the middle with a table. It had a big cockroach on it… The place was really big to the point where four or five people could sleep in there, but as soon as you enter the house, there was a strong smell.

A few pairs of sandals were scattered on the ground, two small lumps were suspiciously covered by the quilt. Li Man walked up to the quilt and discovered some dirty clothes stacked underneath.




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