Chapter 9 – I Am Back


Li Man thought of her college days, when she once entered the male dormitory. She was almost reliving the same scene.

[It seems that this family really lacks women.]

But who was she? A member of this family?

Li Xiao Wu was a little embarrassed. Originally, these things were done by the second brother. But today, the second brother had to help with the bookkeeping, leaving him with no time to do such chores.

Li Man didn’t think much about it, she opened the window on the wall so that fresh air could come in and scatter the smell, and then, she picked out a few dirty clothes.

“Sister, let me wash them.” Li Xiao Wu took the tub from the house to the yard and began drawing water from the well.

Watching his small body doing such laborious look, Li Man smiled. By himself he brought it to her side.

Li Man was not small. Seeing the rolling well being used for the first time, he was quite skillful. In a short while, the water in the basin was full.

There was no laundry detergent in this age. Li Man had to follow the village’s customs. So she used some wood ash. Fortunately, after carefully washing the clothes several times over, the clothes were excellent. Although old, they were clean. She put them to dry in the yard under the sunlight where you could smell the fragrance of grass.

Li Man was very satisfied, she was fond of wearing clean clothes. After washing her own clothes, her hands were itchy. She went back to the house and took off the quilt on her bed and threw all the sheets into the basin.

Today, the sun was very bright, she hung the quilt on the wall for exposure.

Then she went to the East House again, and removed all the bedding and the quilts to air. She washed all the sheets.

Because the bamboo poles for washing clothes were not enough, she later found a rope in the kitchen, squatted in the yard, and then dried a strip of washed sheets.

After everything was done, it was almost noon. Li Man used several gestures to let Li Xiao Wu know so. At noon, they were the only two people at home, and no one else came back to eat with them.

The two could just eat whatever they wanted.

On the bench in the corner of the kitchen, a bag of corn flour, a small half-bag of flour and a half-bag of white rice were placed there with some sweet potatoes on the ground. There was nothing else to eat.

When Li Man thought about it, she decided to use her methods. She went to the backyard’s small vegetable garden and picked two cucumbers. She returned to wash them.

From the beginning to the end, Li Xiao Wu was on the side, holding his hands together, looking at her with surprise and admiration. His eyes were full of admiration: this sister was great.

Li Man also felt that the child was really distressed and thought that if she was not physically sick in modern times and if she had children, she should be the bigger person… [And I feel a little pity for him.]

When Li Mo entered the household, he saw the clothes and sheets in the courtyard filled with clean clothes. He went to the kitchen door and saw a delicate and beautiful woman standing next to the pot.

The woman was wearing a gray cloth with a patch and her sleeves were pulled up high, revealing a white arm.

Li Mo only felt that it was too white, he wanted to remove his eyes, but his eyes were disobedient, and he wanted to look more to the point of staring.

At that moment, Li Man suddenly turned her head and saw the man staring at her at the door, and he looked quite embarrassed.






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  1. This chapter gave me the warm image of a working husband coming home to find that your wife has done the laundry and hang it out to dry, while she is cooking inside, with a warm meal to welcome you home~
    Thanks for the chapter.

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