Chapter 1 – Turbulent Hours


A pedestrian street to be demolished. After being rebuilt, it will be transformed into a bustling commercial street. However, Qiu Yi prefers the style of the calm and relaxing pedestrian street.

All the stores were already shut down, and some shops were shuttered. Even the glass doors that had no need for locks.

“Sigh…” Qiu Yi stood under the bare pine tree, as if he could see traces of the years passing by, as mankind made progressed, and things that once were worth remembering disappeared little by little. One day, perhaps I really won’t even remember what it was like.

Qiu Yi sat on the dusty bench, to engrave the pedestrian street in his mind before the construction team arrived.

His thoughts drifted into the past ten years…

[My high school era, may have been the best time of  life.]

A golden leaf shook on the branch, snapped off the branch, floated in the air, and drifted to the ground. The cool breeze licked his face.


A bolt of lightning suddenly crossed through the sky like a falling omen. Dark clouds gathered.

The wind picked up.

“What the–” The rain poured, intertwined with lightning.

A young girl who fell asleep under the pine tree slowly opened her eyes.

The girl was wearing a simple ponytail, no bangs, showing a smooth forehead. Wearing a yellow shirt and black trousers, it looked very refreshing. Her long eyelashes trembled. Her big eyes made her look like she was wide awake. Her features were delicate, her face was small, and she still sported some of her baby fat. At first glance, she looked like a clever girl.

“It rained?” the girl murmured.

Through the sparse leaves, a string of raindrops fell on the girl’s body. The feeling of the cold rain on her skin threw her out of her daze.

“Hey…what?” Puzzled, the girl raised her head. She lifted her right hand and rubbed her eyes. She couldn’t believe it. “Is this the same pedestrian street?”

It is a pedestrian street but it is not the one that was going to be demolished, but the pedestrian street from her memories.

Polished bright and tidy windows, clean floor, the occasional passerby and the children who stopped at windows, refusing to leave…

Everything is so familiar…It’s as if I’ve returned to the past.

“Is it a dream?”

The girl gave her thigh a hard slap. It hurts.

“It’s not a dream… Could this really be time-travel?” The girl’s face was encompassed in shock.

Somehow, she discovered that her body also seemed somewhat different in places.

“Perhaps, since it’s the past… it got shorter?” The girl said to herself as she walked up to a shop window. The figure of a fresh and lovely girl was reflected in the window.

She raised her hand and the girl in the shop window raised her hand…

She looked at her little white hands and then quickly touched between her legs…nothing…nothing.

“This is a bad joke…” The voice of the young girl trembled.

The young girl is Qiu Yi. He time-traveled to the past into a deliciously beautiful girl. He became the girlfriend of his dreams.

Qiu Yi smiled wryly. He turned into his favorite girl’s appearance. This is so wrong.

“Wen Wen ~,” a mature woman in black silk high-heeled shoes walked up to Qiu Yi’s side, whispering to her, “Mom came to pick you up.”

He uneasily looked up to see a face with light makeup having a twenty-eight year-old appearance. Her long black hair, that matched her tender face, gently tumbled over onto Qiu Yi’s shoulder.

“Wen Wen, what’s the matter?” The woman put her hand on Qiu Yi’s forehead. “No fever.”

“Eh!?” Qiu Yi apparently did not hear the woman’s first sentence, so she was somewhat puzzled.

[Who is this? Does she know me?]

“What’s the matter my daughter, are you in pain?” The woman gently embraced Qiu Yi into her arms. Qiu Yi’s head was buried in her chest. The woman’s body had a faint scent of flowers.

[So soft!] Is Qiu Yi’s first thought.

[Is this my mother? She’s so young!] Is Qiu Yi’s second thought.

The woman released Qiu Yi’s hand after holding it for a while. Qiu Yi shyly blushed. Although his real age surpassed 20 years old, it was the first time he met a woman after becoming an adult. For his little virgin heart, the woman’s chest might be a little too stimulating for him.

He tried staring at something in the window to calm himself down.

“Hey ~ daughter, want this?” The woman pointed at the over-sized big bear in the shop window and looked back. “Well, your original one is broken, so if you want it,  I’ll buy it for you.”

Qiu Yi stayed in a paralyzed state until the woman put the one meter high cuddly bear into her arms.

“How do you feel today? Does your stomach hurt?” Asked the woman as she pinched Qiu Yi’s little face.

“Eh? Ah! No nothing’s wrong!” Qiu Yi panicked looking at the woman’s sudden frown.

“It’s okay, you can get a checkup from Dr. Wang.” All of a sudden, the woman hugs Qiu Yi who hugs the bear. “My baby girl is still so light~ let’s go home~”

Qiu Yi felt awkward but was at a loss of what to do. He had no choice but to allow the woman to guide him off the pedestrian street into the front seat of a red sports car.

The woman sat in the driver’s seat and dialed a number on her phone.

“Hey? Old Yeh, Wenwen is fine. Her stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. Yes, I know. We’ll see after Dr. Wang’s checkup. Well, it should be fine in two days. To school yes. Daughter said that she missed you yesterday. When will she come back? Well, well, just celebrate my daughter’s recovery.” The woman smiled, said something in return, then hung up the phone.

“Hey, my daughter, you’ll be back to school by tomorrow! Are you happy?”

“Uh… ” Qiu Yi forced a smile.

He learned from the phone call that he has a surname now, and it seemed to be Wen, Ye Wen? To confirm this idea, Qiu Yi idiotically asked : “Mom, is my name Ye Wen?”

It was too late for the words to be withdrawn. Qiu Yi regretted his stupid behavior hoping he would not be discovered.

But facts have proven that this kind of worry is unnecessary. Who would think that the soul in this body was not the original one?

“You’re teasing me again, of course you’re called Ye Wen.” Ye Mou (Mom) touched Ye Wen’s (Qiu Yi’s) head. “A joke can be boring if you repeat it.”

Ye Wen slowly nodded.

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