Chapter 15 – Cheating


In the deserted playground, golden leaves fell to the ground. There was an orange, tender sun in the sky and one soft white cloud in the clear blue sky. Ye Wen took a deep breath. This was fresh air without smog.


The monthly exam was set at the end of September. Right after the monthly exam was the most popular holiday, National Day. In the past, on National Day Ye Wen went on adventures with her partners, even playing with glass beads on one day.

In the old days, it was the simple things that brought happiness…

[With age, I became more and more mature, but I was increasingly unable to realize what was happiness. I was always carrying a heavy mountain of burdens that was expected by society. Buy a house, buy a car, get a wife, raise children who will go to school and in turn will then buy a house, a car and get a wife… the pressure of life made it difficult to breathe.]

It’s just a monthly exam, so just pull the table away and let everyone act alone. The supervisor is not very strict, so many students have the opportunity to cheat. But what about this? Even more, I did say that it was only a monthly exam. This time, I can cheat. But can I take the final exam? The final exam was successful and the college entrance examination could be done… In the end, it was still yet to come.

Ye Wen thought of the time when he did not seek to make progress in the past. If she regularly works hard, she will not be half dead in her third year. Although the result of her reviews so far were very successful, it will obviously make her review process much easier.

“Ye Wen …” Qiu Yi shouted from a chair not far away, “Hey, put your answers to the left so I can copy it.”

Ye Wen slapped him with a glance and said, “I know!”

Puzzled, Qiu Yi thought, “Why is she angry? Women are really complicated!”

Although she was angry since she once did not seek to make any progress, this was not irony. Ye Wen will still let him copy her answers, so to say, he is one of her own… ah…

“Wen Wen, you’re here early ~” Jin Jing came in and sat in front of Ye Wen.

“Are you ready for today’s exam?” Ye Wen asked with concern.

“Mm…” Jin Jing placed her index finger on her lips for a moment and said, “Although some of my doubts were answered yesterday, I’m still not confident…”

“Don’t be too nervous. It’s just a monthly exam.” Ye Wen reached out and played with Jin Jing’s hair, comforting her.

“Ha-ha–sorry–” Lu Yu, spitting air heavily like a bellows, rushed into the classroom. “Hah…heh…heh…I…heh…heh…so…heh…ha…late…”

“Who’s late? It’s only seven o’clock…” Ye Wen replied and looked at the clock hanging over the blackboard.

“Ah…?” Lu Yu turned her head and looked at the clock. “Hah… hateful, my clock is broken…”

“You’re quite relaxed…” Ye Wen sighed.


“All students, please sit down in your given positions. The exam is about to start. There will be no cheating allowed. Once you are discovered your test will be given zero points and we will take disciplinary actions. Take all your textbooks off the desk and put only the necessary stationery on your desk. Language test begin…”

The monthly exam began with the students’ mixed emotions. Ye Wen started to write her text as soon as she got the language test paper. Language was her strength, not to mention that it was knowledge she had already absorbed.

The examination room was quiet, except for the sound of pens writing.

Naturally, this kind of course could not be copied. Ye Wen put the answer sheet to the multiple-choice question on the language test on the left side of her desk. Then she gently hit her desk twice. Qiu Yi received the secret code, and immediately turned his head to the multiple-choice question. The answer was copied.

The half-day monthly exam was quickly completed and everything went smoothly. In addition to the answer to the English multiple-choice question, it took a little time.

At the end of the last exam, Qiu Yi thanked Ye Wen.

“Your welcome, but you don’t need to.” Ye Wen put the pen into the bag. “I hope you won’t read my answers again next time.”


“Not seeking progress.” Ye Wen whispered, ignoring him as she carried her schoolbag to the door.

The afternoon after the monthly exam, she immediately departed for National Day directly. Ye Wen did not tell her family about such things as half-day of classes. She had other plans.

“Jin Jing ~ Let’s go to the Pedestrian Street!”

“Oh?” Obviously this matter was not mentioned before, so Jin Jing was a little surprised but immediately laughed. “Well, that’s just fine, in the afternoon it’s nice to go to the pedestrian street.”

“Where to now?!” Lu Yu, who was in the middle of discussing the correct answer to a question, immediately turned away and shouted.

“Children can’t go.” Ye Wen happily replied.

“Yeah…” Jin Jing laughed. “It’s the pedestrian street. Will we go all together?”

“The pedestrian Street! Eeeh… but I didn’t bring any money…” Lu Yu sadly answered.

“It’s okay, I brought some.” Ye Wen said, “I wouldn’t want to say two things!” Originally it was for Jin Jing and himself.

“There’s no problem then? I’ll borrow money from you if I want to buy something?” Lu Yu hailed, “Okay! Let’s Go!”

Lu Yu’s happiest day out.

Forget it, I can always go with Jin Jing another time anyways! Ye Wen comforted herself and walked next to Jin Jing.

The pedestrian street was not too far away from Wen Lan Academy. It was only about a half an hour walk away. There was a clear river beside the pedestrian street. It was forbidden for motorists to pass there, at most only a few people passed by bike.

A very clean and small family shop, with a transparent window, displayed the most desirable products of their company.

“Wow!!” Lu Yu stopped in front of a window showcasing a large amount of Barbie dolls. “This is the latest Collector’s Edition! Oh, so much clothes!”

“Are you still a child?” Ye Wen scrutinized Lu Yu.

Jin Jing laughed: “Well, Lu Yu is still a child, kind of like Barbie.”

Lu Yu looked at the two and said, “Oh, and a husband and wife!”

He gave a long sigh. “My most valued…”

Ye Wen suddenly blushed, Jin Jing chuckled. She pinched Ye Wen’s little face and said: “Look at what you said, my Wenwen is so shy.”

“The young wife is shy!” Lu Yu smirked.

“My wife~” Jin Jing echoed.

“Ah?” Lu Yu went into a sluggish state.

“Well, I also think that Wen Wen should be the gentle and loving wife, she would be such a good wife and mother.”

“Who’ll be the lucky one to see her?”

“But now Wenwen is my wife.” Jin Jing laughed.

[My soul! Why am I the wife!] Ye Wen growled in his heart.


Ancient Heartloss’ Notes : How do you like it so far? Our Ye Wen is so pitiful! Will he be able to get his past love or someone better ;)?




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