Chapter 19 – Pillow


Ye Wen spent the whole day in her room and Shui Zi didn’t work for the day. They spent all day watching anime on the computer.

Even dinner was fed to Ye Wen by Shui Zi.

Though it looked as if Shui Zi was in the beginning stages of an addiction. Even if Ye Wen could eat on his own, Shui Zi still fed him while she watched the anime.

Ye Wen felt that it was not Shui Zi that was feeding him. It was obviously him who pulled her hand with the spoon to scoop the food off the plate…

“Yes, Missy ~” Shui Zi put the last bite of rice into Ye Wen’s mouth. Suddenly she remembered something. “The head maid asked me to sleep with you tonight.”


“All will be good, I will sleep with the young lady for a few days.” Ye Wen squeezed her eyes.

“Yes…” Ye Wen did not refuse this time. He took an extra pillow for comfort and slept. Even if he could not eat or enjoy this moment he could not let this chance pass! This body is just beginning to feel a little bit better, and my inner soul has been set ablaze.


At night, Ye Wen was lying on the bed till she sluggishly woke up early in the morning. Her head was drowsy and all she wanted to do was sleep some more. According to Shui Zi, there were some medicines and ingredients helpful for sleep in the rice she ate.

Shui Zi closed the bright window, cutting off the sound of the waves from outside. The curtains weren’t completely pulled, but only halfway in, the gaps that remained allowed the bright afterglow of the moon to sprinkle some moonlight on the sheets.

Shui Zi took off her maid outfit and replaced it with white silk socks and an oversized shirt. She also adjusted the air-conditioning temperature, then turned off the light and got into the bed.

“Cold~…” The little maid shuddered. The bed was much colder than the blanket. “Miss, are you asleep?”

“Um-Y-Yeah…?” Ye Wen stumbled on his words and quickly shut his eyes.

“Miss, do you feel cold?” Shui Zi asked.

Ye Wen didn’t answer, but nodded his head. Through the bright moonlight, Shui Zi clearly saw Ye Wen’s vague movement, so she said: “Hold me if you are cold.”

Saying that, Shui Zi took the initiative to cling to Ye Wen. It felt as if she was holding a body of ice cold bones.

Ye Wen felt like there was a soft heater attached to his body, heating it up all at once.

Shui Zi’s body was very warm, like a big hot water bottle. Ye Wen felt comfortable and finally fell asleep.

-Later that night-

“Hey… um…” Ye Wen frowned, a cold sweat slid down his forehead.

It hurts… so painful… I really want to just chop my stomach into pieces… Ye Wen tried hard to fall back asleep to ease the pain, but the pain became even more and more intense and his consciousness became even clearer.

Shui Zi felt Ye Wen trembling in her arms, she licked Ye Wen’s face and held her tighter.

Who was being used as a pillow in the end?! Ye Wen thought that the current situation was completely different from what he had imagined. It looks like he’d fallen on a pillow.

Ye Wen turned away, wanting Shui Zi to release him.

[Don’t hold me so tightly.]

As he opened his mouth to tell her, hot air blew on his face and Shui Zi’s moist mouth pressed onto Ye Wen’s lips. A small tongue like a slippery snake drilled between his lips.

“Eh-m?” said Ye Wen as his eyes widened. He temporarily forgot the pain he was going through. He could only feel Shui Zi’s stirring small tongue, as if it had some sort of magical power. Taking the pain away.

The sudden gentleness made Ye Wen, who was single for 26 years, lose his ability to think.

[I’m not a man!] Ye Wen shouted in his heart.

After Shui Zi’s little tongue stirred for a while, it seemed that there was no meaning behind her actions. She took it back and buried her head in Ye Wen’s chest and continued sleeping.

Pain hit him again. After experiencing tenderness, the pain felt even more intense.

[I take back what I said!] Ye Wen cried in his heart.

The pain lasted for most of the night. If it weren’t for Shui Zi holding him tightly, Ye Wen would be rolling in his bed all night.

At dawn, the pain gradually weakened. Ye Wen, who had been tortured all night, was trying to fall asleep again.

The morning sunlight spattered into the room, and the warm sunshine seemed to liven the air.

“Miss ~ get up!” Shui Zi got up, and after she finished washing a load of laundry she went downstairs and brought up breakfast. The clock on the wall was already showing nine.

“Hey… I’ll sleep for a while…” Ye Wen muttered, turned over and went back to sleep.

“Miss! Miss!”

“Don’t…scream…” Ye Wen muttered. “Go… watch anime…”

“Oh? Can I open the computer?” Shui Zi was very excited.

“Yeah.” Ye Wen simply replied.

Yesterday, Ye Wen had taught Shui Zi how to use the computer. So today, although she was a little lost, she could still successfully open an anime page.

Ye Wen had slept until the sun hung in the middle of the sky and finally got up. Under Shui Zi’s guidance, he changed the thing resembling a band-aid for another, making him unable to walk to the computer.

“Miss, just letting you know that Madam said that you will be attending a party tonight, so you must dress up accordingly later.”

“Eh? Dress up?” Ye Wen was reluctant to tie his hair up and had only recently begun to think that it wasn’t so bad. As for a beautiful dress, that was something he simply could not do.

“After a while, a maid will come to pick out your clothes.”

Ye Wen breathed a sigh of relief. She wouldn’t dress herself up even if she wanted to come. I don’t know what I would look like after putting on makeup. Will I be super cute? Ye Wen looked at the tall mirror, his brain filled with a variety of clothing, making up some bad and fun clothes.

He shook his head to kick out the bad thoughts. Ye Wen ate the breakfast that Shui Zi put in an insulated lunch box with added thermal air conditioning, so that it was kept hot.

“Miss? But it’s lunchtime.”

“But isn’t it a waste to eat lunch without breakfast?”

“You can do it.” The maid looked indifferent.

Ye Wen was ashamed, the maids of this wealthy house were more into the rich atmosphere than he was… However, the thrifty habits that he had kept from his past, made Ye Wen reluctant to dump such an exquisite untouched breakfast.

They completed the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura. After checking the time, Shui Zi ran down to get lunch.

Shui Zi and Ye Wen had lunch in the room. This was approved by the Madam and even the maid could not stop it.

Lunch was very beautiful, Ye Wen’s lunch was exclusive, specifically cooked for her. Looking at the color of the food was very appetizing, but Ye Wen’s stomach was too small, he had no more room left in his stomach.

[Stupid… I really should have thrown breakfast away…]


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Well… that development was sudden. And looks like she’ll have to experience being an aristocrat for the first time…


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