Chapter 2 – Beach Villa


The red sports car sprints down the highway heading towards the seaside of H city.

A suburb in the current undeveloped, remote area. They drive through a forest, where wild animals often appear. The path that can only be used by two small cars.

The seaside’s scenery is amazing. However, it is not often visited.

“16-year-old…” Ye Wen remembered a memory of the 16-year-old… as they drove through the forest and arrived at an inaccessible beach. Golden sand, an unblemished sea… All of this for that young and fashionable woman… and for himself. It was really shocking.

Ye Wen remembered that when she went home one day, she was told that her parents had made a bad meal. Ye Wen’s mouth could not help but smile.

“What’s the matter my daughter? What are you thinking about that makes you so happy?” Ye Mou wittily asked. “Sichun?”

“Yeah? No…no…” Flustered, Ye Wen was pulled back into reality.

“Oh ~” Ye Mou meaningfully expressed.

“Drive carefully…” Ye Wen worried that Ye Mou might accidentally hit a tree as she paid no mind to the road.

“Don’t worry about it. There are no other cars that pass around here.”

I was afraid that you would hit a tree, Ye Wen silently said in his heart. He was not familiar with his new mother. So he could only swallow his sentence to protect what he did and did not know.

Ye Wen is now a stranger to the present. The original Ye Wen was perhaps a stranger to him from the past.

The sports car exited the forest, not far from a three-and-a-half-floor villa, surrounded by a large area of ​​space around as a yard.

It’s too luxurious. Ye Wen saw villa’s with a yard as large as this one only on TV. With only one villa around! The waves that constantly beat the beach were like music to his ears.

The door of the villa slowly opened for the fast approaching sports car. It took two security guards to open the big iron gate. Ye Mou slowed down as the gate slowly opened for them.

There is a very spacious separate garage in the yard. Ye Wen estimated that it is at least 100 square meters… considering the ten-odd square meter house that he once rented. Ye Wen lamented in his heart. They must have quite the amount of money.

Ye Wen and Ye Mou got off the car and walked along the gravel path leading to the front of the villa. A middle-aged man in a white attire was already waiting there.

“The wife and the lady are back.”

“How many times have I said, Lao Liu, we are not in old society, can you call us by our names?”

“Oh, okay.”

“Where’s Dr. Wang?” Ye Mother asked again.

“Already waiting for you in the living room.”

Ye Wen felt as if he had entered an old society family. Although, there aren’t many domestic servants here, it seems that the necessary amount of people are present.

The security guards at the gate, the housekeeper in the villa, Ye Wen also saw several maids inside a room. When they saw Ye Mou they immediately stood up to greet her her.

“It’s okay all right. You guys can relax. There’s nothing to be so worked up about. It’s a new, modern society. It’s not necessary to be so uptight!” Ye Mou casually, took out some candy from her pocket and gave some to them.

The maids’ faces suddenly burst into bright smiles. One maid on the side reminded them: “Isn’t it: Thank you Mrs.?”

“Thank you Mrs.~” The little maids said in unison.

“Yes,” she said, laughing at one of the small maids.

Ye Wen looked at these girls in disdain. One of them even blinked at her in a playful manner, secretly shook her little hand and softly said: “Miss ~”

Stunned, Ye Wen immediately reacted to smile at them.

Then she was pulled into the living room by Ye Mou. A man dressed in a clean suit was already waited there.

“Dr. Wang, we made you wait.”

“Not much, Xiao Wenwen has stomach pains again?”

“Well, she said she didn’t feel any pain for a while.” Ye Mou rubbed Ye Wen’s head and asked, “Does it still hurt?”

“No, ahem… no pain.” Ye Wen carefully took the right tone, for fear that he might accidentally expose the fact that he is a boy.

But in fact, even if he said that he was a boy, no one would believe it…

“Unhuh… I’ll see.” Dr. Wang took a stethoscope out of the medicine box on the desk, searched through her eyes, and then flashlighted her small mouth. Finally he said, “Not bad~. The cold has lightened up, and keeping warm will help your stomach.”

“Well, thank you, Dr. Wang.”

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome.” Dr. Wang waved again and again. “Well, if there is nothing else, then I’ll go first.”

“Will you stay for dinner?” Asked Ye Mou.

“No, I still have something to be done in the evening.”

“Then I won’t intrude. Thank you once more.”

“Hmm, you’re welcome.” Dr. Wang took his medicine chest and sat in an old-fashioned car.

“This is the rich man’s life…” Ye Wen continued to sigh in his heart.

“Wen Wen, go play. Mom is busy.”



Ye Wen stood on the roof of the building, surrounded by a fence. She squatted on the iron fence and looked down at the blue sea.

The salty sea breeze disturbed her hair.

“In the past… there was no villa here…”

[If i’m not mistaken, it should be 2004 now. It is the fastest growing era in the world and the era in which China has begun to develop at a high speed.

Countless old houses, old streets were demolished, and China as a whole was moving toward modernization. Various high-tech products were rapidly spreading.

At this time, it was also the era of computer popularity but I did not have a computer yet at this time. I always wanted to go to the Internet cafe to go on the computer. In his memory, he’d done so for the first time after attending university.

Of course, his current body has the status of a young Miss, so a computer should be as easy to get like his personal pediatrician.

“Going back to the past… this should make me happy, right?” Ye Wen smiled and consoled himself. “Unfortunately, i’m a girl now…”

Returning to the past, was it a good or a bad thing?

Although he turned into a girl, Qiu Yi did not make any extraordinarily fierce reaction. It was only temporarily unacceptable to him.

Ye Wen does not want to be a mental patient in the eyes of others.

Moreover, this body is so lovely, it is impossible for a normal male to be averse…

“Although, I hope this is just a dream …” Ye Wen said to himself, “When I wake up tomorrow… everything will be back to normal…”

After all, as a boy with the body of a girl, won’t it be difficult to talk about getting a girlfriend?

“I’m still a virgin! Hey!” Ye Wen cried in his heart.

That is my greatest regret…



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