Chapter 20 – Banquet


“Wen Wen, we’re going to a banquet tonight, so get ready as soon as possible.” Ye Wen’s Mother opened the door to remind her daughter.

“I know,” said Ye Wen.

At 3 pm, the maid knocked on Ye Wen’s door to begin her preparations for the banquet.

Do you really need to start so early? Ye Wen sighed. She obviously underestimated the complexity of the work.

It took a whole hour just to pick her clothes, and they finally ended up choosing a pink dress. There were pleats in the skirt and a small bow around the neckline, there were no other decorations. It looked very refreshing and clean, quite suitable for Ye Wen.

“How is this, Miss?” asked the maid, lifting up the pink dress.

“Yes this one, let’s go for this one.” Ye Wen was already getting very impatient. In her opinion, each and every one of the clothes she’d seen were pretty good to look at.

The dress didn’t cover her knees, revealing her small thighs and pure silky white stocking underneath.

Even her underpants were to be replaced with panties, which was to take care of Ye Wen’s current physiological cycle…

Fortunately, instead of changing her clothes in front of the two, Ye Wen changed her clothes in the bathroom. He looked in the mirror in a very narcissistic manner. He was very satisfied with what he saw. The girl in the mirror was very lovely indeed.

[Un-hun… It’s just appreciation. Yeah.] Ye Wen found himself making up excuses.

After she changed her clothes, she naturally fit in the dress.

“Miss’s skin is so soft, her facial features are so very delicate, she hardly needs any makeup,” said the maid.

Shui Zi was responsible for styling Ye Wen’s hair. This time, she did not comb it into a ponytail, but instead dropped her supple long hair down to her waist. Then Shui Zi  straightened it out, and made it even lighter. The bangs in front of her forehead were divided into two. On both sides of her face, the bangs were the longest, and they slightly bent over her chin. The whole hairstyle was very simple and smart. She looked like a fairy.

Her makeup was done very quickly. They simply applied some pink lip gloss to her lips and wiped her cheeks with something similar to water. Her eyelashes were already very long, so there was no need to use any mascara.

Her outfit was yet to be completed, they finally selected a pair of pure white boots. The boots were not too high-heeled, and the bottom was relatively thick. The entire outfit easily shone the lovely girl’s character vividly.

When they finally finished, it was already half past five in the afternoon. It was about time.

The decision to begin their preparations at three o’clock was a very wise decision…

Although it was so hectic for a while, once he saw the cute teenage girl reflected in the mirror, Ye Wen’s heart was satisfied. The careful choices he had to go through for this final moment of completion, aah so cute… really want to kidnap…

Ye Wen once again fell into his manly fantasies.

“Wen Wen, are you ready?” Ye Fu’s voice rang outside the door.

“Ready, lord,” said the maid, opening the door.

Ye Wen reluctantly looked away from the mirror and made her way to the door.

“Well, that’s not bad.” Ye Wen’s father was obviously very satisfied with Ye Wen’s dress. He coughed and said, “Let’s go *Ahem*, it’s time to go.”

A Maserati Sedan was waiting for them in front of the villa. Surprisingly, she was not the only one to dress up like a very young girl. When Ye Wen and Ye Mou stood together, they did not look like a mother and a daughter, but more like sisters.

Father Ye’s clothes were more common, a straight suit and a carefully groomed mustache was the style of the head of the family.

“Why did you wear this again?” Father Ye showed some dissatisfaction.

“If you want to wear old-fashioned clothes go ahead! You look even older when you wear that.” Ye Mou took a look at Ye Wen’s father. “Are you not satisfied?”

“I’m satisfied… satisfied…” It looked like a male chauvinist who’s afraid of his wife. This was quite interesting.

The three people went in the car. Their driver was Liu Guan, who was also very particular about dressing, but he did not seem to attract attention at all.

The banquet was held at the top floor of a hotel. The three people took the elevator to the top where a waiter approached them.

Father Ye handed the invitation cards and they were directed to a table that was already occupied by other guests.

“Hey, Ye, long time no see.” A man sitting at the table smiled and lifted a glass of wine in his hand.

“Long time no see?” Father Ye reached for a glass of red wine on the table, collided with the man’s wine glass, and took a sip.

“Let’s see, and the wife also came.” The man smiled and gestured towards Ye Wen and Ye Mou, apparently knowing the two.

Ye Mian looked very familiar with the man. He took his glass and poured some more wine for him. He scolded: “Wan Wan, why didn’t your wife come here today?”

“She doesn’t like this kind of banquet. She said that the people who come here are weird and disgusting!”

“Haha!” laughed the father. “Your wife is still so random.”

“Ye.” A man came with a glass of wine. “I was told that you were here. I chatted with Wan Zong over here earlier.”

“Luo, I’m going to get you.” Father Ye held a glass and gave a bit of wine and smiled.

“This is what makes love?”


“That’s a beautiful woman,” said Luo, moving his gaze on Ye Mou’s body. “This is…”

“This is my wife.”

“Oh…Oh! I heard that Mrs. Ye looks very young before. It’s true that everyone who doesn’t know thinks that she’s your little sister.”

“Oh!” Ye Mian smiled and looked at the boy next to Luo. “Is this your son?”

“No it’s the dog.” Luo joked.

“What? Ye Wen?” Luo Liang who was looking down at the floor, shrieked in surprise.

“Oh? You two know each other?” Luo asked.

“She’s my classmate,” Luo Liang said.

“Haha! This is fate’s work!” Ye laughed.

“Let’s let the children go around and exchange words. We’ll stay over here.” Luo added.

Ye Wen’s father and mother agreed so she had no choice but to go for a walk with Luo Liang.

“It’ll be fun,” said Ye, playing mischievously, blinking at Ye Wen.

Hey! Don’t be so happy about this! How could I like this fat boy! Ye Wen vomited in his heart, but on the surface, her face was still.

“I didn’t expect Ye Wen to be a rich man’s child, too.” Luo Liang smiled. “Don’t hold back. Let’s go and eat.”

Ye Wen was silent, because she didn’t know that Luo Liang was a rich man’s son before.

[Is history changing, or have I missed something?]


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