Chapter 21 – Consequences of Greed


This was Ye Wen’s first time attending a high-end banquet. Although she had been living with a rich family for almost a month now, there were still many names of dishes that she didn’t know. Many of them she hadn’t even seen before.

The people who came here for dinner, all held other different purposes. So, none of them were simply eating.

Luo Liang looked at Ye Wen, found a table in a corner and ate the food on it without hesitation.

Some of his moves were beyond Ye Wen’s expectations but were somewhat unsurprising.

A rich family can sit down and eat seriously when attending this sort of banquet, but considering the Luo Liang in his memory, this was reasonable, because this guy never let goes of the opportunity to stuff food in his mouth.

Ye Wen didn’t pay much attention to Luo Liang or to the counterfeit goods. Ye Wen looked for food that he had never seen before. He started by putting a little bit onto his plat and slowly eat it. Later, he put the food straight into his mouth.

Luo Liang was quite a surprised. He didn’t expect to see such a quiet girl eating so candidly without feeling any embarrassment at such a large banquet. He thought that this should be as far as she could go.

Before leaving home, Ye Wen ate some painkillers just in case so for now, her stomach didn’t hurt. Seeing the various foods on the table, her appetite grew.

[I want to put all this food into my stomach.]

It’s a pity that this girl’s stomach capacity is so small. After just a short while, it’s already really hard to go on eating. Let’s take a look at Luo Liang. It seems that even five minutes are not enough. He took a few pieces of foie gras and threw into his mouth.

This is so bad! Ye Wen looked at Luo Liang and missed her stomach capacity. Although she still couldn’t compare with Luo Liang, but she could at least take two to three times as much, and she has to get a stomachache every single month! And I’m already full… A girl’s body is really not good at all! Ye Wen complained in her heart.

Luo Liang, feeling someone staring at him, turned his head to see Ye Wen looking at him sorrowfully. He panicked, thinking that he was only taking care of eating and not taking care of the girl, causing her to be angry. So he quickly swallowed the food in his mouth into his stomach, wiped his mouth with a wet wipe, and asked, “Cough, what’s wrong? Are you bored?”

Ye Wen snorted and sat down on the single sofa, saying, “I’m okay…”

The girl is dissatisfied with this! Luo Liang immediately took out the PSP in his pocket and handed it to Ye Wen: “If you are bored, play with this…”

Seeing Ye Wen hesitantly take the PSP, Luo Liang thought she didn’t know how to play, and quickly explained: “Uh, this button is a switch, this is the direction button, you can use it to control…”

Ye Wen was unsure not about how to play the PSP, but that Luo Liang would actually give his PSP, which has always been his treasure, to Ye Wen. This was really strange.

This was probably due to her welfare again.

PSP, this kind of thing, Ye Wen was not unfamiliar with it. Right away, he skillfully entered the interface, opened the ‘True Three Kingdoms Unparalleled’, and skillfully controlled the characters to kill the enemy line. Her superb skills were clearly seen by Luo Liang.

This was the most recent game, he’s only played it a few times so he was naturally not as familiar with it as Ye Wen seemed to be. He couldn’t help but be even more surprised.

This girl is different… Luo Liang thought that the girl was very interesting. Although she’s a rich lady, she’s not so reserved and looks very approachable.

Ye Wen played and Luo Liang ate while watching, and the time quickly passed by.

“Wen Wen, are you happy with Liang Jian?” Ye father walked over with a smile. Ye Wen saw that their business was settled.

“Hey? Is it time to go home?” Ye Wen looked up and asked.

“Well, haha, I still can’t bear to leave my house for too long? I have time to go out and have fun with you little kids!” Luo Liang’s Father joked.

However, this sentence was somewhat ridiculous, but it did not include Ye Wen, because as Qiu Yi they used to go out to play together! Ye Wen just didn’t expect Luo Liang’s home to be so rich.

“Well, let’s go out and play together sometime when you have the time.” Ye Wen said giving a little punch to Luo Liang’s shoulder.

It was Luo Liang’s turn to reply, but he didn’t know what to say and he blushed.

“Hey, you’re no blushing girl! You blush, you lose.” Luo smiled.

“Then, we’ll take our leave.” Ye father said.

“Well, spend some time to gather again!”


Ye Wen returned the PSP to Luo Liang, and was swept away by Ye mother.

It was already 11 o’clock at night. Ye Wen sat in the car and felt the slight bumps on the road lull her to sleep.

She was obviously quite exhausted. Ye Wen was sleeping in her mother’s arms.

“Daughter is sleeping?” Ye father quietly asked.

“She’s fine.”

“Hey, let me take a good look at my daughter.” Ye father turned his head and looked at Ye Wen’s face. “Hey… I’ve been working since my daughter grew up. This time I have to carefully look at her.”

“I’m telling you, you dare to move your daughter’s hands or feet, you will see if I will not abolish you.” Ye mother half-heartedly threatened him.

“Why do you say that? I just want to take a good look at my daughter… Really, she looks more and more beautiful every day, with her small face, no make-up and she is still so delicate, even her pores are invisible.”

“Am I getting too old?” Ye mother said with a low voice.

“Cough, you’re always 18 years old in my heart.”

“Oh, hypocrisy.” Ye mother said, but it seemed to be effective.

The car passed through the woods and reached the villa’s doors. The two security guards immediately stepped forward and opened the door for them.

“I will bring my daughter up.” Ye father said.

“Do not move her feet.”

“Nonsense.” Ye father was anxious. “Your jokes cannot be reopened.”

“Old antiques, your thoughts should also keep up with the trend.” Ye mother spat in reply.

Liu Guan’s face was expressionless as he was stationed outside the car. He was apparently accustomed to the way the Ye family showed their love towards one another.

Ye Wen’s father carefully hugged Ye Wen, “Hey, she’s quite light.”

“Of course, my daughter is perfect.”

Ye Wen felt a little confused when she was hugged by a pair of big hands, then put on the bed and a pair of gentle little hands took off her boots and covered her with the quilts.

Ye Wen was already very sleepy from the exhaustion of her body. She was too lazy to pay attention to these things. At the moment, she just wanted to sleep well.

Her dreams were beautiful, but reality is cruel, Ye Wen peacefully slept for a few hours only to get stomach pains in the early morning.

And this time, it was more serious than before. This time, the pain was so strong that Ye Wen didn’t even have the strength to roll over. Cold sweats piled up on her forehead, even her groans became gasps.

Ye Wen estimated that she had eaten something wrong at the banquet. Anyway, she didn’t eat much spicy food…

The consequences of greed!

The pain was so strong, Ye Wen was so dizzy that it stunned her, and she was finally able to sleep peacefully, even though she had fainted.


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