Chapter 22 – Homework After the Holiday


Her National Day holiday was spent in pain, but Ye Wen also had some fun taking a lot of photos of Shui Zi, and posting them on the forum, which attracted a large number of responses. Mostly envious and awkward replies, a user called ‘The big scorpion’ asked to introduce her sister to them… Ye Wen naturally did not reply to all of the comments, keeping herself neutral.

Of course, some people suspected that the person in the photos was the landlord herself. This view was endorsed by more and more people. As a result, many people began to send private messages to Ye Wen’s account…

In any case, the painful days of her month were finally over, and Ye Wen was refreshingly welcoming school after the National Day.

The National holiday was obviously not enough for the students to play to their hearts content. The students who finished their homework were slouched on their desks, and those who didn’t were all dashing through their books.

“You, you didn’t do any of your homework during National Day!” Surprised, Lu Yu sat in her seat and looked at Qiu Yi who’s table was loaded with homework.

“Look, I had to play…” Qiu Yi was a bit embarrassed, but he didn’t stop writing for one second.

For this, Ye Wen didn’t see the fuss. The boys were mostly stuck in this situation…

“Did you finish yours?” Ye Wen took out a picture book from her bag and colored it with a pen.

“Oh~yeah.” Lu Yu looked proud.

“Hey~” Jin Jing greeted them from the teacher’s door and waved to Ye Wen and Lu Yu.

“Jing Jing~” Lu Yu rushed up and slammed herself onto her chest, making Ye Wen so envious that she wished to rush up and do the same. Although she knew that Jin Jing wouldn’t get angry, but the things hidden in her male heart made her dare not move her hands.

Perhaps it was shyness, respect, or perhaps he was just afraid of the goddess of his heart. Ye Wen was clueless, the person who knew the least about himself was probably himself.

“Ye Wen Ye Wen!” Luo Liang rushed into the classroom like a wildfire, and began to yell towards her seat, “Homework!”

“Qiu Yi.” Ye Wen massaged her eyelids.

Luo Liang rummaged through his bag and rushed up to Qiu Yi. “Where’s the homework?”

“I don’t know why they won’t just do their homework…” Lu Yu was stunned.

“The boys here are like this.” Ye Wen knowingly said.

“Is that so?” Jin Jing put down her schoolbag and took out one of her homework books and neatly laid it on the table.

Ye Wen hadn’t had time to answer it. Then she rushed into the two boys and rushed to Ye Wen. She didn’t ask even if she asked. She knew that her homework was in Qiuyi, and she took a copy and ran to her seat. Ye Wen’s homework was quickly dissected.

Later, the boys did not get the homework book, asked the girls to borrow, most of them were unwilling, some were good children who were strict with themselves, and more afraid that their homework was lost.

Jin Jing’s request for borrowing from the boys was rejected, as was Lu Yu’s.

At that moment, Wang Xin looked at the circle of busy boys, and slowly pulled out his homework. The people on the side saw this and asked, “Is your homework done?”

“Of course.”

“Let me copy it!”

“Well… OK, don’t lose it.”

“I know-I know.” The boy looked impatient.

“Though, this will be a long copying job, are you still taking it?”

“I’ll take any homework and copy it first.”

“Hey? Wang Xin, is this a blank spot on this test paper?”

“What?” Wang Xin took the test paper and looked at it. “I forgot to write something there.”

“Hurry and write.” The man looked like an elder, but the next sentence exposed his true intentions. “Then let me copy.”

Wang Xin also rushed to borrow homework. In the group of Wang Xin, only one girl, Ye Wen, Jin Jing and Lu Yu, came.

Wang Xin dashed. He knew that Ye Wen’s homework was basically robbed early in the morning and that he could only borrow from the other two.

“Cough, may I copy your paper?” Wang Xin was a little embarrassed, because he rarely didn’t do his homework. But this kind of work was basically asking not to be done, and now the time was running out, and if he did it himself, he won’t have enough time to finish.

“Stop! You can’t borrow it!” Lu Yu stopped another boy who came to borrow her homework. The boy heard Wang Xin’s request and hesitated. He took out her papers from his bag and handed it to Wang Xin. “I’ll give them to you, but you can only copy them here.”

Ye Wen and Jin Jing looked at each other and smiled. Lu Yu was obviously giving him a different (kind of special) treatment. Fortunately, he had asked before the other boy had already gone far, otherwise he would have had to wait for a long time.

“Yes…” Time was tight, Wang Xin couldn’t care less. After grabbing a chair on the side, he sat next to Lu Yu and began copying. Lu Yu turned away and squatted at Ye Wen’s desk. Her table was given to Wang Xin.

“Why don’t you look at him?” Ye Wen said with a taunting smile. “Too shy?”

“I didn’t expect my girl to be shy when blessed.” Jin Jing touched her head and whispered.

Lu Yu’s small round face turned red, like a cute small apple. This was hard to see. Lu Yu’s face wasn’t thick, but she couldn’t admit being shy. Even if it was a simple look from Ye Wen, it was now a wink to her.

“Come on!” People began to line up behind Wang Xin for ten minutes. For those who often copy homework, his newbie speed was too slow, but Wang Xin didn’t cut any corners or hypothesize, but he made sure to write his fonts with care. Taking more of his and everyone’s time.

“Thank you!” Wang Xin thanked Lu Yu and walked back to his seat.

Her test paper was immediately taken away.

There was also a homework provider from the boys, Feng Yu Lan, his character was also very gentle and he was always treated as a girl by the boys. The requests for the boys to borrow his homework was naturally not rejected. In their freshman year class, all the boys were copying homework, and the classroom appeared to be quiet for a short period of time. The boys voices were gone, and the rest were just whispers from the girls.

The girls realized that the boys stopped talking, and thought that something happened so they immediately quieted down. As a result, nothing happened. After a short silence, the classroom became noisy, and the boys worked their magic. Even the earliest, Qiu Yi, only had half an hour of copying time. In short, all the homework were copied before class.

The next step was to return the homework. The boys were continuously reminding each other to return the homework. When everyone had finished their homework, the original pages were returned to their respective owners.

“Fen Yulan, you are my goddess!”

“Feng Yulan, I love you!”

This was the ridicule from the boys who used Feng Yulan’s homework.

“Wang Xin, this word is trash.”

“Can you not write so many calculation steps, so troublesome.”

This was the contempt for Wang Xin when as he was still working.

While Ye Wen’s boys were more gentlemenly, they gave all kind of thanks.

“Thank you, I’ll invite you to dinner next time.” Luo Liang put several homework books in front of Ye Wen and took out a few pieces of chocolate from his pocket. “Here’s some prepay.”

“Eh-?” Qiu Yi, Lu Yu and Jin Jing simultaneously cast their gaze on Luo Liang, the souls of the two women were burning with the flames of gossip while Qiu Yi was somewhat jealous.

“Haha, it’s nothing, the last time we saw each other, Ye Wen’s dad and my dad talked about some business.”

“Oh ~” Qiu Yi sighed, Lu Yu and Jin Jing shared a meaningful look.


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