Chapter 24 – School Games Part 2


Let’s move our perspective to Qiu Yi and discover this character with such a very low presence.


Well, Qiu Yi is currently taking a nap on his desk. It seems that we can only turn the camera to another place. This is not the author’s deliberate choice to not write about him!

Just when the author was preparing to transfer the perspective to another place, Wang Xin, who finished talking with Feng Yulan, went back to the classroom and walked up to Qiu Yi.

“Hey Qiu Yi, you sleeping?” Wang Xin pushed Qiu Yi then asked.

Qiu Yi had a patient temper, so even if he’s disturbed while sleeping, he wouldn’t get angry.

“What is it…” Half-asleep, Qiu Yi asked with one eye open.

“It’s like this. There’s an activity to run for ten meters or so. Do you want to participate?”

“Not interested…” Qiu Yi had already heard about the 10,000-meter long-distance running, the thought alone of it suddenly made him feel even more sleepy. “Look for someone else to do it…”

“Ye Wen will be cheering for you!” Wang Xin said.

Sitting next to Qiu Yi was Ye Wen who threw Wang Xin a scornful look. “Don’t act like others don’t exist. It’s shameful to use someone as persuasion as you like.”

“Cough, anyway, you still have to participate in the cheerleading team! It’s not appropriate to give Qiu Yi shouting cheers.”

“Whoever said that I agreed.” Ye Wen stared at Wang Xin. “Let you go to business and you deceive a lot of money…”

Qiu Yi immediately became more vigilant. For fear of being sold by Wang Xin, he even shook his head: “I will not participate…!”

“Oh, I see.” Wang Xin sighed and went on to find a new ‘prey’.

After Qiu Yi refused, he continued to rest on the table and fell back asleep. He stayed up too late to read a novel last night. He was still sleepy.

“Lao Hui, are you interested in participating in the 10,000-meter long run?” Wang Xin took the roster to Jin Jiahui, who was reading a novel.

“What… 10,000 meters long run? One circle of four hundred meters, 10,000 meters of 25 laps, me?”

“I think long-distance running is very good, and it doesn’t look very tiring after you run a kilometer, so I think you can definitely participate in this competition.”

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to reach the end.”

“That’s nothing, focus on participation, not quitting.”

“I don’t participate for nothing.”

“There are extra points, what other rewards do you want? I’ll try to give it to you.”

“Feng Yulan’s woman version photo.”


Sitting next to Lao Hui, Feng Yulan interrupted: “If Lao Hui doesn’t participate in the 10,000-meter long run, I will not participate in the cheerleading team.”

Jin Jiahui frowned. Obviously, Feng Yulan’s participation in the cheerleading team was too tempting. At least it was for him, but the 10,000-meter long-distance running was really exhausting. Finally, Jin Jiahui’s hesitant eyes met Feng Yulan’s challenging eyes, his temper rose, others didn’t believe that he will participate.

“Good! You said it! The 10,000-meter long run, I’ll do it!” Jin Jiahui shouted out very loudly at his table.

“Okay, enough men.” Wang Xin wrote the name of Jin Jiahui behind the 10,000-meter long-distance running project on the list.

“What about you.” Jin Jiahui looked at Feng Yulan.

“I’ll participate.” Feng Yulan dropped this sentence and proudly turned his head to the other side.

“Well, it is what it is!” Wang Xin was obviously the happiest one. He fixed both things at once, and relaxed.

“Lao Hui, why are you so arrogant? Participating in the 10,000-meter long-distance run yourself?” The boys in the classroom all surrounded him.

All the boys cheered.

“Lao Hui, there are enough men in it now!”

“Not bad, for the benefit of the people!”

“Sacrificing yourself to achieve for others, Laohui, you are so great!”

“Wang Xin!” Jin Jiahui stopped Wang Xin, who was about to leave. “Don’t forget to take a few more photos of Feng Yulan. At least four or fifty photos at the very least.”

“Well, this matter has been handed over to me.” Wang Xin answered it refreshingly, now he began to search for a camera.

Wang Xin remembered that Qiu Yi had a camera. Although it wasn’t a digital camera, it could still be used, and Qiu Yi was very generous. It wasn’t difficult to borrow from him.

So Wang Xin went on to harass Qiu Yi.

“Qiu Yi, can I borrow your camera?”

“My camera?”

“During the school’s sports meet, I need to take photo’s of Feng Yulan dressed as a woman.”

“Good!” Qiu Yi immediately agreed and didn’t say anything else.

“Feng Yulan’s girl photo’s?” Ye Wen immediately added when she heard about the photo. “My family has a digital camera, I’ll lend it to you!”

“That’s the best.” The school’s sports meet preparation work was basically solved.

“Right, Ye Wen, Feng Yulan has promised to participate in the cheerleading team. Would you also participate in the cheerleading team?”

Ye Wen wasn’t good at letting others down, so she had to promise.

“Good, when you enter the school, hold the class card and stand in the front, would you?”

“Oh… for this kind of thing Jin Jing must come…” Ye Wen spouted.

“Jin Jing?”

“What are the benefits?” Jin Jing snarled.

“That is…”

“Just kidding, I’ll come.”

“Thank you!”

“You are too stupid! If you really want a benefit, that profiteer will definitely give it to you!”

“…” Wang Xin wiped a sweat, and asked himself when he became a profiteer.

“All girls have to join the cheerleading team! You can wear the clothes of your choice when you arrive!”


“Ye Wen and Jin Jing are participating!”

The two most beautiful girls in the class were participating, and the other girls were not good at anything much.

“What about our activities?”

“Go at the beginning of your chosen activities and come back at the end! There are extra points for joining the cheerleading team!”

So under Wang Xin’s organization, the preparations for the school sports meet were well organized. When Wang Xin handed the list to the office, he also surprised the class teacher.

“It’s done so soon?” Adan asked incredulously, his eyes opening up wide.

This task was given to Wang Xin before lunch. The afternoon, self-study wasn’t even over yet, and he had already completed it. His efficiency was indeed quite high.

“Yes, it’s all done. The cheerleading team has already been organized and there are slogans and admission rehearsals.” Wang Xin replied.

“Well…Ahem not bad… the slogan and formations are also your job, so go get them ready.”

“Okay.” Wang Xin responded, then he turned and left the office.

“This kid isn’t bad, he’s so very efficient.”

“He’s quite the leader.”

The teachers in the office said one by one.

Adan proudly smiled: “He is my student.”


Ancient Heartloss’ Note:
Thank You for your support Santoso. *Cries tears of joy*




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