Chapter 25 – School Games Part 3


After the last activities were all announced, it was naturally impossible for everyone to be able to participate. There will always be two or three lost activities, and Qiu Yi’s activity was one of them.

“Hey, which activity did you take?” Ye Wen asked as she noted the homework that the teacher had given.

“My activity hasn’t been announced. Hey, I don’t have to do anything, cool~.”

Lazy! Ten years ago, I was really lazy. Although that bad habit had gradually turned over, I still despise myself when I look back. Well, when that used to be me.

Too lazy to take responsibility, escaping when a problem arises, not wanting to participate in any collective project…

Ye Wen felt terrible seeing herself act that way.

“Students, let’s think about the slogan of the school sports admission ceremony. Let’s think together and concentrate using all of our wisdom.” Wang Xin loudly said as he stood on the podium.

“A slogan? Think about it yourself!”

“Don’t make an embarrassing one!”

“What is this? As long as you take the lead were fine with anything!”


The next few days will be the admission rehearsal for the school sports meeting. The students with an activity are busy practicing. The students who don’t have an activity, such as Qiu Yi, will leisurely read a novel.

Of course, Ye Wen also had no projects, except for the cheerleading team. So the whole classroom was often only occupied by Ye Wen and Qiu Yi.

Ye Wen had no complaints. Not to mention that he used to be her own identity. As long as he’s a boy, Ye Wen wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

Qiu Yi’s novel reading was not authentic. His eyes would always drift to Ye Wen’s body. For a few days, he was able to carefully watch Ye Wen.


Friday finally arrived, today was the day of the opening of the school sports meeting.

Ye Wen was very excited. She anticipated seeing how Feng Yulan’s women’s clothes would be. He was going to cheer with the cheerleading team wearing women’s clothing. For that moment, she began to look forward to going to school.

Today, Ye Wen had specially tied her hair into a pair of ponytails. Her hair-styling skills were getting much better. She naturally tied a beautiful double ponytail. Her clothes were originally intended to be ordinary school sportswear, but Ye Wen, and in fact some others, want to show off their own clothes… Of course, this had nothing to do with narcissism. It was probably the kind of mood of wanting to gain the envy of her classmates.

“White silk ~” Ye Wen picked up the socks and rubbed it on her face.

Ye Wen did not know what to pick. So she wore the clothes that she had worn at the last banquet. Fearing that it was too cold outside, she added a white coat.

Over here, Ye Wen was going to school with anticipation and excitement. So what about our lovely classmate Feng Yu Lan?


Feng Yulan lives with his sister. Both of his parents work in Beijing. Although their salary isn’t much, they are very busy. There were very few opportunities for them to come back, so Feng Yulan’s sister has been taking care of him.

Feng Yulan told his sister about the cheerleading in women’s clothing agreement and his sister who loves to dress her brother as a girl was naturally very excited. She woke up Feng Yulan at five o’clock in the morning, then she carefully applied make-up on him. Feng Yulan’s face is very feminine, but if you look closely, you can still see that he’s a boy. Feng Yulan’s sister was going to use the makeup to completely turn him into a girl, no matter what. The kind that can’t be forgotten.

Cosmetics were the kind of goods that weren’t easy on money. After careful appliance, you can no longer see a shadow of the boy Feng Yulan is. No matter how you looked at him, Feng Yulan resembles a cute girl. Feng Yulan’s sister’s makeup level was quite high, unless you look closely, there were no traces of makeup.

Later, he put on the wig that was already prepared for him. These things were bought by Feng Yulan’s sister at an earlier time. She wanted Feng Yulan to use it before but unfortunately, Feng Yulan refused, so she gave up. This time, he took the initiative to apply to wear women’s clothing, for whatever reason. In short, Feng Yulan’s sister was more than willing to play her part, so she also specially took a vacation beforehand to discreetly go down to Wenshu College to see the school games and take a few pictures of Feng Yulan.

*Cough*, of course… Feng Yulan didn’t know about this.

A red and white plaid mini skirt showing a smooth thigh without leg hair, a beautiful inverted triangle field between the thighs, white over-the-knee socks, in order to prevent the flashing, a pair of men’s trousers, his upper body was covered by a Japanese-style school uniform sailor suit and a firmly fixed wig. The supple wig was tied by Feng Ji into a single pony tail. Two long divided hair from in front of her ears were clipped onto the top of his head. A big bow was the finishing touch.

Feng Yulan’s sister circled around Feng Yulan a couple of times, carefully examining her work up and down again. When she did not find any problems, she nodded in satisfaction.

Feng Yulan looked into the mirror and felt awkward. He almost didn’t recognize himself. He looked just like his sister when she was 16 years old.

His face is small, his facial features are very soft, and he looks very cute and with his puppy face expression, people can’t help but rise up a strong desire to protect.

“Go on now!” Feng Yulan’s sister patted Feng Yulan’s shoulders and cheered him on.

Feng Yulan walked out of the room with his bag.

His book’s inside had already been emptied, Feng Yulan’s sister had already replaced them with some snacks. His sister was always so considerate.

“Wait!” Feng Yulan, who had already walked out of the residential building, was suddenly stopped. His sister ran downstairs and gave him a bottle of anti-wolf spray. “Press this if you run into a rogue, use this to spray them.”

“Is it necessary… they’ll leave once they find out that I am a man…”

His sister said very seriously: “That’s not necessarily true. Just take it!”

Feng Yu Lan did not reject his sister’s kindness, and put the anti-wolf spray into his bag.


Although he got up at five o’clock, he started walking at 7:30 at the peak of the morning. Fortunately, Feng Yulan’s home wasn’t far from the school. It was only a few minutes walk, no need to take the bus.

The pedestrians along the way were more or less focused on him, and several students of the College of Literature and Art were busy talking about him.

“Look! That girl is so cute!”

“Wow! Is she in our school?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve seen her before. Such a beautiful girl would have left an unforgettable impression on me!”

Feng Yu Lan endured the baptism of burning eyes on him and entered the school.

“She’s in our school!”

“Where is she going, is she a promoter for the school sports meeting?”

“Maybe she’s a cheerleader!”

“Hurry and look at the list!”

“What, do you like her?”

[Cough, I think I fell in love at first sight.]

Looking at Feng Yulan that entered the classroom, Jin Jiahui thought so.



Ancient Heartloss’ Note :
Feng Yulan makes this story so much fun haha! All praise his wonderful sister! Do you want earlier releases? Donate now to get the next chapter much faster!




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