Chapter 28 – School Games Part 6


Feng Yulan dressed in a sailor suit was undoubtedly the most outstanding centerpiece of the day’s school sports meet, even the teachers were talking about him.

“Whose class is that girl in? Why is she so beautiful?” asked a teacher who was a little old.

Adan grinned, but he didn’t say a word.

“There seems to be three leaders.”

“All three girls are so beautiful.”

“Well, I heard some talk, the group of kids in my class will occasionally talk about those two girls.”

“What about the one in the middle? I don’t think i’ve ever seen her before?” asked the English teacher pointing at class three.

“Cough~…” Adan coughed.

“Little Dan, is she new?”

“That’s a secret~” Adan squinted and squinted some more.


There’s no impenetrable wall of secrets in the world. Feng Yulan’s gender identity had already begun to spread in the second half of the school sports meet. Of course, the teachers weren’t aware of this.

The students, especially the boys, couldn’t believe that Feng Yulan was a boy. A group of people gathered underneath class three’s stand. They looked up hard, trying to find through Feng Yulan’s inner pants under his skirt, some sort of evidence.

However, they were obviously disappointed. Under Feng Yulan’s skirt was a pair of trousers hiding any male characteristics, although there was a hidden curve…

Cough, that was the bad taste of Feng Yu Lan’s sister, to use Japan’s under-pants.

Feng Yulan’s sister hid in a shady corner with her camera, laughing.

Many school activities came to an end. The solid ball throw, the long jumps and all the rest of these projects ended. The last and most popular one was left for the end – the 10,000 meters long run.

At this point, even the students who weren’t into the school sports meet were on the edge of the runway to watch the final game.

“Cheer for me!” Jin Jiahui walked over to the stands smiling at Feng Yulan.

“Hey~ this angle is good! I can fully see your underpants!” Jin Jiahui gave a thumbs up.

Feng Yulan quickly shyly pressed his skirt inward and grabbed onto his pure white inner pants.

“Oh!” A boy unwillingly had a happy nosebleed.

“Is she really a boy?” This was the unanimous doubt in everyone’s mind.

Even Feng Yulan’s classmates, the boys who saw Feng Yulan in the men’s bathroom, began to wonder if they had remembered correctly, or was this Feng Yulan’s sister?

The 10,000-meter long-distance run was a controversial activity. Many teachers felt that it should be canceled, because it is way too difficult for untrained high school students to complete such a long run. It was more a competition of willpower than of endurance.

Because of this, many old teachers petitioned to keep the activity, which was famous for exercising the willpower of their students.

At least one person from each class must participate in the run. The race was divided in two. The middle school students and the high school students. After the middle school division’s race was over, it would be the high school division’s turn next. After the high school’s race, the sport’s meet would be over.

There were around 30 to 40 people participating in the run, crowding up near the starting line of the runway. No one was nervous because everyone knew that the 10,000-meter run was considered a victory if you could only reach the middle. The students held a relaxed attitude, but students of several teams were a little nervous, constantly doing warm-up exercises.

“Lao Hui! You can do it!” The students of class three shouted.

Jin Jiahui glanced at the thigh of a school girl in front of him. She was ripped with muscles and looked very fit. Then he glanced at Feng Yulan on the stand. His legs were smooth, well-proportioned and very slender.

“Is that really Feng Yulan? He’s so small.” Jin Jiahui said to himself.

“Come on! You can do it!” Feng Yulan noticed Jin Jiahui watching him so he shouted some supportive cheers and waved his fist around a bit.

“Alright!” Jin Jiahui made an ‘OK’ gesture. He suddenly felt overflowing with strength and the 10,000-meter run didn’t seem as long anymore.

“Ready… Set… Go!” The whistle was blown and the students set off.

There were lazy and sloppy sprints in the end, many lacked the right endurance. Only several members of the school team move forward at a constant speed.

Jin Jiahui was part of the ones advancing at a constant speed. Although he doesn’t do any long-distance running training, he still held the right breathing methods. He controlled his rhythm and did not copy the pace of the members in the school team. Instead, he followed his own speed. Soon after, the students who were separated by the members of the school team were following Jin Jiahui.

“Wow, wooow~” A madman who was running all the way since the start had also surpassed the members of the school team. He screamed at the same time, attracting the attention of many people. The person was quite proud of it. The guy was in the limelight.

On the 400-meter runway, to reach 10,000 meters, they need to run a full 25 laps.

One, two, three…

When he reached the fourth lap, there were even more students falling behind Jin Jiahui. The guy who rushed all the way gave up the game early. For him, to complete the 10,000-meter long run, there was no such thing.

The students who were lazily sprinting at the end had already moved forward at walking speed. Although they were students of different classes, they chatted together. The topic was the gender identity of Feng Yulan…

“I think that the sailor suit beauty must be a girl!”

“Sailor suit?”

“Stupid, the sailor suit is a Japanese school uniform. I know.”

“Oh~ why are you so sure?”

“I peeked under her skirt~…”c

Jin Jiahui, who retained his physical strength and surpassed the circle of guys, heard such a ridiculous dialogue.

You scum… Jin Jiahui silently spat in his heart.

Jin Jiahui had already ran for ten laps. His physical strength was at a low. He has never done any physical work or ever trained to run.

The only distracting thought in Jin’s mind was the thought of running forward to occasionally catch flashes of Feng Yulan wearing that sailor suit.

On the 15th lap, except for the school team, only three other students were still insisting on running. When they ran to the 16th lap, one of them stumbled and ran out, sitting on his ass in the lawn of the center of the runway. Then he layed down on his back gasping for air.

Seeing that someone had withdrawn, some could not hold on and went to join him on the lawn.

“Jin Jiahui! Come on!” After three shifts, the familiar voice was up on the stands, it was Feng Yulan.

Feng Yu Lan seems to have not entered the voice changing period, the sound of his voice was very immature, but it suited his current appearance, the voice shouted, almost exhausting all its power, but the courage has risen with this life.

“Call…ha…” Jin Jiahui gasped, his breathing lost its rhythm, but his upper body moved forward. Trying to push on, his run was just a little faster than walking.

The voice seeped into Jin Jiahui’s ear. He grinded his teeth and mustered up some strength. His speed increased.

The leaders seized the opportunity to promote this kind of persistence, to never give up is a good quality. Jin Jiahui became a positive teaching material for the first time in his life.

However, as time went by, some teachers began to question whether it was appropriate to keep this up. Will it be life-threatening to the student’s life if he continued to run like this?

The 20th lap…

Jin Jiahui closed his eyes and ran forward according to his inertia. He couldn’t hear any sound. The movement of his feet became his instinct. He didn’t dare to stop because he could no longer stand, because he was afraid to stop.


How many times is this? Jin Jiahui asked himself in his heart.

“Twenty-first lap!” When Jin Jiahui ran past the starting point, the physical education teacher standing on the side shouted.

It’s fast, so fast…

“Hey!” Jin Jiahui suddenly fell to the ground. The students and teachers were shocked and shot up to help him right away, but Jin Jiahui climbed up and went on.

“It’s not finished yet……”

Fall, climb up, fall, climb again, move forward, on and on.

The whole playground became quiet all at once, and everyone’s eyes were focused on Jin’s body.

“Come on, go and stop him. If he goes on like this, I am afraid something horrible might happen!” the director said anxiously.

“This…” The teachers were in a dilemma. The student wants to run till the end. Would it be the right to stop him?

Jin Jiahui fell once more on the track. This time, everyone wasn’t in a hurry to help, but waited for him to get up.This time Jin Jiahui did not seem to have the strength to get up.

Is it over?

Feng Yulan jumped off the stands, even if his short skirt was blown by the wind, revealing the pure white inner pants inside.

He rushed to Jin Jiahui’s side and helped him up.

Everyone present felt that they had witnessed the love of youth. The teachers could not help but think of their young age, some were embarrassed, some felt nostalgic, and some were moved.

The students watched silently.

The “girl” lifted the boy, patted him on the shoulder and said: “Run the whole journey.”

The teenager glanced at the girl, squeezed out a smile and nodded.

The girl helped the boy, slowly but firmly to the end.

Before the end, the teenager patted the girl’s hand and weakly said: “I can do it.”

The girl looked at him and nodded with appreciative eyes. She released her hand.

The crowd was on fire!

The teenager actually used his last bit of strength to sprint and ran the last leg!

His speed wasn’t fast, but it was steady. The boy finally passed the finish line.

The audience applauded.


Jin Jiahui tumbled to the ground. The applause suddenly mixed with exclamation.

With Feng Yulan behind him, Jin Jiahui was hugged, but his body was too heavy, they fell down to the ground together.

“Yulan…” Jin Jiahui raised his eyelids and glanced at Feng Yulan, then closed his eyes and fainted.






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