Chapter 29 – Kiss? Breathe!


“What happened to him?” Feng Yu Lan appeared very confused.

A student in the crowd said loudly: “He’s passed out! Do CPR!”

It was just a joke, but incredibly Feng Yulan actually took a deep breath and leaned down to blow the air from his mouth into Jin Jiahui’s mouth.

Everyone was stunned. If it was a girl, it would be too bold, but if Feng Yulan is really a boy, then this kind of thing seems too taboo…

“Hey?!” Jin Jiahui’s eyes widened. He wanted to get Feng Yulan to remove his mouth, but he didn’t have any strength. Of course, there was maybe also a bit of reluctance too.

“Call…” Jin Jiahui’s two lungs bulged. When Jin Jiahui exhaled, Feng Yulan finally raised his head – the air in his lungs blew out.

Jin Jiahui is still lucky that the air in his lungs are low in activity. When he saw Feng Yulan took a deep breath and prepared to go again, he was so scared that his eyes rolled back and fainted.

“Stop!” The physical education teacher arrived in time to pull Feng Yulan to the side, and then carried out a professional rescue to Jin Jiahui. After a while, Jin Jiahui finally slowly woke up and saw the physical education teacher in front of him. He was relieved.

“Several of you, take him to the infirmary and take a break for a while.” The physical education teacher told him.

The boys who were accused nodded and brought Jin Jiahui into the infirmary.

When Jin Jiahui disappeared out of his sight, Feng Yulan came back to God, realizing what had just happened. His small face suddenly became red, biting his lip gently, looking around then looking down towards the infirmary.

“Lao Hui.” Gu Fei greeted Jin Jiahui with a thumbs up. “I didn’t expect you to run 10,000 meters.”

“That is, my big brother is not covered.” The famous boy snarled.

“Lao Hui, you are famous now and gritty, oh.”

“You also got the favor of the ‘goddess’, Laohui, tell me how does the kiss of the ‘Goddess’ feel?”

Jin Jiahui shook his hand with a little strength that he just recovered, and smiled sullenly: “Roll.”

Suddenly Jin Jiahui calmed down and looked at the door of the infirmary. The people looked back and saw a girl in a sailor suit walking in shyly. The beautiful single pony tail swayed gently.


“Haha, we won’t bother you!” The boys laughed and shrank their eyes at Jin Jiahui and walked out of the infirmary. The last boy also had made sure to close the good quality wooden door of the infirmary.

The atmosphere in the infirmary suddenly became awkward.

“What? I promised to you, so please eat a month of snacks, eat it and eat it… haha…” Jin Jiahui said half of it, and felt that this sentence was a bit embarrassing now, so he just laughed to cover it up.

“Yeah.” Feng Yu Lan bowed his head.

“Cough… What’s wrong?” Jin Jiahui has no feeling that Feng Yu Lan is a boy. No matter how you look at it, he’s a shy girl.

“No, nothing…” Feng Yulan raised a small face with red fluttering on his cheeks, his eyes were a little erratic, biting his lip, seeming to be making a major decision.

“Ah?” Jin Jiahui was puzzled.

“Ah!” Feng Yu Lan seems to be scared, stuttering and saying, “Call, call me… Xiao Lan, just, could you…”

“What?” Jin Jiahui looked in Feng Yulan’s eyes. He felt some kind of feeling and nodded gently.

“Have a good rest… I’m gone…” Feng Yulan turned and left. He felt like he was burning all over. Afraid he’d do something bad if he didn’t leave.

He opened the door and bumped into Ye Wen, Feng Yu Lan whispered an apology and walked into the corridor.

“What happened to him?” Ye Wen asked strangely.

Jin Jing, who was around, shook his head and said: “I don’t know.”

“Hey–” Ye Wen quite proudly pushed the door of the infirmary. Allowing herself in, she asked aloud to Jin Jiahui, “How are you?”

Jin Jiahui was not very accustomed to Ye Wen’s kindness, but he replied: “Nothing i’m ok, just taking a break.”

“Oh, yes, you ran 10,000 meters.” Ye Wen walked into the infirmary, and she sat down on the chair next to him, giving him a familiar look.

In fact, in this time and space, Jin Jiahui and Ye Wen’s words spoken to each other add up to no more than ten sentences. They simply can’t even be called acquaintances, they barely knew each other.

However, Ye Wen seems to be very used to him. It is natural, because Jin Jiahui is the only boy who still attended the same university after he graduated from high school. They were in the same dormitory. Their relationship was naturally quite good. It can be said that they were very good buddies.

“Cough, lots of luck…” Jin Jiahui modestly replied.

Ye Wen, realized how so alienated Jin Jiahui was to her, immediately smiled and laughed at herself, she still isn’t familiar with this time and space, his attitude towards her is normal, but she still see’s herself as a boy .

Ye Wen stood up from the chair and said, “Have a nice rest!”

Then she, Jin Jing and Lu Yu left the infirmary. The two women did not know what Ye Wen was doing. It was really strange.

The school sports meeting ended in a romantic atmosphere that looked so sweet in the end. It is said that a few boys who participated in the 10,000-meter long-distance running on the same day established a relationship with a girl on the same day.

The teachers who were kept in the dark finally got the information revealed by Adan – Feng Yu Lan is a boy.

Although some teachers can’t believe that there is such a beautiful boy, they all chose to believe in Adan. In this kind of thing, Adan would not lie.

The school leaders are also relieved. Since they are all boys, it is not a problem of early love. They are also preparing to let Adan send Feng Yulan and Jin Jiahui to the teaching director of the office to swallow their words back, and then tell the news to the other school leaders.

Boys? Oh, it’s boys and boys. It’s okay, it’s not early love anyway. As for the CPR, that’s not a big deal. It’s just friendship between brothers!

Of course, there are some young female teachers who talk about whether the beautiful boy and the handsome boy really just have a relationship of pure brotherhood…not some kind of forbidden love.

Cough, ignore these rotten female teachers, they must be joking. At the time, men and men are not so common, just appearing in film and television works, obviously no one will believe that it could be true in Chinese schools. That it can happen.

Well, will it happen?