Chapter 3 – Why Am I So Cute?!

In the early morning, a ray of sunlight shined through the curtains of the window and onto Ye Wen’s eyes. Outside, the sparrow-like birds chirpings sound like cheerful songs.

Ye Wen’s long eyelashes shook, then slowly revealed a pair of clear eyes. She stared at the ceiling for a moment, before her consciousness returned.

She looked around the young lady’s lovely and neatly decorated bedroom. Not far away, there was a mirror as tall as a man, in the reflection of the mirror, there was a lovely girl lying on the bed with crystal clear eyes looking at everything in the room.

“Sure enough…… It’s not a dream……” Ye Wen deeply sighed, she placed a pair of pink little slippers on her feet and went to the bathroom to wash.

Ye Wen stood in front of the mirror, carefully examining her body. She saw a delicate face that is indeed incomparably adorable, and then thought that after a few years her body will develop more. She will surely become a stunning beauty, her hair is also very supple. Tying it into a double ponytail would suit her….

Ye Wen gave her own body a few touches and sighed inside her heart. If the person that is standing in front of the mirror was her own girlfriend, then she would like to wake up from this dream and laugh.

Unfortunately, the adorable girl that is standing in front of the mirror turned out to be no one but herself.  She can only look and not taste….

After washing her face, Ye Wen walked up to the toilet, pulled down her pants and reached out to the lower part of her body only to realize that all she found was a flat surface.

“Good grief…” Ye Wen spat disappointingly, although his former self was not very handsome, he still had the ability to do the deed. But now, even if she pushed a girl down the tools required no longer exist….

“And I was still a virgin!”

This is the most aggravating thing that happened to Ye Wen. He only used his hand in his entire life and patiently waited for the opportunity to offer it to someone, but now his precious tool was gone.

“Come to think of it…. how should I go?” Ye Wen looked downwards and felt a heat coming from her lower body. A line of yellow fluid flowed out, almost drizzling on her hands.


“There’s nothing to lead the way!” after she finished relieving herself, she realized that a part of her lower body was still wet, “Ah, troublesome…. it’s damp, I have to wipe it with toilet paper…”

While Ye Wen talked to herself, she pulled at the paper roll at her side, then wiped the part of her lower body a few times, “I feel kind of itchy, what a strange feeling.”

“It’s as flat as a whiteboard…,” Ye Wen thought to herself as she washed her hands.

“Damn it! My most precious thing was…. Why did this happen to me?”

Ye Wen felt that she would go mad, and quickly locked her thoughts away, took a deep breath and opened her wardrobe.

The wardrobe has a variety of clothing, with all kinds of styles. Even several sets of princesses’ and sailor suits. Ye Wen picked up a pair of clean white knee socks, pressed it to her face and rubbed it, “Ah ~ a girl’s silk socks……”

“Tok Tok Tok.”

A knock came from the door. Ye Wen quickly shoved the white knee socks back where it came from, calmed her heart and opened the door.

“Miss~” Cried out affectionately a little maid standing at the door, who looked almost her age. She handed some clean clothes to Ye Wen, and said: “Madam instructed me to tell you that if you’re feeling well, then you can go to school today.”

“Hmm… okay.” Ye Wen took the school uniform and was about to close the door, when suddenly the little maid barged in.

“Miss~ I also came here to help you change your clothes,” the little maid smiled slyly.

“Eh …” a cute girl will help me change clothes?” Ye Wen felt her mouth drool but she quickly responded, “No, no…. I’ll change by myself….”

“Well… all right.” Ye Wen didn’t expect that the little maid would give up so readily. She looked a bit frustrated with her head lowered down as she walked towards the door. Taking only two steps, she turned and grasped my chest from behind saying: “Haha~ Miss’ chest is so small, ah~” then she turned around and ran away.

Ye Wen stared blankly, after a while she came back to herself and extended her hand to also feel chest.

[Probably the size of a small bread, it’s not too small….]

“Anyways…. it seems like the original owner of the body had a good relationship with the maids,” and speaking of which, do they even go to school?” Ye Wen thought while sitting on the bed, and remembered that she was going to change clothes. She stood up and took off her pajamas and nothing more….

“Well…. I think I should start by wearing an underwear….” Yesterday after taking a bath, she immediately got on the bed and closed her eyes to sleep. Because she didn’t know how to go about putting on an underwear.

Ye Wen walked to the closet and took out a white underwear.

“It’s a strap….” Ye Wen suddenly remembered the day when he was young and stealthily pulled down the suspender of a woman, “Ah, what a wonderful memory!” After spending a lot of energy, she finally wore the underwear.

There was also a bow tie to tie around her neck, but because she wasn’t skilled at tying bows, it took her more than 10 minutes to complete it…

Ye Wen unfolded her uniform and felt that it was somewhat familiar, on the right chest of the uniform, she saw the school’s logo and a circle of text around it.

“Wen, Lan, Science, Academy….” Ye Wen slowly read the text, “Hey…”

The memory of her past and the current flow of time in this place coincided, and she can once again return to her old school.

Ye Wen suddenly sunk into her beautiful memories, although he turned into a girl, to be able to re-live that good time of his life…. This just may be a good thing…

Wen Lan’s school uniform is still as extravagant as ever, even though it’s not as noticeable if someone wears it. Ye Wen doesn’t really hate this kind of school uniform…. Because girls that wear a school uniform can make people feel refined, even purified.

After putting on the uniform, Ye Wen stood in front of the mirror and turned around twice to clearly see how she looked like. The school uniform has a pure white lining, a pink blouse, and a white undergarment….

“Ah, so cute!”

Ye Wen couldn’t help but want to devour herself. However, doing this kind of action is completely impossible….

The school uniform’s sleeves are somewhat long. Ye Wen’s stretched out hands only reach halfway through the cuffs and some of the excess length of the sleeves are folded. Ye Wen was fond of the sleeves of girls that are a little too long, because if it was done right, it exudes an utterly delicate and adorable vibe, which make people feel a strong desire to protect.

“So cute!,” I think I am falling in love with myself.”

Ye Wen looked at herself in the mirror with ecstasy, but it was not narcissism. It was a man’s affection for a woman.

After caring for herself, she remembered that she had to go to school today. So she reluctantly looked away from the mirror and made her way to the dining room.

“Wenwen, did you comb your hair? Girls should always care for their appearance.” said Ye Wen’s mother that was sitting on a chair in the dining room.

“Eh… I forgot … …”

“Are you excited to go to school today?” Ye Wen’s mother smiled and did not blame Ye Wen. She turned her head towards the maid and said, “Young lady, please help Wenwen comb her hair.”


Ye Wen was pulled back to her bedroom, her hair was combed into a single ponytail. In addition, the long hair on the sides of her temple was curled and her bangs were combed straight. She looked lovely and elegant.

“It’s finished, you can go and have a breakfast.” The maid patted Ye Wen’s shoulder.

“En….” Ye Wen’s eyes were unable to move away from the mirror….

“Damn, so cute! but why is it me?!”



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4 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – Why Am I So Cute?!”

  1. I really like how this reads, it is much better than the previous translations. The only issue I have is that the pronoun is “she/her” instead of “he/him”. I don’t know how it is in the original but I feel that it is kind of awkward considering the idea that he is a guy in a girls body and that the story is being told from their viewpoint. Otherwise great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand yeah. I also deliberated over using the feminine or masculine. I decided on she/her more often because evident spoiler alert !!!!🙃: When Ye Wen meets Qiu Yi I will have to clearly define the she and he. So once Ye Wen woke up that morning she is a she except for the flashback times she has as Qiu Yi.
      And thank you so much for your lovely comment it’s good hearing from a readers standpoint. I’ll look to revise some pronouns that are too confusing at times.


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