Chapter 30 – Dare Not Resist


After the school sports meeting, Ye Wen walked out of the campus as usual, and the familiar urban off-road vehicle stopped at the school gate.

“What happened? Aren’t you not supposed to pick me up at the school gate?” Ye Wen asked Wang Hui, who leaned against the door of the car.

“It is the request of the lord. Recently, society is not stable. I am afraid that you will get injured.”

“Is it necessary to be so nervous, this is the school gate.” Ye Wen waved her hand and knew that this was Ye Hao’s kindness. Wang Hui as a bodyguard also listened to Ye’s command, if he insisted that he should not be in school. The door-to-door pick-up will make it difficult for him to do it. This is why the world is clear, Ye Wen still understands. “Forget it, let’s go.”

Wang Hui smiled and thanked him, opening the door for Ye Wen.

A big lady who doesn’t have a lady’s overbearingness, Wang Hui is very fond of this good-tempered lady. This time, for the sake of someone, Wang Hui felt a touch of affection.

At the moment, the Wenyu College is not a noble school. The students are all tested through their intellect level, so there are not many rich people. The rich people are either not good at learning and rejected.

The city has a private aristocratic school.

Qiuyi was buying two packs of spicy strips in the shop opposite the school gate, and saw that the back of the white dress was respectfully attached to a car with a bodyguard.

“Ye Wen…” Qiu Yi looked at the off-road vehicle that drove away. As a boy, Qiuyi’s interest in the car is quite big. This particular off-road vehicle is relatively expensive, and it should be nearly 210,000 yuan, this is an incredibly high price for Qiu Yi.

Really a big lady of rich people! Qiu Yi sighed, such a wealthy family. I can not afford to even dream of climbing high to her… But I really like her! Speaking of it, what do I like about her? Qiu Yi thought, turned and left…

“Hey!” Qiu Yi, who walked with his head down, suddenly slammed into the body of a tall, strong man. He looked up and said quickly, “Sorry, sorry.”

“Do you think sorry’s gonna cut it?” The tall, strong young man with green hair lazily let out with a cigarette in his mouth. “You stepped on and dirtied my shoes, either pay the money or give me a clean .”

Qiu Yi looked behind the punk, there stood three or four more people who were wearing green flowers and had the same green hair, and the strange guys seemed to be a group of people. Is this blackmail?

“I don’t have money…” Qiuyi touched his pocket and handed out a few coins that he bought for the spicy strip. “Only these.”

“Well give me a flower!” The tall little punk slaps the coin in the hands of Qiu Yi to the ground, and the latter quickly squats down and smashes the coin.

“Search his body!” said the tall punk.

Qiu Yi quietly complained, how did he accidentally walk into this alley, he wanted to run, but found that his legs were cramped, and couldn’t even move one step.

Several little gangsters groped for a while on his body, then violently tore off his bag and turned it inside out.

“Boss, there’s no money, only one camera.”

“Oh, unlucky, poor ghost.” The tall punk smacked behind Qiu Yi’s knees making him fall to the ground.

“Haha, boss, this guy is shaking!” There was a little punk laughing.

“The cowardly poor ghost.” The tall punk kicked Qiu Yi’s ass. “Haha, like no.”

Qiu Yi fell directly into dog’s mud, even though he still did not dare to look up.

“Go, take the camera away, so we can make some money.”

Hearing that the punk was planning to take his camera away, Qiuyi finally got the courage to look up. His hands that were on the ground he used to slowly pull himself up.

“Kid, are you using this look to scare me?” The tall punk kicked Qiuyi’s foot and he fell to the ground, “You want to fight?”

“Put, put the camera… down…” Qiuyi gnashed his teeth and climbed up from the ground. He wanted to behave stronger but his legs could not help but tremble.

“Well? You clean my shoes and I will consider whether I want to return the camera to you.” The tall punk laughed, and the other punks burst out laughing.

“Its… mine…” Qiu Yi shook his hand into a fist, but he still had a shake.

“Roll over, don’t block me.” The little punk pushed Qiu Yi away, and Qiuyi threw his fist subconsciously and was immediately blocked.

“Hey! Why don’t you just stay down?” The tall punk shot his fist on Qiu Yi’s face, beating him to the ground, directing other little gangsters to step forward.

Qiu Yi squinted, but did not dare to resist, the tears of humiliation flowed out of his eyes.

“Stop!” A girl in a white dress rushed out from the corner, the sunset reflected her figure giving her a sacred and tall presence.

It turned out that when Wang Hui drove out of this path and headed for the highway, Ye Wen saw a few guys with colorful hair beating students in school uniforms and immediately called Wang Hui to stop them.

The little gangsters glimpsed, their faces showing a wretched smile.

“Who are you supposed to be, a student girl? You suddenly came out to make us brothers happy?”

“Ha ha ha! Boss, you should go first, brothers can take the leftovers.”

“Hey, this girl looks pretty, so pretty!”

Ye Wen saw that the student was lying on the ground, and seemed to be stunned by the ground. She couldn’t help but feel the anger rising, completely forgetting her current body, rushing up anger, punching the high-faced face. Knocked, but was easily stopped.

The tall punk clenched Ye Wen’s little hand, smiled and said, “Hey, little girl, can’t wait to make me happy?”

Ye Wen was blushing, not shy, angry. Angry at how small her body strength was, how unpreparedly she had rushed up.

However, there is still a chance to remedy the situation. Ye Wen kicked him where the sun won’t shine. He let go of her and let out a high-pitched scream.

Another little punk rushed up and wantingto catch Ye Wen. Ye Wen couldn’t shake him off and was hugged by a little punk who didn’t take a shower for a month. Suddenly a person rushed out from the side alley with a high kick. His legs landed on the face of the little punk and knocking him down to the ground.

It’s her own bodyguard Wang Hui.

Just now he was entangled by a grandmother asking for directions. He finally got rid of the entanglement, saving Ye Wen at a crucial moment.

“Yes!” The tall punk took a spring knife from his pocket and picked up Qiu Yi. “Do you still want to fight? Do you believe that he’ll die?”

Ye Wen’s strength was still too small, so her hit didn’t keep the tall gangster hurt for too long, he had got the chance to recover.

The person being beaten turned out to be Qiu Yi! The memory from the dust in Ye Wen’s mind came out. This was a very bad memory. In my high school, I did have the experience of being beaten up by a small gang… Ye Wen looked around, yes… that is…

Of course, I would also like to thank this person, thank you for saving me… Jin Jiahui. Since then, Ye Wen has acquired something called courage.

Then this time I changed history, will Jin Jiahui still appear?

However, what is more important in front of us is the safety of Qiu Yi. Although the little gangster is not like a desperate person, maybe a missed knife will break in. Ye Wen is anxious. What should I do?

Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she fixedly looked at the tall figure behind her.

Sure enough!