Chapter 31 – The Beginning of the Transformation


The tall rogue found Ye Wen staring at his back, and suddenly felt something wrong behind him. As he had just turned around, his face had been hit. It was Jin Jiahui.


Jin stretched out his hand and pulled Qiu Yi over to Ye Wen, and then punched the stout hoodlum on his nose. The lunatic got furious, he waved a flick knife towards Jin, but Jin jumped to the other side, in a second he punched in the rogue’s eyes, and then grabbed his wrist, changed the trajectory of the flick knife, letting the knife pierce his arm. Jin’s arm was immediately stained by the rogue’s blood.


Jin Jiahui was so aggressive that he hit the rogue’s private parts with his knee. He even heard a crack sound.


Because it was so sudden, the rogue didn’t feel any pain when the flick knife was stuck on his arm. It was not until his private parts were violently hit that all the pain came at once.


“Ah——” The man screamed, and writhed on the ground.


Other gangsters sensed the severity, and dragged the tall rogue and ran away  immediately.


Qiu Yi picked up the camera on the ground, took a deep breath and put it back into his schoolbag.


Ye Wen knowing what should happen, just stood by with Wang Hui and said nothing.


Because in her memory, it was Qiu Yi and Jin Jiahui who fought off the gangsters, unlike now, the rogues ran away frightened, perhaps because of her stepping in, making Qiu Yi’s significant transformation impossible to complete.


Ye Wen suddenly regretted her appearance. Why didn’t she take it into account? She blamed herself in her heart.


“What’s wrong?” asked Jin Jiahui.


“I bumped into them… They wanted me to make compensation for this and ransacked my schoolbag, however, they didn’t find money, so they took away my camera, I tried to stop them, then I was beaten… ”


“The next time you have to be tough, even if you can’t fight, you have to resist. If you don’t resist like that, others will feel that you are bullied.” Jin Jiahui pointed to Feng Yulan, who was standing at the entrance of the alley. “This time, thanks to Yulan, he saw that someone was beaten by a gangster, had it not been for him, you would get hurt seriously.”


“… Thank you …” Qiu Yi patted the dust on his body and took a peek at Ye Wen. He felt very embarrassed for he resorted to a girl in a fight.


Thinking of what had happened, Qiu Yi was still trembling with fear.


“Why I was so scared by this? Even a girl didn’t show fear.” Qiu Ti thought, and breathed deeply, “I’m sorry… so sorry to trouble you for this”


“My pleasure. It’s necessary to help friends when they’re in need” said Jin Jiahui, “if you regard me as a good friend, you shouldn’t say something like sorry to me.”


“Hey you going back home with Feng Yulan today?” Ye Wen joked, trying to dispel the embarrassing atmosphere.


“Yes, I’m protecting him. The public security isn’t good recently! ”


“Indeed.” Ye Wen nodded.


Then these students said goodbye to each other. Qiu Yi walked alone on the road and tugged at his hair.


“I’m so……useless! Ah…… like waste…… ” Qiu Yi loathed himself. Why is he so shameful? He doesn’t do well in his study, now he can’t even fight with others. “What’s the point of living in this world? Even if Ye Wen is with me, can I protect her……?”




“You come back, Miss.” said chamberlain Liu respectfully.


“Yes.” Ye Wen put the ham slices on the tea table into her mouth..


“By the way, Miss, neither the master nor madame will be back home today.”


“Alright.” Ye Wen answered, picked up her schoolbag and walked up the stairs to her room.


“Miss, are you back?” Shui Zhishi was lying on the ground to wipe the ground, hearing the sound of opening the door, she began to feel excited.




The little maid didn’t stop her work to chat when she saw Ye Wen coming back, instead she took the time to clean up, because after these cleaning works she will have a long break.


The servants in family Ye are still very idle.


Ye Wen browsed the websites as usual, and suddenly found an online game-“Meteor” that has never appeared in her memory.


Ye Wen clicked into the official website and looked at it. It turned out to be a public beta today, but before that, she had never seen any publicity. Is it a game of a small company or a butterfly effect caused by historical changes?


This is a 3D game from the perspective of God. Some of them are similar to “ the Torch Light” . After registering an account, Ye Wen started the game hastily.


She chose a Giant without hesitation, and her game journey began.


Such a game is quite rare in this era. Ye Wen was itching to get it start since she  hadn’t played online games for a long time.


After finishing the work, the little maid sat beside Ye Wen and watched her. After supper time, she went into the kitchen to do chores.


Ye’s family has a professional chef. It’s said that he is the top chef in a five-star hotel.  Even if you offer him some cactus, he has the way to make you feel that cactus is also delicious…


Qiu Yi wanted to find the value of his own after he came back home. He cleaned up the house, and cooked several dishes following recipes. This was the first time that he learned to cook cuisine. Although the taste was not super good, it was still pleasing.


At eight o’clock, his fatigued parents came back. They were stunned to see the clean house and the steaming meals on the table.


“Miss Virtue has come to our house?” Father joked.


“It’s our son who made it. He’s grown up at last…” The mother was a little bit emotional, and also relieved.


“My son!” Called the father.



“Ah – here I am .” Qiu Yi came out of the room.


“You did it all?”




“Not bad, my son really grew up.” the father also looked emotional.


“Let’s have dinner.” said Qiu Yi.


So the family of three sat around the dining table and had dinner. Orange incandescent lamps hung on the ceiling, and the light flickered as the wind blew.


“How does it taste?” Qiu Yi asked.


“It’s wondeful.” Father said.


“Well…” his mother wiped her tears and smiled, “My son’s cooking is superb, of course.”


“Why? Don’t cry, you should be happy, let’s just eat.” his father said.


“Just because I’m so happy…”


Weeping with joy, definitely, is the most authentic portrayal of a mother in this world.


The child who has never grown up is finally become a grown-up, is there anything more significant than this for parents?


Though Ye Wen changed history, Qiu Yi began his transformation. Can history be changed or not? Or is it that the most essential part just cannot be altered?