Chapter 32 – Class Representatives


One month had passed since the beginning of the new semester, yet no class representatives had been elected in Class Three. All the tasks were done by the monitor, deputy monitor, commissary in charge of studies, and representative of the physical education class. These were who performed outstandingly in the entrance exam, and the commissary in charge of sports was selected according to his sports performance and height.


The health commissioner was Luo Liangjian. He was chosen because he was good at producing rubbish. The management was not bad, however. Therefore, A Dan did not think of replacing him. Thus, the rest of the students needed to join the election to share the pressure of the class cadres.


Chinese class began, since head teacher A Dan was the instructor of this course, she had unceremoniously turned the course into a class meeting. The students were in favor of it. There was actually no difference between class meeting and self-study course.


“Today we are going to run for some class representatives to share the work of the commissioner who is in charge of the studies. Now I would like to choose the top three students in each subject to run for class representatives.”


For instance,  the top three of Chinese would be the candidates of the representatives of Chinese class, so did maths. The final result would be decided by voting.


Ye Wen was the best in every subject, so her name was on the list of each subject. A Dan looked at her name and asked, “is Ye Wen interested in being a study commissioner?”


“Huh?” Ye Wen, who was about to take a nap,raised her head instantly and stared at the teacher with a bewildered look , hoping that A Dan would repeat what she had just said.


“The teacher asks if you want to be the commissioner in charge of studies.” Jin Jing leaned back slightly and whispered.


Ye Wen finally understood this time. She had no interest in this kind of position. Although she had never been elected, she knew well that it would be a busy job . In a sense, she was slouchy. She held the idea that one feels carefree when he is relieved of official duties.


So began the election of class representatives, each time Ye Wen had the most votes, though each time Ye Wen expressed no interest in this.


“Now it’s the election of Chinese class representatives. Ye Wen, do you want to be a Chinese class representative?” A Dan skipped the voting session directly and asked .


Ye Wen shook her head and lay on the table again.


Ye’s Parents did not return on Saturday and Sunday, so she stayed up late on Sunday. Even though it was only twelve o’clock, she felt exhausted. Ye Wen was so sleepy that she only wanted to sleep. Usually, having fun until 12 o’clock is the normal routine, the girl was still too weak.


“Second place, Qiu Yi, the students who support Qiu Yi can start to vote right now.”


Oh? Qiu Yi … Has the history really changed? In Ye Wen’s memory, she had never been a class representative or participated in any elections, and always seemed to be a passerby role.


What was more unexpected was that many students raised their hands and chose Qiu Yi as the representative of the Chinese class.


“Why don’t I remember how popular I am?” Ye Wen whispered to herself.


In the end, Qiu Yi was elected as the representative of the Chinese class, and he did not refuse it. Ye Wen felt that she couldn’t see through herself. If she had kept her original intention , she would have quit the position. Was herself also changed with the tide of history?


Two identical souls have gradually begun to make a difference.


Perhaps Qiu Yi will no longer be himself, but a new independent personality……


The election of class representatives ended perfectly, and Jin Jing, as she expected, became the representative of the English class, while Lu Yu took in charge of music class and entertainment .


“Wenwen, why you don’t want be a class representative?” Jin Jing asked after class.


“It’s troublesome …” Ye Wen answered truthfully.


“Um … okay,” Jin Jing said.


“Come on, my job is more painstaking. I’m responsible for entertainment and music class.”


“These two positions usually have no tasks ……” Ye Wen rolled her eyes and despised.


“Who said so? We need to do a blackboard report every two weeks! Very troublesome, OK?”


“Well…… don’t be too proud, you still have to think about how to design the blackboard newspaper of this week.” Ye Wen pointed to the blackboard at the back of the classroom.


Lu Yu’s face was twisted, begging pitifully: “My dear Wenwen, my dear Jingjing, help me to write a blackboard newspaper, will you?”


“It’s so nauseating …” said Jin Jing.


“I want to sleep,” Ye Wen said.


“Huh! I’m not going to talk with you anymore!”


“Hey, you act like a spoiled child ! Wait until this noon, we will help you out .” said Ye Wen , lying on the table and falling asleep.


“Sleep sleep, you know nothing but sleep, are you a lazy dog?.” Lu Yu sniffed.


“Fine, no help.” Ye Wen said lightly.


Lu Yu hurriedly begged, and only after Ye Wen’s forgiveness she stopped her frivolous behavior.


“Jingjing?” Lu Yu looked at Jin Jing.


“Of course my dear, we’ll give you a hand, don’t worry.” Jin Jing laughed.


Ye Wen was able to sleep tranquilly finally. Ye Wen was never a good student, it was quite common for her to sleep in class, and she never blame on herself for this.  the Teacher ’s voice on the lecture was like a lullaby, Ye Wen found this familiar feeling. Having been sleeping for several hours, from the second class in the morning to the fourth class, Ye Wen’s hands became numb, and then she woke up from her dream.


Ye Wen tidied her messy fringe and glanced at Qiu Yi. He didn’t even sleep, but listened carefully.


“Anyway, it won’t last long.” Ye Wen said in her heart.


After being beaten by a gangster, Qiu Yi did work hard, but he gave up after several days. Although history had changed, there were still a lot things that followed the given trajectory. Maybe the longer one exists in this space, the more history will be changed


“Wake up!” Jin Jing’s voice pulled Ye Wen back to reality from philosophical thinking.


“Well, hasn’t class ended yet?” Ye Wen thought it was the second class.


“The fourth class is almost over…… lazy bones.” said Lu Yu , with her drooping eyelids.


“Oh! I have been sleeping for so long, no wonder I don’t feel sleepy anymore.” Ye Wen waved her arms gently, trying to make the numb arms normal.


The disadvantage of sleeping in class is that you always feel your arms numb.


Ye Wen remembered that the King of Sleep Gu Fei once brought a pillow to school, but it was discovered by the patrolling instructor. He was punished. This luck was really bad …


“Ye Wen, stop talking in class.” said the maths teacher. “You even can’t keep quiet after waking up. Come here, do this.”


So Ye Wen quickly solved this problem and walked back to the seat with other students’ confusing looking.


“I know you’re smart, but you can’t be too complacent.” The maths teacher concealed his embarrassment, and then continued the course.