Chapter – 33 Full Credit


One week had passed, foreign wars continued, but there was no bad domestic news, which seemed like utopian existence.


After one week, the head teacher A Dan held a quiz, which was a summary of the questions that most students were confused about in the monthly exams and some learned contents in the past week.


Usually students don’t take it seriously, only monthly test can make them stressful for a while. On the quiz, most students just wrote a little bit and handed it in, the test was also not strict, it was very common to make a cheat.


After all, it was just a small test. It was a chance to know what were students puzzled with. Students with good grades would not cheat in such a small test, but take the opportunity to check themselves.


Of course, there was no necessity for Ye Wen to test herself at all, because these questions were too simple. Soon she finished writing the test paper. There was no composition in the test paper. At that time, half of the time for the quiz had just passed.


Since it was the last lesson of the day, the students had low enthusiasm for learning. They wrote something casually on the paper while chatting. The boys in the back row read comics or novels, otherwise they slept or discussed video games and which Internet bar to go to today, who will grab seats or something…..


Qiu Yi had persisted for a week, he didn’t cheat this time, but completed the test paper seriously, and it was only a few minutes slower than Ye Wen.


This surprised Ye Wen a little bit. Does he study hard when he is at home? However, Qiu Yi is gifted in language, he is able to make it if he listens carefully in class. Ye Wen secretly glanced at Qiu Yi’s test paper, and the accuracy rate was pretty good.


Ye Wen thought about it again. Recently, Qiu Yi and the boys go to the Internet bars every day. It is impossible to make time for reviewing the schoolwork. Well, I know myself best, I won’t be back home before eight o’clock, anyway, my parents go back home at half past eight. It is almost time to go to bed after diner and bathing. There is no time for schoolwork, and Qiu Yi doesn’t use his spare time to study…… Ye Wen only remembered that she was forced to study in her leisure time when she was in high school. “I was so hard-working at that time, despite this, I stopped my study before nine o’clock, even sleeping was better than studying, it was really a hard time.” However, it was because of that year’s effort that Qiu Yi’s academic performance skyrocketed, and finally he was admitted to a prestigious university…..


In fact, smarter children often have poor academic performance. Poorer kids are hardworking, while the sensible kids don’t take it seriously..


Ye Wen looked ahead, Jin Jing and Lu Yu were still struggling to figure out the questions on the test paper. Lu Yu’s language talent was also not bad, but Jin Jing had to paused for some time to think before writing the answers. Anyway, it seems a huge challenge for Jin Jing to finish the quiz before the end of class.


Now Ye Wen loved to play with Jin Jing’s ponytail when she was bored in class. Jin Jing was also very accustomed to this, and because both of them were girls, she didn’t feel uncomfortable. She even thought it interesting that a smart person like Ye Wen had such a naive and cute behavior.


A Dan was giving scores to the students in the other class, and she didn’t look up, so the class was getting clamorous……


“Be quiet, don’t cheat so arrogantly,” Adan said, looking up playfully.


The students laughed and stopped the chatting. Since head teacher had already emphasized it, they had to obey her command.


“Ye Wen, did you finish your test paper?” asked A Dan, looking at Ye Wen who is playing with Jin Jing’s hair.




“Finished? So fast!” A Dan looked up again. “Come here, show me the test paper.”


“Okay.” Ye Wen stepped on the podium and handed the test paper to A Dan.


Seeing Qiu Yi gazing at the ceiling, he seemed to have finished writing, so A Dan asked, “Qiu Yi, how about you?”


Qiu Yi nodded.


“Give it to me, then,” A Dan teased. “Can it be possible that you two copy each other’s answer? Let me guess, you copy the answer from Ye Wen?”


“Miss, you can’t doubt me!” Qiu Yi shouted, “Really, Miss, believe me!”


A Dan laughed out loud, “Let me see if you cheated.”


Then A Dan checked the two test papers.


“Um…… Ye Wen, full marks.” A Dan raised her head and announced.


“Wow!” was students’ reaction. Although many of the questions were tested in the monthly exam, and some of them were reviewed in the Chinese lesson yesterday, it was enviable to get a perfect score. Even if all the key points were mastered, it might be lost due to carelessness.


“Qiu Yi, full marks.”


“Wow—–!” Because Ye Wen’s perfect score was in expectation, the exclamation didn’t sound so surprising, but if it felt like dragging a long note, then this exclamation was really filled with surprise .


“Qiu Yi cheated!” Luo Liangjian looked indignant, but everyone knew he was talking nonsense.


“Well…… I don’t know if he cheated, but most answers were done by himself.” Adan patted Luo Liangjian’s head who is sitting next to podium. “I am willing to trust my class representative, I guess even if I let you cheat, you would make mistakes. ”


“Haha!” The students laughed.


Luo Liang blushed, and he tried to explain, “It was just an accident last time!”


There was a time the assignment was a test paper, the next day when Luo Liang copied the answer from other’s paper, he even copied the name, what sounded funny was that he copied the answer of the second question on the third question and the answer of the third question on the fourth question. The fifth was a short-answer question, but he wrote the letter C ……


Luo can be considered the dumbest plagiarist, but A Dan did not blame Ye Wen and Luo Liangjian, she just reminded Luo that he must make sure to copy the correct answer next time, and joked at him from time to time.


“Qiu Yi, Ye Wen, come and help me mark the test papers……” Adan just finished speaking, the bell rang, and before Adan announced the end of the class, there were already two boys who tore out of the door. They ran so fast that Adan didn’t notice that there were two people missing in the classroom.


There were very few illegal Internet bars, but many people go there, not only from Wenlan College but also from other schools. If you don’t go early, you won’t be able to seize a seat at all. These two boys intended to reserve the seats in advance. Anyone who wanted to have a seat in the bar has to give money to these boys first. When they arrived at the Internet bar, they paid money to the owner of the bar, and later they turned on the computers. Anyway, the money had been paid, there was no more business about boss.


“Are you free after school?” A Dan asked. “If you have time, come to my office to help me mark the papers.”


Ye Wen and Qiu Yi nodded, packed their bags and followed A Dan.