Chapter 34 – Highway Robber


A Dan was the Chinese teacher of three classes. Although she had already marked half of papers, she still got a lot to mark. A Dan was attending a meeting. Only Ye Wen and Qiu Yi were in the office.


The facilities of Wenlan College were relatively advanced, the air conditioners had already been installed in offices and classrooms. Yet it was not time to turn on air conditioners.


The two didn’t talk much. Qiu Yi felt so awkward when he was beaten last time, so he was embarrassed to speak to Ye Wen. He was at ease when there were other people here, but being with Ye Wen alone made him embarrassed, though it had been a week…….


Ye Wen quietly marked the papers, Qiu Yi raised his head from time to time to take a peek at Ye Wen, and the peaceful look was almost engraved in his mind.


Ye Wen sorted the papers on her hands, and then took half of Qiu Yi’s papers out of the pile, and continued working.


Qiu Yi was startled, then felt a little overjoyed, thinking that this was a signal which indicated that she didn’t care about that accident, perhaps she liked me too?


One of the three illusions in life: the girl has feeling for me.


Qiu Yi shook his head and warned himself that don’t pursue her before he make some achievements, it would cause troubles. The parents of rich people certainly do not want their baby daughter to be with a poor boy.


However, since Ye Wen didn’t care about that matter, then there was no need to be embarrassed. Qiu Yi marked the test papers and thought about what to say.


“Not finished yet?” Ye Wen looked at Qiu Yi’s test papers, “Give me half more.”


“Ah? Ah!” Qiu Yi regained his consciousness and found that Ye Wen had already marked the half of the test papers again, and she asked himself for another test paper, and it was a bit awkward, “Uh … no, no … I can do it myself … ”


“Finish it early and go home early.” Ye Wen took away half of the test papers again. This time Qiu Yi dared not to be dissipated, Finally both of them completed the work.


Ye Wen put pen back into her pencil case, then packed her schoolbag, and said, “I’m gone.”


Qiu Yi quickly packed things up and followed Ye Wen with a schoolbag on his back, but still didn’t know what to say until they walked to the school gate.


“Ye, Ye Wen … where do you live?”


“Huh?” Ye Wen glanced back at Qiu Yi, she didn’t sense that Qiu Yi was following her!


“Seaside,” Ye Wen said lightly, walked out of the school gate, and was then ushered into the car by Wang Hui.


Ye Wen sat by the window of the car, waving to Qiu Yi.


Qiu Yi raised his hand blankly and waved his hand at Ye Wen. He felt that today was a wonderful day and a fulfilling day. Ye Wen also seemed to like him a bit, and there was nothing more enjoyable than that.


The SUV was heading down the road, and there was stirring rock music in the car, which didn’t sound quiet.


“Miss, someone is following us.” Wang Hui said suddenly.




“The car has reached 150 mph, and the car is still behind us.”


Ye Wen looked back. It’s true, a car trailed them firmly. The speed limit on this road was 120 mph. There was obviously no reason for the car to do so, and it didn’t overtake, just following behind.


Suddenly, the car speeded up and seemed to be overtaking.


“Maybe he is outraged when seeing you driving so fast.” Ye Wen said.


This is not unusual for many drivers.


The car got close to them slowly, and gradually went side-by-side with the SUV, and suddenly slammed into the SUV, the SUV hit the guardrail, then the car slowed down, but in the next second it launched an attack again, Wang Hui didn’t show any weakness, He  slammed back.


Suddenly, three more cars rushed out from the rear and sandwiched the SUV in the middle. Wang Hui was forced to stop. This car was just an urban SUV, not a four-wheeled bigfoot vehicle. It is bulk, but it is just a car.


“Miss, lower your head, don’t look at the outside.” Wang Hui said, dialed 110 quickly, briefly explained the situation, and looked out cautiously.


There were two people on each of the four cars. They jumped out of the car and came to the SUV with some knives and daggers, and then smashed the window glass of the driver’s seat.


“Bro, get out of here before I hurt you, the young lady of the Ye family stay here.” Said a man with a long scar on his left face.


“Okay …” Wang Hui held up his right hand, indicating that he had surrendered. All of a sudden, he jumped towards the man and hit him in the face, then quickly jumped out off the car. Ye Wen, who had been told to do so, followed him closely..


“In this case, we don’t have enough time to wait for the police, run first.” Wang Hui whispered to Ye Wen.


Ye Wen stood beside Wang Hui with a calm expression, but her trembling hands showed that she was fearful.


She was not very scared. Perhaps it was better to say excitement . Though there were several robbers, she did not lose her courage. Her fingers were shivering, she still looked around carefully.


When Ye Wen was in second year of high school, he (as Qiu Yi’s memory) fought with a few gangsters. They took a knife and stabbed him, but he grabbed the knife and stabbed one of them for several times. Then he jumped on them.The gangsters held the knife, but it turned out that they were frightened by Qiu Yi and fled away. From then on, Qiu Yi knew that he had to be tough when in a fight..


Although Qiu Yi had not joined a fight since then, he still remembered that feeling.


Wang Hui looked around vigilantly with a rubber stick in his hand, suddenly pulling Ye Wen and rushing in a certain direction, but those who took the knife did not follow after him, which made Wang Hui feel somewhat strange. They didn’t even move!


“Bang!” with a thunder-like gunshot, Wang Hui loosed Ye Wen’s hand, and lay in a pool of blood. There was a deep bullet hole in his chest.


Ye Wen froze. She had never seen some one dying beside her. The adrenaline faded away instantly, leaving only panic and a blank mind.


It seemed that the female body was weaker to bear such a situation. Although Ye Wen struggled desperately to regain subconsciousness, her mind ran wildly, but her body stood still and couldn’t move. Her eyes were open, but she could see nothing. It was all blank.


Suddenly, a handkerchief covered her mouth and nose. Ye Wen fainted without even struggling. Blackness rushed into her eyes……