Chapter 35 – Courage


Today is Friday. Although Qiu Yi was asked to mark the examination papers after class, he still decided to go through the small forest to explore the ocean.


He only knew that the sea was behind the forest, but he had never been there. This time he brought a digital camera and wanted to record this adventure.


The closest bus stop to that forest is a transfer station to the suburbs, and it takes only half an hour to walk to the forest from there.


Qiu Yi was sitting on a bus and there were few people going to the transfer station. There were no buildings nearby, only a few isolated villages, and no more than five people on the bus.


The bus stopped suddenly. Qiu Yi opened the window and looked out. There were several cars blocking the road not far from the front, and it seemed impossible to move on.


After a while, a couple of men on the road carried a young girl into the car and left, leaving only a SUV parked next to the guardrail.


Other people on the road also stopped their car by the fence, trying to call the police.


The bus drove slowly on the other side, Qiu Yi stared out the window and saw the blood. A man was lying on the ground and seemed to have died.


“Linhai City (for convenience, I changed its name to Linhai City,) is really turbulent…” thought Qiu Yi.


Qiu Yi found that the SUV was so familiar….. he racked his brain but didn’t have any clues, it seemed that he had seen this type of car in many places.


The SUV that picked up Ye Wen was not luxury, instead, it was more ordinary. It was to prevent people’s evil thought, in a sense, it was also a way to protect Ye Wen.


Qiu Yi ceased to trouble himself with this problem. In his opinion, this was just an incident that had nothing to do with himself. He was now more interested in the adventure in the woods.


The bus stopped at the station in the suburbs. Qiu Yi opened the schoolbag, there was no book but a lot of gadgets which he prepared last night, and some bread and other things. He took a piece of gum from the bag, and removed the wrapping paper then threw it into his mouth. He looked at the map again and walked firmly towards the forest.


Qiu Yi walked along the highway. There were some farmland on the side. Most of them were not planted with crops, only one or two plots were planted with some sweet potatoes and radishes.


No farmland could be seen ahead, only some uncultivated wasteland around. It was the end of highway. In the front was the narrow muddy road which only .allowedone car to pass by.


Suddenly, a van driving on the road turned to the wasteland on the side, and headed to a small villa which was not far.


Qiu Yi stood close to a telephone booth, intending to avoid the car, but found that the car did not go off the road.


In a sudden, Qiu Yi’s heart was beating fast, he looked through the only small hole in the back of the van that was not blocked by special materials. Who was that person?


Qiu Yi only felt that the man seemed familiar, and there was some inexplicable panic in his heart. He gritted his teeth and followed the van quietly.


The van stopped in front of a villa not far away, Qiu Yi hid himself behind several leafy trees, observed the van cautiously. Several sturdy men jumped out of it, and then dragged out a sleep girl.


The girl’s limbs were tied with a rope, her mouth was stuffed, her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be unaware of her current situation.


“What!!!” Qiu Yi covered his mouth tightly and almost shouted out. If he guessed right, these people must have been kidnappers. The SUV just now……. “No wonder I feel it so familiar, that is Ye Wen’s Car! The man lying on the ground was her bodyguard!”


Qiu Yi trembled with anger. He was scared, but he was a little excited, and he was about to burn.


The belief of saving his girl conquered his fear.


Qiu Yi took a few steps back, panting heavily, struggling to calm down, and then began to think about how to save Ye Wen.


“I can’t call the police…… in case they kill Ye Wen in anger……” Qiu Yi dared not imagine this. If Ye Wen died because of him, he would be guilty all his life, but he also couldn’t leave now, or his conscience will be condemned, since I love her, I must guard her! Otherwise it cannot be called love! The young Qiu Yi wanted to prove himself, perhaps to convince himself that he loved her,or perhaps to prove his love to Ye Wen, or to prove his courage to others……


The young teenager was eager to prove himself. He had defeated fear and lostall sense of reason, but after all, Qiuyi still kept rational and did not rush forward recklessly.


They dare to kill people. Qiu Yi couldn’t die like this. At least he couldn’t die before Ye Wen was rescued. He wanted to live and save life, so he thought about other ways.


Not far from the villa was the woods. Qiu Yi observed the villa behind the trees. Ye Wen was locked into a small bungalow in the corner of the villa. The villa is not large. Qiu Yi estimated that it may be a place for stash.


He opened the schoolbag, took out a hemp rope and a multifunctional knife, and put them into his pocket.


Qiu Yi walked around the back of the villa, and looked around carefully. No one was nearby, after fixing the location of the small cottage, Qiu Yi climbed up the wall.


There was a lot of broken glass. Though Qiu Yi was prudent enough, he still scratched his palm with a few pieces of glass. At this moment, he seemed to forget the pain, and he didn’t notice the scratch on the palm of his hand. The palm was cleared, and then fell gently on the ground. The dog in the yard barked at a stray dog outside the villa, perfectly covering the sound of the landing.


Qiu Yi leapt violently, then grabbed the fence window on the back of the bungalow and looked inside secretly. The light inside was dim, but Ye Wen could still be seen. Ye Wen seemed to have woke up at this moment, hearing the sound of crickets, she looked up subconsciously, and saw Qiu Yi’s face, Qiu Yi made a snoring gesture to her.


The fence window was made of wood. Qiu Yi rejoiced, and then cut a few fences with a knife gently and put them on the eaves.


The whole process did not make much noise, mainly due to the sharpness of the knife. This knife was brought from abroad by his father’s friends, and the quality is totally different from domestic ones.