Chapter 36 – Broken Nerve


Qiu Yi got into the window painstakingly, making a muffled noise after he fell on the ground.


“She Awake?” One guard said to the other guard outside the door.


“Let me see,” said another guard, opening the wooden door of the room.


Qiu Yi was caught by them.


“Who are you!” The man yelled and rushed towards Qiu Yi.


Despite the failure of his plan, Qiu Yi didn’t want to surrender, however, he looked weak compared to these two stout men. They kicked Qiu Yi ruthlessly, then took out a bundle of rope skillfully and tied him up. Qiu Yi was thrown to the corner, which pressed on Ye Wen who was leaning on the straw pile.


“Be quiet if you want to save your life!” One man threatened, then went out and closed the door.


“I’m sorry…… I’m useless …” Qiu Yi said with his head down.


Ye Wen tried to spit out a bunch of cloth stuck in her mouth, saying “Idiot, why are you alone? Don’t be so reckless next time, OK?”


Both of their hands and feet were tied up and couldn’t move freely. Ye Wen moved her body and said, “Hey, can you move a little bit? I can’t breathe, you’re so heavy!”


“Ah? Oh!” Qiu Yi, who was still blaming on himself, found himself resting on Ye Wen’s chest, he rolled to the side, and lay on the straw pile.


This is a firewood room which was full of firewood, and in the corner was half of an abandoned cabinet that had been demolished. It was estimated that the other half had been burned.


“Five o’clock in the morning tomorrow, Xinghe Dam, five million, if you dare to call the police, we will kill your baby daughter.”


Five million! Qiu Yi opened his mouth in surprise.


Ye Wen leaned on the straw and closed her eyes. She had no power to resist and could only wait for her father or the police.


Five million is not a huge number for Ye family, but it is enough to make Family ye lose a lot, though this amount does not affect Ye family’s fund turnover very much.


The family Ye owned a big company. All decision-making power is in the hands of the Ye Wen’s father. Since it was related to the life of his daughter, father Ye did not hesitate to go to the bank and withdraw five million cash to save her daughter.


The kidnappers didn’t seem to care much about Qiu Yi. Qiu Yi thought that he and Ye Wen might be released together. Perhaps they knew Qiu Yi was not rich and could give them nothing.


Before going to bed at night, the kidnappers took the two to the toilet in the little thatched cottage of the villa, and then tied them back to the firewood room.


Ye Wen was very quiet. She was thinking of Wang Hui, who was shot by gun. For the first time, she faced death. Although it was not herself who died, the impact on her was still very large. She even saw Wang Hui’s face after closing eyes.


Ye Wen looked calm, but inside she was going crazy, and the shadow of death seemed unable to erase.


At night, Ye Wen and Qiu Yi couldn’t sleep at all. In the early morning, the kidnappers sent Qiu Yi and Ye Wen to a van.


The other four cars had been noticed by many people, so when the kidnappers abducted Ye Wen, they replaced a humble van on the midway. In order to get money, they also drove the van. The other four modified car was hidden away in a safe place.


Qiu Yi pulled out the knife in his pocket painfully . These kidnappers were really not professional enough for they did not search his body. Qiu Yi ground the rope with the knife, he did not cut it off, instead, the rope was ground to the extent that it can be broken by force.


Then Qiu Yi ground Ye Wen’s rope to such an extent and leaned aside quietly.


Ye Wen glanced at Qiu Yi, wondering what he had done to her rope just now.


“The rope can be broken by strength.” Qiu Yi rested on Ye Wen’s shoulder and whispered to her, as if the car hit a bump.


Even in this case, he still kept calm,he really grew up……


Ye Wen closed her eyes, trying to forget Wang Hui’s death, and then suddenly opened her eyes. He had grown up, but she was still scared by death.


Ye Wen tried to wave away the fear, but the harder she struggled, the harder it was to forget. Even with her eyes open, she saw Wang Hui’s death.


“Put the cash box on the weeds which is beside the stone bench.” the captor said on the phone.


After a while, the younger kidnapper who went to detect told the boss that there was no ambush around, and the van stopped at the Xinghe Dam.


The kidnappers checked the cash box, then put the cash box into the van, and threw Qiu Yi and Ye Wen out.


The two walked a few steps forward, but the kidnapper had not got on the car. Suddenly, several policemen wearing special equipment rushed out from the bottom of the water. The kidnappers were shocked and tried to go back and seize the hostages. Finding they were in the distance, one kidnapper took out the pistol and shot at Ye Wen.


Qiu Yi saw that the man took out his gun and knew it was serious. He broke the rope swiftly and threw Ye Wen to the ground. The bullet shot through Qiu Yi’s shoulder, and blood sprayed to Ye Wen’s face.


Qiu Yi threw the knife, and it got stuck in kidnapper’s hand. The man was in pain and let the pistol fall on the ground. The pistol landed next to Ye Wen.


“No! No!” Ye Wen, who had been blurred by scarlet blood, broke the rope violently, and seemed to be insane.


The pistol was next to her. She had lost her mind. She picked up the pistol and pulled the trigger against the kidnapper. The unlucky kidnapper’s head was penetrated and blood flowed out of his head.


“Hahahahaha!” Ye Wen dropped the pistol and laughed frantically.


“Calm down!” Qiu Yi hugged Ye Wen, but she had already fallen into a frenzy.


“Ha ha ha! They died, they all died!”


Qiu Yi had never seen such a hysterical Ye Wen, it seemed that she got hurt badly. “Calm down, calm down. He has dead, everything is all right.”


Ye Wen fainted suddenly, Qiu Yi was frightened, he reached for her nose, fortunately, she was breathing, probably because she was too weak and the brain activated the automatic protection.


Qiu Yi was relieved, he sat on the ground holding Ye Wen.


The girl closed her eyes and lay peacefully in his arms, as if she had not done anything.


Qiu Yi looked at Ye Wen and wanted to kiss her lips. Having hesitating for seconds, he just kissed gently on Ye Wen’s forehead, then raised his head somewhat shyly.


“No matter what you become, I will always by your side……” Qiu Yi said to himself, and also to Ye Wen.