Chapter 37 – The Girl Without Expression


The kidnappers were captured, the police destroyed their den according to their confessions. Now only the boss is still escaping.


Originally, father Ye didn’t want to cooperate with the police. He was afraid of hurting his daughter, but later the police proposed several reasonable plans and Swat cop would join it. Father Ye invited several friends who retired from army, and finally agreed to cooperate with the police.


After the battle, Qiu Yi and Ye Wen were carried to the ambulance by a stretcher and sent to the provincial hospital.


Qiu Yi didn’t get injured seriously. Fortunately, he did not hurt the muscles. As long as he could get a good treatment, there would be no problem after a few days of caring. Ye Wen was not injured, but she remained unconscious.


Qiu Yi then assisted the police to record the confession. After learning that Qiu Yi was rescued by Ye Wen before being arrested, father ye reimbursed him all the medical expenses and transferred him to a separate ward.


“Boy, you are so brave.” Father Ye’s friend, a veteran stood next to Qiu Yi, giving him a thumbs up with a smile.


“Nothing……” Qiu Yi smiled at himself, “I was reckless.”


“You can’t say that. Now there are not many righteous young people like you. You just lack experience and are not sophisticated enough.” The veteran patted the iron frame on the bedside. Are you interested in joining the army after graduation? ”


“Er…, I’m lazy.” Qiu Yi laughed.


“Boy, as long as you are in the army, you can’t be lazy.” The veteran smiled, apparently he did not take the idea of recommending Qiu Yi to the army seriously.


The door squeaked. Qiu Yi’s parents were told that Qiu Yi was lying in a hospital.  Qiu Yi didn’t go back home at night and his parents phoned all his friends, without any results, they called the police.


“What’s wrong?” Father frowned, looking at Qiu Yi’s bandaged shoulder.


“Your son went to the rescue and was injured. He took a bullet for a girl. I can’t imagine how Old Ye(Ye Wen’s father) would thank him at that time.” The veteran said, “Since your parents are here, I will go out. Call the nurse if you need any help. ”


“Thank you.” Qiu Yi nodded and watched the veteran walking out of the ward.


“What happened?” father Qiu’s expression eased a lot, and he asked beside the bed.


The mother sat in a small chair aside and asked nervously, “Are you okay? Does it hurt?”


“It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt, don’t worry.” Qiu Yi comforted his mother, and then dictated the cause of the accident.


“Don’t do such a dangerous thing next time. Your life is precious. Even if she is the daughter of a rich family, you can’t waste your own life.” said the mother.


“Mum …” Qiu Yi wanted to say that he loved that girl, but he stopped, it was troublesome to explain.


“You’re courageous, and are able to fight for the woman you love, Dad is proud of you, and a real man should be responsible.” father said.


“You…” Qiu Yi’s mother was trying to say something, but was stopped by father.


Qiu Yi coughed, feeling a little embarrassed. It seemed that his secret had been discovered by his father.


“But don’t act recklessly and be alone until you have enough confidence. You can ask others for help before you have enough ability,” the father taught.


The mother interjected: “That’s right, and you don’t know yet if that girl has feeling for you. There is no need to save her. I heard that such a rich lady is not easy to get along.”


Neither of the parents mentioned anything about early love. They seemed quite open-minded, and the mother talked about something that should be noticed in love, which made her look like a pick-up artist.


Father Ye pushed the door. “Young man, are you alright?”


“Uh … nothing serious …”


“Well, are these two your parents?”




Father Ye and Qiu Yi’s parents shook hands. “Thank you very much for your son. You are lucky to have such a son.”


“My son always has a sense of justice.” Qiu Yi’s father said, took out a cigarette from his pocket, and passed it to father Ye.


Father Ye didn’t refuse. He took the cigarette and hung it on his ear. The two men walked out of the ward while chatting.


“Sorry, I don’ have good cigarettes.”


“It doesn’t matter, there is no difference between cigarettes, it’s like some people like meat while some like green vegetables.”


Qiu Yi’s parents went to work with dark circles around the eyes, leaving him alone in the ward.


“What happened to Ye Wen …” Qiu Yi looked at the ceiling and fell into a beautiful dream.



Ye Wen opened her eyes. The pure white ceiling greeted her, surround her was the smell of disinfection water, which is unique a smell of hospital.


She rolled her eyes and turned her head slightly.


Shui Zhishi fell asleep beside Ye Wen. She seemed to hear something and woke up and saw Ye Wen, who was looking at her with her eyes open. The maid shouted in surprise: “Ah! Miss! You are awake ! ”


Ye Wen’s parents  heard news of Ye Wen waking up and rushed into the ward.


“Wenwen? Are you okay?Do you feel uncomfortable?”


Ye Wen shook her head expressionlessly.


They asked something else, but what they got was silence.


“Wenwen? Why don’t you talk?” mother Ye touched Ye Wen’s forehead. “Her body temperature is all right…… why does she have no expression on her face?”


Ye Wen frowned suspiciously, and then her pupils were dilated, which indicated that she was in a shock! She knew the pronunciation of every single word in her heart, but she couldn’t speak as if there were something missing, and she couldn’t make any expression.


Finding there was something wrong with his daughter, father Ye called Dr. Wang, an old acquaintance.


Dr. Wang opened Ye Wen’s eyelids and examined her ears with a flashlight. “There is no problem with her. At least, there is no physical problem. She can hear you, is it possible that some part of the brain is damaged? Let me check it again, Do you agree?”


Ye Father nodded.


Ye Wen was then sent to the room full of medical instruments for body examination.


After that, Dr. Wang came out of the examination room.


Father Ye asked: “How’s my daughter?”


“There is no trauma inside the body. It may be aphasia caused by huge stimuli, which led some problems on making expression. Though it is impossible to make expressions, blinking, mouth opening have not been affected. It may be that the nerve control center is abnormal. . ”




“At present, it seems that she can neither speak or make expression, her IQ is not damaged. Maybe it’s temporary, maybe it will last for a lifetime, or it might reappear by other stimuli…… it’s hard to say. The method of treatment … I think we should first use psychotherapy to let Wenwen return to normal, so that her illness can soon recover. ”


Father Ye was silent.