Chapter 38 – Disabled Girl


Ye Wen never thought that one day she couldn’t speak, it seemed that the nerve that controlled the speech had broken down.


Fortunately, her brain wasn’t in a mess, and her language organization was still normal. She made a gesture to Shui Zhishi, who was looking at her, nodded, and then went downstairs to buy a note pad and a ballpoint pen.


“Here.” The little maid handed the memo pad and pen to Ye Wen, and then sat down on the chair aside.


Ye Wen wrote a few words on the pad, then tore it off and handed it to Shui Zhishi.


[Is Wang Hui dead?]


“He was lucky. The bullet didn’t penetrate the heart. He was just stunned by cardiac paralysis.”


Ye Wen relieved, the lingering death shadow suddenly dissipated.


[How about Qiu Yi?] Ye Wen tore off another piece of paper and handed it to Shui Zhishi.


“Doctor said that he was alright after, he will recover soon after a few days” the little maid touched the back of Ye Wen’s hand. “Miss, can’t you still speak?”


Ye Wen opened her mouth, and there was no way to speak normally except single syllable like “Um, Ah”.


Ye Wen nodded somewhat with sorrowfulness.


[I can’t speak anymore, will others dislike me?]


“How can it be? You’re so cute, people will show more sympathy ” the maid comforted. “Miss, don’t worry about it, the doctor said it’s only temporary, it will be fine.”


“Hmm … don’t worry too much, I can ‘t recover immediately if I am over anxious, let it be……let alone, being a poker face somehow is cute.” Ye Wen comforted herself from other perspectives, and some poker faces in the comics appeared in her mind.


“Miss, what do you want to eat?”


Ye Wen bit her finger and thought about it, then passed a note to the little maid.




Perhaps Ye Wen didn’t find out that her heart was becoming softer, maybe it was the soul’s long-term inhabitation in the girl’s body, or maybe the change brought about by the abduction incident …


Shui Zhishi picked up the mobile phone that was bought by father Ye yesterday and called the other maid.


“Hey, Lady, buy some yogurt and bread please, Miss want to drink yogurt.”




“Game console?” Shui Zhishi asked.


Ye Wen nodded.


“Oh yes! Miss also needs a PSP game console,” Shui Zhishi added, “Well, that’s all, no more.”


The little maid hung up the phone and said, “Miss, wait a minute, someone will send it right away.”


Shui Zhishi continued to study the mobile phone. It was her first mobile phone. She was curious about it and tried all the functions.


Nokia 7610 in a leaf shape, was the most trendy and newest mobile phone in 2004.


Readers, If you remember correctly, Sony’s PSP should have been on the market in 2004. At that time, it should not be sold in China. It can only be bought through foreign channels. You never know how they got that …


After studying all the functions of the mobile phone, Shui Zhishi began to play Doodle Snake. Ye Wen squinted on the bed and fell asleep.


Someone knocked the door.


Shui Zhishi put down her cell phone and opened the door of the ward, chamberlain Liu came in with a big bag.


“Miss is sleeping?” Liu asked in a low voice.


Ye Wen opened her eyes slowly, trying to say something, but she failed. Then she remembered that she had no way to speak now, so she had to give up, but stared at  Liu.


Chamberlain Liu took out a small package with a box from the big bag and handed it to Ye Wen.


It was the PSP1000 and Sony’s first PSP game console.


[Does China sell?]


Chamberlain Liu took Ye Wen’s small note, stunned it a little, then understood it, and replied, “No, it was bought by a friend of your father’s from a purchasing agent.”


Ye Wen opened the PSP. Sure enough, it was all Japanese. Fortunately, because she was immersed in Japanese games all year round, so she could understand some basic Japanese. Ye Wen opened the game menu bar, which only has one game -Need for Speed.


Anyway, it was better than nothing, and the quality of the pictures was not bad. She had to admit that the foreign game industry was indeed at least ten years ahead of China.


Inside the bag was full of food. Shui Zhishi took out a box of yogurt from it, and gave it to Ye Wen.


“Miss, are you sick?” chamberlain Liu asked.


Ye Wen shook her head.


“The snacks are over there, if you want something to eat, let Zhishi call me and I will send it to you.” Liu said, walked to the door, “I’ll go then.”




Liu nodded, walked out of the ward, and closed the door.


The little maid took out the stuff in the bag and put it on the nightstand.


“Miss, what kind of bread do you want?” Shui Zhishi looked at the bread and said, “There are dried meat floss, creamy, ham, bean paste, and strawberry cake……”


[Meat floss]


Ye Wen put the note into Shui Zhishi’s hand.


“Here you are, floss bread .” Shui Zhishi handed the bag of the floss bread to Ye Wen, “Well…… Miss, can I have buttery bread?”


Ye Wen nodded, set the paper bag aside, and then wrote something on the scratch pad.


[The cake is also for you]


“Ah!I love you so much!” Shui Zhishi looked very excited.


Ye Wen sipped the floss bread, opened the PSP, and played music.


The PSP should have been loaded by people who purchased it, and there were more than thirty songs in it, although most of them were Japanese songs.


It seemed that Ye Wen’s stomach was even smaller after this accident. Just a floss bread made her feel full, and she drank a box of yogurt. Ye Wen played the game. The realistic motor roar made her feel like as if she were in a real car. All those annoying things had been left behind.


Shui Zhishi looked at the game that Ye Wen was playing, and looked at her own snake composed of one pixel. It seemed that the two were not in the same world.


So she decisively discarded the Doodle Snake, and sat aside watching Ye Wen playing the game.




“Hurry up! The next one is coming up!”


“Well, why did you hit it!”


“More than one!”


“Wow, I won a lot of money, and see what kind of car I can buy?”


“This car is so beautiful and so realistic!”


[be quiet]


Ye Wen passed the note pad to Shui Zhishi.




So the little maid was silent for a while, but began to shout excitedly after a few seconds, just like a commentator.


Ye Wen spent an afternoon in the noise.