Chapter 39 – Discharged


Two days passed, there was only one game in the PSP, and Ye Wen was tired of it. She now hoped to be discharged from the hospital and go home to play computer games……


Qiu Yi should have stayed in hospital for more days, but he and his parents decided to go unanimously, they felt indebted since all medical expenses were borne by Ye’s father. Anyway, the injury was not serious.


Father Ye couldn’t manage to persuade Ye Wen, so he had to agree.


Ye Wen was wearing a simple casual clothes and a white coat, standing at the door of the ward.


“Ye Wen!” Qiu Yi called her name with excitement, “Are you all right?”


Ye Wen shook her head expressionlessly.


[Does it hurt?]


Qiu Yi saw Ye Wen holding up the sticky note in her hand and hesitated, “…why you write with a pen?”


Ye Wen bit her lips, thinking about what to write on the scratch pad, and Shui Zhishi  told Qiu Yi the reason.


“Miss was jarred by the accident, she can’t speak now, only write with pen.”


“How, how can this be!”


[No worry, it’s temporary] Ye Wen bowed her head and wrote a few words, and gave it to Qiu Yi.




Ye Wen looked at Qiu Yi confusingly, then put a big question mark on the scratch pad.


“I couldn’t save you, I almost got you shot … it was my fault …”


Ye Wen shook her head.


[It’s not your fault]


“Ye Wen …” Qiu Yi became agitated, his fingers trembling slightly, and hisr face blushed. “I,I …I, er…”


Ye Wen looked at Qiu Yi with her head twisted sideways.


“Um…are you okay?” Qiu Yi stuttered for a long time, and such a meaningless sentence popped up from his mouth.


Shui Zhishi stood aside and observed, in fact, she already knew what Qiu Yi wanted to say.


[what happened?]


“No, nothing … I’ll go back first!”


Qiu Yi turned around and ran away.


Ye Wen waved her hand toward Qiu Yi, and still didn’t figure out what was going on.


“Miss, chamberlain Liu is waiting downstairs.”


Ye Wen nodded, took a piece of chocolate from her pocket, and stuffed it into he mouth.


[Where is Wang Hui?]


“He is in the next room.” Shui Zhishi took Ye Wen’s hand and walked to the ward aside. Ye Wen stood in front of the door, sorted out her thoughts, and then knocked the door gently.


A young woman opened the door.


“I’m Wang Hui’s girlfriend. Are you—?”


Ye Wen looked at the woman’s face and looked a little embarrassed. She seemed didn’t sleep well these days.


“We are from family Ye. This is Miss Ye.” Shui Zhishi introduced.


[Hello] Ye Wen flipped through the scratch pad and showed a page of it.


“Ah? Ah! Hello…”


Ye Wen turned a page again, all of which were written in advance.


[I can’t speak for some reason]


“Ah … um … are you here to see Wang Hui?”


Ye Wen nodded and asked with her eyes to see if she could go in.


“Come in.”


Ye Wen stood in front of Wang Hui, he was out of danger, but still unconscious.


Ye Wen stared at Wang Hui silently, and then put a note in Wang Hui’s girlfriend’s hand.


[Thank him for me]


Then Ye Wen took a bunch of flowers from Shui Zhishi and placed it on the nightstand.


There was a greeting card in the flowers-[Recover Soon]


After that, Ye Wen said goodbye to the woman and left the hospital.


Mother Ye and chamberlain Liu were waiting downstairs.


“Wenwen—” mother hugged Ye Wen, and touched her head. “Can’t you speak yet? I’m sorry to make you feel wronged.”


Ye Wen shook her head, indicating that it was okay, and then sat quietly in the back seat.


Liu steered the car, and father Ye sat next to him, while Mrs. Ye and Shui Zhishi sat on each side of the back seat.


“Wenwen, I talked with your father and decided to buy a house next to the school. Thus we don’t have to drive so far through the suburbs.”


Ye Wen nodded.


Father Ye leaned back in the seat and said, “The house is near the road. Many people pass by the road everyday and it should be safer.


Ye Wen reached out her small hand and shoved a note into Ye’s father’s arms.


[I don’t want bodyguard, is it okay?]


“Hmm…” Ye Ye thought for a while, and said, “Bodyguard will be useless if someone is abducted in the city center, In that case, I agree with you.”


Ye Wen didn’t expect that her father answered so succinctly, she felt relieved. In fact, she was worried about hurting innocent people.


“Zhishi will take care of you” Ye mother touched the hair of Ye Wen. “Zhishi should also learn some fight techniques.”


“No problem!” Shui Zhishi agreed.


After arriving at home, Ye Wen installed some games into the PSP, and rested at home in the following days. She had gradually adapted to the days when she couldn’t speak, and her writing speed had improved a lot.


The new house was decorated. The little maid was not with her. She had participated in the fast-track women’s self-defense class. In her free time, she also learned the way of housekeeping from the head of servant and chamberlain.


A week passed. Ye Wen, who had been at home for a long time, missed the days of school.


“Miss, I’m back!” After a week of training, Shui Zhishi finally finished training and rushed into Ye Wen’s room early in the morning.


Ye Wen, wearing pajamas, was watching anime, looked back at the little maid, and raised a note pad.


[Welcome back]


“Miss, You can move into the house today! It’s close to school! And the master also helped me with the admissions procedures! I’m in the same class with Miss!”


Ye Wen looked at Shui Zhishi’s face closely, she looked very excited, Ye wen couldn’t help stretching out her hand and squeezing her face.


[Move there today?] Ye Wen asked by typing on the computer.


“Yes! Go now! Nothing to pack! Everything is ready there!”


Ye Wen nodded and typed on the computer— [I want to change my clothes.]


“Well, Miss is always so shy …”


Ye Wen stared at the little maid.


“Okay, okay, I’m going out…” Shui Zhishi shrank her head, looking very scared, and went out.


New house…?