Chapter 4 – 10 Years Back Wen Lan Academy


After having a sumptuous breakfast, Mother Ye speedily drove a red Lamborghini that roared out of the forest onto the highway.

Ye Wen watched the passing scenery outside, she tried to open the window to let some air blow inside the car but was stopped by her mother.

“Don’t open the window, you need to be careful not to catch a cold.”

“……” Ye Wen did not dare to refute her mother, so she had no choice but to take her hand back.

In 2004, there weren’t many personal cars on the streets in this part of China. Not to mention the luxurious car that they’re riding. Almost every passerby would gaze toward the car, focusing on Ye Wen. Making her feel numb —— even though the people outside can’t see inside the car very clearly.

The fiery red Lamborghini passed like a whirlwind, grandly stopping at the entrance of the school.

Eight o’clock in the morning, although the time was already considered to be late, the gate of the school was still open.

There were a few small groups of students who rushed to go inside but were stopped by a teacher at the gate who made them run a lap on the running track.

Mother Ye rolled down the car’s window and beckoned the teacher who made the students run.

“Oh, it’s you!”

“Yes, it’s me, I came here with my daughter, Wenwen.”

“Oh, is Ye Wen well already? Hurry and report to Old Sun then.”

“She’ll be off soon.” said Mother Ye, then she drove the Lamborghini into the school’s parking lot.

“Let’s go Wenwen…”

“En…” Ye Wen softly said. She was having carsickness and had fallen asleep a moment ago. She opened her eyes and left the car, only to be dazzled by the sights of the school.

The old plaque that displayed the name of the school is written in a bold cursive calligraphy with four Chinese characters that emits a majestic feeling.

Wen Lan Academy is a school that integrates three branches, primary, junior high and senior high school. The school was divided in half—— the senior high school grounds were elevated and take the largest part of the school, while the primary and junior high school share the same area.

Ye Wen looked at the large block of buildings covered with golden yellow maple tree leaves, as well as the heavy iron gate.

In 2008, Wen Lan Academy was renovated, and the large iron gate had been changed into an automated opening gate.

The memories of her past has coincided with the present time, she actually had the chance to go back to the past, how could she not be happy?

Young and naive student days, the best part of life….

Ye Wen was lost in her memories until she was pulled out by her mother’s hands, pointing out to her to greet her teacher in a vigorous manner.

She stared intently and realized that it was the teacher, who in her past life, taught history. A middle-aged teacher who was very humorous.

“Hello, teacher Wen~”

“Hello~ Xiao Wen, you are as beautiful as your mother when she was young.”

When Ye Wen blurted out the surname of the teacher, Mother Ye and Old Wen found it odd that Ye Wen knows his surname. But they came to the conclusion that she probably heard it when he was talking to someone.

After they talked, Mother Ye pulled Ye Wen’s hand and walked towards the principal’s office. After their greetings, Ye Wen pretended to be an obedient girl quietly sitting beside them.

After a few minutes, Ye Wen was getting impatient, but still waited. Soon the meeting ended. Then, Principal Sun guided Mother Ye and Ye Wen to her class.

Which class will it be? In Ye Wen’s heart, she somewhat looked forward to being in the same class again, yet somehow a little afraid to see the familiar faces of her previous classmates. Human’s hearts has always been filled with contradiction.

Finally, Principal Sun stopped in front of the room of Year 1 Class 3. It was the end of their morning roll call and the first lesson immediately started. The students were all seated, waiting for the arrival of their teacher.

Principal Sun called out to the teacher in charge of their class from her office. After a while their teacher came to the classroom, she looked very young and attractive. With a doll-like face that made her look gentle, the students familiarly called her Ah Dan.

“Wenwen, come over here, don’t be nervous, go to the front and introduce yourself.”

First, Ah Dan announced to her students that because of an illness, Ye Wen has been late to school. Then she turned to Ye Wen and encouraged her.

Ye Wen clutched the cuffs of her sleeves. Suddenly she thought that there was nothing to be so nervous about.

[Are you kidding me?]

[This is class 1-3, the class where I once studied, if there are no changes, then all of the students here are my previous classmates. Though it’s been a while since I last saw them, I might still be able to recognize a few.]

Ye Wen stood on the podium and swept a glance to the students in front. Just as expected, they all have familiar faces, at this point in time– their eyes were giving her all sorts of looks.

“Hello everyone, my name is Ye Wen, the Ye in leaf, and the character of rain on Wen.”

Ye Wen subconsciously lifted up her hair. Her eyes blinked after she finished speaking.

The boys were instantly fascinated by her eyes and went on cheering loudly.

“Oh, nice!~”

“Welcome, beauty!~” Shouted the voices of several daring boys.

“Using my body to act cute is truly a lethal weapon.” Ye Wen thought as she proudly smiled like a kid who found a new toy to show off.

She swept her eyes again in the classroom and discovered a somewhat familiar yet unfamiliar face.

“Who’s that?” has history changed? But why does she look familiar? Ye Wen’s heart was full of doubts.

When the class’ teacher saw Ye Wen’s graceful self-introduction, she sighed for a while and thought that the young lady deserved to be from a wealthy family. She stood at the podium and said: “Well…. next, we need to arrange a seat for Ye Wen.”

Students immediately shouted.

“Me, me, me!”

“Here! Sit here with me!”

“Come over here!”

“Hey! You don’t want your desk-mate anymore?”

“How can you be so beautiful and lovely?”

“In fact, you can also treat us as your girl friends!”

“Blarghh——don’t make me sick!”


“Luo Liang Jian~ I heard that you often talk in class? How about you sit next to the podium.” Ah Dan said.

“Ah, no…. why is it me….” Luo Liang Jian dryly howled…. “I’ve already sat next to the podium for two years in junior high!”

“Then congratulations, you can sit next to the podium for three years in high school.” Ah Dan joked.

“Ye Wen, you can sit over there.” Ah Dan said while pointing to Luo Liang Jian’s original seat while laughing.

To work hard for beautiful girls is a natural thing for boys, thought Luo Liang as he changed seat. The boys’ envious and hateful eyes gazed upon him so he quickly packed up his things.


Ye Wen’s heart was shocked, when she was about to walk to her seat she saw a familiar face sitting besides her desk, unexpectedly… it turned out to be his past self?

My seat is next to my past self, what the hell?

However, in that case, I seem to be the only one who was not a part of the class from the past? Maybe, historically this body should not exist at this point in time…

During Ye Wen’s internal debate, Luo Lang Jian arrived in his new seat next to the podium, between two boys.

After Ye Wen sat down, she looked beside her to observe her past original body, such a thing may have never happened before. This is certainly amusing!

[High school life…. seems like it’s going to be interesting.]

Ye Wen deeply sighed.

If only my body hadn’t changed! I could’ve had another chance to take her! Ye Wen lamented, while looking at her past self, who even after graduation dreamed about his unrequited love…. it was the most unforgettable thing that she had in the past when she was still a young man.

It was around this age where you find yourself interested in the opposite sex and it was back then, 10 years ago that the original Qiu Yi had found…. the girl he really liked. A love that had been diluted by the passing years and now, with the memories of her past, restored at this time and place.




Ancient Heartloss’ Note :
I ate so much ice-cream today. The sugar in my blood is keeping me awake. So I thought: might as well update. Hope you enjoyed the release you night owls!

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