Chapter 40 – The New House


Ye Wen’s parents were busy with their business again, so they had to let the chamberlain Liu send Ye Wen to the new residence next to the school. In addition to the car driven by chamberlain Liu, there were two business cars which were for escort. The sedan was Ye’s special car, and it was bulletproof. At this moment Ye Wen’s parents were already on the plane to another city to join a Chinese family party.


The house is located right next to the downtown street. To go to school, Ye Wen only needed to go straight and make a turn, in a sense, it avoided the remote area.


The house, which was more than 100 square meters, was on the top floor. It had been emptied for six months and no one bought it in the second-hand housing market.


The building got eight floors. In 2004, it was a rare high-rise building in residential buildings.


Chamberlain Liu parked the car downstairs and took Shui Zhishi and Ye Wen to the eighth floor. There were only two rooms. The young woman living next door was not threatening, so father Ye bought the house without hesitation.


In 2004, Qiu Yi’s family rented a house. Although they bought one later, it was only about 80 square meters. Later, the house price soared. In this big city, it was impossible to afford a house for most people. Even if ordinary people make money for their lifetime, they could only buy a humble house.


The house got two doors, the outermost was a thick brand new security door. There was a narrow passageway after opening the security door. On the side, there was a shoe cabinet. The shoes had been laid neatly on it. At the end of this three-square-meter corridor was an ordinary wooden door.


There were two bedrooms, one living room, a small study room and a utility room. The bathroom was quite spacious. The windows were bright and clear. Once Ye Wen walked in, she felt the fresh air from the outside, which made her comfortable.


The two bedrooms were next to the living room with a wooden door facing south, and when opened, a spacious balcony with windows and guardrails could be seen.


“Miss, are you satisfied with it?” Liu asked, “If you need anything else Call me at any time and I will send it to you.”




“That’s great. I’m leaving now, you can walk around here and get familiar with the house. Call me when you’re in need.”


“Okay.” said Shui Zhishi.


“Zhishi, take good care of Miss…”


“I will, I will.” Shui Zhishi pushed chamberlain Liu, “Uncle Liu, you can go back now.”


“Well, then I’m leaving. Bye, miss.”


[Have a safe trip] Ye Wen held the note pad to her chest and waved her hand gently.


“Bang—” The door was closed.


The house seemed become empty, but fortunately Ye Wen wasn’t alone, she didn’t know when she was afraid of loneliness.


Although the enrollment procedures for Shui Zhishi had been completed, she would not be admitted until the next semester, she had to review some schoolwork before the next semester. In Wenlan College, students with poor academic performance were likely to be expelled from school.


Luckily, there was Ye Wen who could help with her. Thus she didn’t need to worry about her study. Passing the exams was guaranteed.


Speaking of Shui Zhishi, she was almost eighteen years old, at least two years older than students who were now freshmen…… but it was not obvious.


The rooms in this new house were all the same size, but Ye Wen’s room was a better room that oriented southeast.


The room was pasted with the pure blue wallpaper, and on the ceiling covered the wallpaper with the pattern of water wave. Blue, a color that calmed people down,was also a color that represented melancholy… but Ye Wen didn’t care about it, as long as it was not pink … Although she had lived in this body for some time, she still couldn’t accept that everything around her was pink.


The soft mattress was placed next to the window. Ye Wen opened the window and wha came to her eyes were a small piece of grass and a small park that gathered some children …


Looking up at the sky, Ye Wen reached out her hands. Though the eight floors were not high, she felt that she could touch the soft clouds in the sky since the pollution wasn’t that serious in this era. The air was still very fresh, a lark stopped at the palm of Ye Wen’s outstretched hand, and pecked her palm gently, then fluttered and flew away.


For safety, an iron cage was also installed outside the window of Ye Wen’s room, but the gap was large, Ye Wen guessed that any puppy and kitten could easily pass through…….


A plastic plate was placed on the iron shelf, and a pot of mimosa was placed on the plastic plate. Ye Wen touched the mimosa lightly, and the leaves of the mimosa shrank.


“How long have I not seen this kind of grass … I used to see it on the side of the road. Since people start to develop the city, the natural atmosphere has been reduced by a lot, and all the innocent and great things of man have been disappearing gradually…… I want to keep these beautiful things, but in the end there only left a memory……”


“It would be nice to be able to go back to ten years ago……If I could go back to the past, I don’t care the price of being a little girl again and being unable to speak.”thought Ye Wen.


Even if everything can’t be retained, how many people will long for experiencing the life again?


Ye Wen smiled happily, the clouds in her heart dispersed completely, and the blue sky revealed again,…..


Ye Wen looked up, and suddenly found that the sun was about to go down. The afternoon had passed.


The sound of opening the door came from behind, and then she heard the clear voice of Shui Zhishi “Miss! I’m sorry I’m late! I bought a lot of stuff! I didn’t catch the bus!”


“Miss?” The little maid, dressed in a pure white knee-length skirt, quickly walked to the door of Ye Wen’s room. Looking inside, and found that Ye Wen was gazing at the scenery outside the window, “Miss … you’re here for the whole afternoon? ”


Ye Wen coughed, and was a little awkward.


“Well, Miss, finally there is an expression on your face!” Shui Zhishi was surprised, pinching Ye Wen’s small face, “It seems to be recovering!”


[I’m hungry]


Ye Wen pointed the words on the scratch pad.


“Ok, ok, I’ll cook something for you, fried shrimp, tomato and egg soup, fried vegetables, mashed potatoes, what do you think of it?”


Ye Wen nodded, just now there seemed to be a rumbling sound in her stomach.


The dining table in the living room was leaning against the window. Ye Wen opened the window, and a slight breeze brushed her face, blowing her hair a little messy.


Little maid was busy in the kitchen, Ye Wen took a sip of hot milk, feeling that life was really good.