Chapter 5 – P.E. Class Run!


Although the high school curriculum had become unfamiliar to Ye Wen, she had already experienced this three year struggle of school. Her past academic knowledge that had been buried in her mind were slowly being restored.

After three classes in the morning, Ye Wen rediscovered high school life again: lively students, discussions on textbook knowledge, the boys’ conversations about game content when they sat in the last row of the classroom together. At the moment, those boys were taking advantage of their time together in class, doing hand pistol poses and creating popping sounds with their mouth. Nowadays, Counter-Strike is most popular.

“I’ll tell you what, hah! Last time Lao Hui and I played, I readily threw a high explosive grenade and guess what happened next? I accidentally killed him when he turned the corner!”

“HAHAHAHA!” Everyone burst into laughter, their eyes gathering to watch Lao Hui.

“Hah! then who was it that died after jumping off the truck?” Lao Hui didn’t enjoy being outdone, so he quickly exposed the other person’s failure.

“It was an accident!” The other boy tried hard to explain.

Ye Wen stared at the boys having a heated discussion in the classroom’s last row. Her mouth couldn’t help but form a smile, “That is also the same….. how nice….” she thought.

“Hey, the new beauty is looking at us!” someone whispered.

“Everyone, call her Ye Wen, okay?” Qiu Yi said resentfully.

“Hey–” everyone meaningfully glanced at Qiu Yi, ” you only sat next to her for three lessons, yet you are already so familiar with each other?!”

“You’re all just envious.” Qiu Yi said.

“You’re tired of living my friend! Brothers! Atta~ck!” All the boys swarmed up to him to vent out their resentful feelings.

“Oh– she’s still watching us and she laughed!” Some of the boys became too distracted to continue their attack. So they observed Ye Wen and immediately gathered around to discuss:

“You wanna go and talk to her?”

“Qiu Yu, you go!”

“You go on your own!”

“Tsk, coward,” said a fat boy, “then watch your brother go!”

“Oh, oh~ go Lao Gu!”

Ye Wen’s hand was holding her chin, she remembered fatty Gu who was waving his hand at her, “Ye Wen~ who were you looking at?”

This kid is still as fat as ever. Ye Wen thought as she smiled at him, and jokingly replied: “I am looking at you of course.”

“Finally, someone thinks that I’m handsome! I knew it! Being fat doesn’t mean that I’m not handsome!” Said Lao Gu bursting with joy.

“Because you are the fattest among them, I was waiting to see when you will knock them down.” Joked Ye Wen thinking that it was a common thing between friends.

“Ah…. life really sucks…..” Said Lao Gu while holding his fat in check, turning to a corner to cry.

Ye Wen chuckled, she knew that the guys were just playing around to amuse others. Once upon a time, she was also one of them….

“Drrrrriiiiiinnngg–” The school bell rang in the hallway. The last class on the morning schedule ended.

“Attention students, please gather at the sports field!” said the P.E. teacher’s representative, Wang Xin, stood at the front door of the classroom to remind the students who forgot to go to their next lesson.

Wang Xin is one meter and eight feet high, he was 2 years older than his fellow classmates. This was because he had an illness before and couldn’t come to school for a while.

Despite having a serious illness, Wang Xin’s physical ability is the best in the whole class. Some people are just sturdier than others. He’s also very straightforward and because of this he has many female admirers in the class.

“Almost forgot that the next lesson is P.E.!” All the boys rushed to the sports field.

In his high school memories, physical education was the class where you can play and have fun. Compared to the main lessons, the students preferred sports and history class, these subjects gave them time to relax.

Therefore, every time in physical education class where the lessons are always held outdoors, the male students are joyful—— but on the other hand, the girls do not like P.E. because it will cause them to be covered with sweat.

To be with the male student group  seemed to be unlikely and Ye Wen was obviously not familiar with the girls and she wasn’t interested in the girls’ conversation. So she went alone to the sports field.

The P.E. teacher, a thin and tall old man, is said to be a veteran. Although his head is already covered with white hair, he could still stand upright.

The students already formed a line. Ye Wen did not know where to stand.

“Why aren’t you standing in line?” The P.E. teacher asked.

Ye Wen hadn’t the time to explain as the male students standing in the back of their line started to speak:

“Teacher! Ye Wen is a new student! She doesn’t know where to stand!”

“Who’s new? She was only sick and came to school late.” said a student at one side.

“I know.” the P.E. teacher waved his hand to get the students to be quiet. He pointed at a beautiful female student saying: “You stand beside her!”

“Okay!” Ye Wen excitedly nodded. Because the beautiful girl with phoenix eyes was her unrequited love for not only three years in high school, but also for many years after.

Ye Wen, who was happily standing next to her, took a deep breath. Tasting the air that had become much sweeter.

The girl kindly winked to Ye Wen and whispered: “Hello, my name is Jin Jing, Oh~ I guess I’ll be the one standing in front of you.” Jin Jing was a very cheerful girl.

“Well… ah…., uh called… Ye Wen…..” Ye Wen said incoherently, her beautiful face showed a solemn expression. It was as if she could see Jin Jing’s future self with her current self become one….

Ye Wen wanted to say something but was interrupted by the shouting P.E. teacher.


The P.E. teacher explained the next lesson, a long-distance run. The boys will run a thousand meters, and the girls will only run eight hundred meters on the running track. Immediately after they completed their warm-up exercises, they will start the test!

“Ah——” voices filled with sorrow resounded.

P.E. classes with long-distance running tests are students most-hated tests, even more so for the girls.

The boys felt that running with the girls was a driving force, on the other hand, the girls were basically dead inside.

According to practice, the boys started the run and the girls were next.

Unfortunately, Ye Wen was one of the boys who hated long-distance running before. Although she was only going to run for about 800 meters, the strength of her actual body is awful….

The boys crazily ran through five laps. Except for two students who were fat, no one was left behind. Probably because the girls were watching them so their pride kept them motivated. In the middle of her first long-distance run, Ye Wen pushed herself….. until her shame disappeared and ran casually near the end.

Soon after, it was the girls second turn to run. Ye Wen’s face was filled with bitterness as she unwillingly stopped on the track.

Jin Jing’s side was surrounded by several girls talking about running together. Their agreement was that no one was allowed to give up.

A whistle was heard, the girls started to run orderly in their own small groups and cheered each other on. The boys deliberately winked their eyes and cheered the girls with all sorts of methods just to attract their attention. Occasionally, one or two girls would glare at them.

Ye Wen tried to keep the rhythm of her breathing and posture as she ran alone in the middle of the group.

“Ah~ Ye Wen, keep going. You can do it~” heard Ye Wen as she passed Qiu Yi who was sitting on the ground waving his hand to try to encourage her.

She didn’t notice that she was so bold before, [Qiu Yi only knows me since three classes ago so why is he so friendly to me?” Ye Wen thought.

Every lap she made, Qiu Yi kept encouraging her. Until Ye Wen couldn’t hear the sound of the outside world and her tired body caused her to stop thinking.

“Huhu huhu——” Finally….. the end is approaching. Ye Wen’s heart was filled with excitement. She exhausted her last ounce of strength towards the end.

Jin Jing who reached the end of the line gasped for breath, turned and was ready to run back when Ye Wen stumbled, accidentally throwing herself towards Jin Jing causing both of them to fall to the ground.

Ye Wen quickly reached her hands out, wanting to push herself off the ground. But she was still a bit slow, both of her hands pressed onto Jin Jing’s chest…..

Even though it was covered by her underclothes, Ye Wen could still feel the softness filled with elasticity.

Happiness always comes unexpectedly.


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