Chapter 6 – So Soft I Pinched It Twice


Ah….. It feels very soft, Ye Wen subconsciously kneaded the pair of soft breasts and pinched them twice. This action was seen by the gazing people nearby. Quickly, she pulled her hand back and laid it on the ground while the other hand held Jin Jing’s body to support her momentarily. Then she hurriedly rolled sideways, lying down on the running track.

“Hurry up and get those two girls up! Lying over there is very dangerous!” the P.E. teacher loudly shouted as he quickly ran over.

The male students became restless, but not one dared to lift up the two. Ye Wen was afraid that she’d possibly became their enemy. At the moment, the female students just finished running, so they are unable to stand not to mention help them!

The P.E. teacher advanced towards the two and quickly helped Jin Jing first. Then he looked at the sitting boys who were glancing at them, and said: “Are you just going to stand over there? There are people to help!”

Although the P.E. teacher urged them to take action, the male students still didn’t have the courage. So no one dared to come forward. The physical education representative Wang Xin sighed, getting ready to go, but he suddenly saw a figure that rushed out first.

Qiu Yi.

He was quite courageous when he charged out, but in front of Ye Wen, he didn’t know what to do.

“Are…. are you okay?….” Qiu Yi incoherently said. He just came to help her out of an impulse. Now, as he stood in front of the girls, he was at a loss.

Ye Wen, using an ounce of her strength, slowly glanced at him. Because of her exhaustion she couldn’t speak but could only heavily breathe from her mouth .

“Ah! What are you doing? Help her up now!” the P.E. teacher urged. Qiu Yi suddenly remembered why he rushed up to her and quickly stretched out his right hand. Ye Wen thought how can she reach out her own hand if she doesn’t have any strength left? She can’t even open her eyes right now.

“Now what do I do?…. Ah, I’ll pick her up!” Qiu Yi mumbled.

The P.E. teacher placed Jin Jing down and looked at Qiu Yi to see if he was still lost. Suddenly, he gave him a very fierce glare.

“Ah?” Qiu Yi was still hesitant when the P.E. teacher arrived, stretched out his strong and powerful hands, lifted Ye Wen off the ground and walked away.

Qiu Yi looked down at his hands and back to the running track. He was relieved and somewhat at a loss, he’d almost held a girl’s body….. but he missed such a great opportunity!

Jin Jing sat next to Ye Wen. Both of them were out of breath, almost panting at the same time, but after all, girls are still girls. Even though she still hadn’t recovered from her exhaustion, she’d already started combing her messy hair that messed up while running on the track.

Ye Wen had no such self-consciousness and was still panting hard in fear of not having enough fresh air to breathe in the next second.

After a long while, the two’s physical strength had recovered while sitting with the rest of the girls that were still resting.

“How are you feeling?” Jin Jing asked.

“Well, ah? I’m okay…..” Ye Wen repeatedly waved her hand, now her mind was already clear. She remembered Jin Jing’s soft and luscious chest! Now she was talking with her, she immediately started to panic. Maybe she’ll catch on.

Ye Wen kept the memory of that softness in her mind and then said to Jin Jing: “Sorry…. about earlier….”

“It’s nothing important, I merely fell over. Don’t worry about it, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” Jin Jing said in a relaxed manner.

“Ah?” Ye Wen exclaimed. In fact, Ye Wen was talking about her fondling of Jin Jing’s chest, she was allowed to grope it! Her mind was unable to process her thinking for a while and slowly recovered, “Yes, nothing…… nothing important….”

This is one of the advantages of being a girl! Rubbing a female’s chest without being seen as a pervert! Ye Wen placed her hand on the side of her face and contemplated Jin Jing’s soft chest.

Jin Jing had taken off her school uniform jacket long ago, because it was soaked inside. Ye Wen could vaguely see the outline of her chest and had begun to imagine that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath…..

“What’s the matter?” Jin Jing asked curiously.

“Ah—— no, nothing!” Ye Wen quickly shifted her line of sight, her face turning a little red. It was extremely adorable.


Qiu Yi who sat on the opposite side of the lawn, was resting his eyes on Ye Wen’s and Jin Jing’s bodies. The style of the two are different, but there is still one common point, and that is, they’re both very beautiful.

But Qiu Yi is much more interested in Ye Wen, because when she sat on his side, his heart suddenly gave birth to a familiar feeling. When he dropped his pen and began to reach out, she’d already put the pen on his hand…. If this was not mutual understanding, then is it some kind of telepathy?

Or….. she has feelings for me and as a result, she’s always observing me?

Based on the three misconceptions of life—— she definitely likes me. [1]

Qiu Yi affirmed this reasoning too easily, so he was not sure, and he just realized this recently. It’s too early to jump to any conclusion.

The male students that were also resting on the lawn started to go to the court and play basketball, even though they already ran a thousand meters, it was still not enough to consume their energy.

Only a few male students were left sitting in the corner of the sports field chatting away. Qiu Yi sat close to them but did not move. There was only one other boy near him and the girls also started to notice him, pointing in his direction. It was clear to see that Qiu Yi had been immersed in his own world, and couldn’t sense anything in his surrounding…..

Ye Wen’s appearance that was dripping with sweat did not seem to be in a sorry state. A few strands of her hair sticking together and randomly scattered on her face added a charming feel to it, naturally matching her wet school uniform. It was a very lovely and pure combination——this is truly a pretty girl’s natural superiority in terms of beauty.

Jin Jing’s beauty is kind of foxy, even without any posture, she can cause your soul to be forcibly taken away. Just wearing a white school uniform she looked like a girl in cosplay.

In contrast, Ye Wen’s beauty is fresh and pure, like a lovely little loli. Although her little face looks naive, it does not prevent men and women to take a liking to her. Even if she already grew up, with this kind of clean and pure appearance, especially when wearing uniforms, no one can resist a pure adorable girl. [2]

Jin Jing’s phoenix eyes and Ye Wen’s healthy clear eyes, no one can say who is good or bad, both of them are very beautiful. [3]

At this period of time, the boys privately assessed that Jin Jing and Ye Wen were the most beautiful girls in their class. They also believed that both of them are the prettiest girls in their whole school and are placed in third, right after the school beauty. the first and second place are completely out of their league…. although they are also considered beautiful, the two cannot be compared.

This is precisely the gap…..

Ye Wen that was sitting beside Jin Jing and Qiu Yi that was sitting in the distance were both immersed in their own world. Ye Wen was still remembering the feeling of accidentally fondling Jin Jing’s soft chest, rewinding and playing it over and over again in her mind. She even thought of not washing her hands for the rest of the day.

Ah, it was so good…. but why doesn’t she stink even though she’s soaked with so much sweat? Ye Wen curiously tried to take a whiff. [4]

Jin Jing pushed Ye Wen, and asked: “What are you doing?”

“Ah… no… nothing… I’m just wondering why you still smell so fragrant?”

“…. here?” Jin Jing raised her arm and sniffed, “There’s no smell….”

Some of the girls besides them gathered near, and said they smelled nothing.

Ye Wen giggled, she’s the only one who can smell it.

Is this the smell of love?


13 Echelon’s Notes—

1. The three illusions/misconception of life – it became popular in the year of 2013 in China, which is the summary of illusions and misconceptions of daily life. I actually don’t really get what it means because it was a kind of a “saying” with a linguistic expression in mainland China especially it was popularized on the internet, you can say that it kinda resembles the memes. If you do understand it please explain it to us and leave a comment below. Thank you!

2. 清纯 – qīng chún, literally translated as fresh and pure. You can try and copy the Chinese simplified character not the pinyin and search it on google for scientific purposes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), you will definitely find lots images of girls with that kind of appearance.

3. 丹凤眼 – dān fèng yǎn, literally translated as red phoenix eyes, you can search it on google or any sites and see how beautiful this kind of eyes.

4. You might have already noticed after reading the past chapters that I translated, I chose to use a quotation mark on every inner dialogue of the characters and wrote it with such thing as “she thought to herself” or just a “she/he thought” and after re-reading it again the result was, it was bad. Because this story was written by the use of a Third person narration and a First person narration there are some dialogues that are confusing to understand. But don’t worry because now I decided to not add any quotation marks for the characters that are talking with an inner dialogue because that is really the right choice. Anyways, this is for the grammar nazi’s out there waiting in ambush.

Ancient HeartLoss’ Notes :
Hello dear readers I’ve made you wait for this little update haven’t I? Don’t worry, I haven’t given up! Hope you enjoyed!

4 thoughts on “Chapter 6 – So Soft I Pinched It Twice”

  1. When I read this chapter it really makes me wonder if Ye Wen will somehow discover things about Jin Jing this time around that will reveal why things turned out the way they did before. Even though its more ecchi at the moment haha. Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Hmm? So they’re nowhere near as pretty as the first placed girl? The sentence seems a bit clunky…
    “prettiest girls in their whole school and are placed in third”,
    “he first and second place are completely out of their league…. although they are also considered beautiful, the two cannot be compared.”


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